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Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Curious Case Of Jews & The EDL

When members of the anti-Islamist English Defence League held a rally in the heavily-Muslim borough of Tower Hamlets last weekend, its articulate fresh-faced young leader Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Lennon), who breached bail conditions by attending, evaded the eagle eye of Mr Plod by turning up in black hat, sun glasses and false beard, to be jocularly introduced as "Rabbi Benjamin Kidderman".

I'm sure many people find this disguise as offensive as the EDL's habit of gratuitously carrying the Israeli flag to demonstrations, like a standard into battle, as it did when it converged upon Portsmouth recently.

As to what motivates Mr Robinson, here's an excerpt from a BBC radio interview with the sardonically-voiced John Humphrys:

Mirroring the contempt of Anglo-Jewry's leadership organisations for the EDL (despite the latter's professions of support for Israel), the Jewish Chronicle has waged a vigorous campaign against the EDL, and in June revealed to its satisfaction that the membership of the EDL's Jewish Division was about a dozen, not all of them actually Jewish.  It's report of last weekend's event, complete with a photo of  "Rabbi Kidderman" can be read here:

 There are to date 831 members of a Facebook group called "Not In Our Name - Jews Against the EDL" which states on its page:
"The Jewish community has always been at the forefront of anti-fascism.
From Cable Street to defeating the BNP at the ballot box, we have been unafraid to speak out against those who seek to spread fear and hatred in our communities. Now our community faces a new threat.
 The English Defence League claim to be our allies in the fight against extremism. In reality, they are violent racists with BNP members and Nazi sympathisers amongst their ranks.It is time for the Jewish community
to come together as one to expose the EDL as the racist thugs they are.
However, the EDL's Jewish Division has a new leader and a new Facebook page.:
"Unfortunately, under the previous leadership, the Jewish Division allied themselves with some of the extreme elements that exist within the larger body of individuals and organisations that campaign against Sharia Law and other forms of Islamic Extremism. This was a move that we were unwilling to condone.
It was due to these irreconcilable differences that we had to part ways with the previous JD leadership.
However, there is certainly still a place for Jews in the EDL, and we [are] happy to announce that James Cohen, former member of the board for the International Free Press Society, has been appointed the new leader of the EDL Jewish Division.
We fully expect that James will able to help expand upon the great work that our Jewish Division members have already done. The JD will continue in its unwavering support of the state of Israel and in its efforts to educate people as to why that support is so important in the larger struggle against radical Islam.
We are sure that EDL members will continue to welcome our Jewish friends, and that members of the JD will continue to demonstrate their commitment to tackling Islamic extremism in Britain, as well as abroad.
Many British Jews are proud patriots who, like all other members of the EDL, are fighting to help preserve our country’s traditions of tolerance, justice and fair play. Jewish people have long been a part of England, and have made a great many contributions to our national life.
Whilst the EDL’s focus will always remain on defending England from Sharia Law and the erosion of our rights and freedoms, we will also remain unwavering in our support of Israel and in our opposition to antisemitism.
We are confident that the Jewish Division will make an important contribution to our movement, and that together we will help safeguard this country’s fighting spirit and love of freedom."


  1. I truly do not know much about the EDL.So I can't comment about their actual politics... But let me get this straight...the Jews of the UK hate the EDL despite the fact that they support Israel, and the leaders of the Jewish Community in the UK castigate Israel for defending herself because it make them uncomfortable among their Jew-hating friends. But nowhere ever, has the Jewish community in the UK ever come out against Islamists and their antisemitism. Also, except for the Chief Rabbi not one of the Jewish leaders in the UK have ever castigated the University system for their overt antisemitism and attacks both physical and verbal against Jewish students.These Jewish leaders have yet to decry the antisemitism among the political leadership in the UK on both the right and the left. What spineless useless individuals.

  2. The Anglo-Jewish leadership are a mass of "trembling Israelites" by and large - a pathetic lot.

  3. Sorry Daphne, but the so-called "new" Facebook page is a complete fraud, created by rogue fascist and anti-Israel elements who say they are associated with EDL, and the "new leader" does not actually exist! This new leader was nowhere to be seen at Tower Hamlets and unfortunately, those who created the new page, don't know where he is either!The head of the only genuine Jewish Division is Roberta Moore, who has returned from leave. In agreeing with Independent Patriot, I also want to say, the Jewish establishment cannot seem to move on from their habitual dhimmitude, in spite of the fact that Israel has been in existence for 63 years. This cowardice will not help them this time round!

  4. Juniper, whilst I agree with you in your description of the English Jews, of which I am/was one. They really aren't really any different to the Community & leadership in Melbournistan unfortunately. Sydney is marginally better.

    As to "James Cohen, former member of the board for the International Free Press Society, has been appointed the new leader of the EDL Jewish Division."

    I have no idea. I personally know him,so I'll find out straight from the 'horse's mouth' so to speak

  5. James Cohen said "he doesn't exist'!!

  6. Hi all! Juniper is right. The "new" Jewish Division is a FAKE. There are no Jews in that "division" and no one knows who this "James Cohen" is, apart from the fact he is Canadian and lives there.

    On the day of the demo in Tower Hamlets it was the legitimate Jewish Division that got Tommy safely to the stage in TH by disguising him as a rabbi. Since he was breaking his bail conditions, if any officer had seen him he would have been arrested on the spot, so we had to disguise him as best as we could. It was a very hot day and he endured that beard and hat, as well as a woollen black coat without complaining all the way through.

    Please see further pictures of the day and of the disguise here:

    Roberta - EDL Jewish Division

  7. Shirl,

    Please ask James Cohen, since you know him, when he is moving to the UK to "lead" British Jews in his new EDL Jewish Division ;)
    Also please make him aware that in order to be a leader he must show his face and his presence before his "followers". Then let me know what he says to that.



  8. Roberta, I have known James for a long time. I knew him before I met you

    I can assure you he does exist, unless I am imagining someone at the other end of the link, when we speak on Skype, which is quite regularly., plus other forms of contact

    I don't wish to be the piggy in the middle and take sides, so if what you say is true, ask the EDL to make a statement on their web site to clarify the situation


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