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Friday, 30 September 2011

The Worldwide Cells That Are All Hezbollah Now

It's hard to contemplate unpleasant realities at the start of a new (Jewish) year, but, alas, it's not all sweetness and honey out there ...

An anti-Israel march in central London
I posted a few days ago about the aggressive "export-the-1979-Revolution" foreign policy that's being openly boasted of in ruling circles within Iran.

Thus a leading member of the country's elite, Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, declared:

"Today we must get ready for a global operation, and our forces should expand their operation throughout the world.
And a general purpose march through Antwerp
Our fighters are present in all five continents of the world and will fight against imperialism everywhere. We must not fear anyone, and an international jihad must take place to prepare for the Coming [of the Twelfth Imam] ....
 As [Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini] declared, we must destroy Israel and free Jerusalem.  We must take our fight into the heart of Europe, America, Africa, Asia ... and just as we helped with the Islamic movement in Lebanon and Gaza, soon there will be an Islamic Republic in Egypt."
Hot on the heels, as it were, of that chilling speech comes the revelation that with a view to creating the hegemony of Islam worldwide, Hezbollah has since 2006 been busily establishing jihadist cells under the direction of Mohammad Hussein Babai, a provincial commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, that among the countries already penetrated is the leader of the free world, and that some of the cells may be armed with "dirty bombs".

The Hezbollah flag in Oslo
To quote Babai:
"Today we are a witness to our power and authority in the world, and because of our Islamic Revolution [of 1979], now there is an Islamic Awakening that, with the leadership of the dear supreme leader, Ayatollah [Ali] Khamenei, will become stronger and more resilient."
Read more, by the pseudonymous Reza Kahlili, a former CIA operative in espionage, here.

In the light of such revelations, perhaps this lady's warnings don't sound so far-fetched after all, but take on an urgency that even the most politically correct liberal should heed ...


  1. I feel sorry for the girls in the top picture. They're just misguided. They're going to be alienated from the western world, the world in which they have to live and grow up.

  2. I admire the very gutsy Pamela Geller; she might be brash and not the favorite flavour of the vanilla set, but, as she once said: "We're worried about stepping on their toes while they're planning to stomp us out”


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