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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Palestine: Racy Left-Liberal Double Standards

Here's our old friend, London-based Abdel Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief of the pan-Arab newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi, and long one of left-liberal Al Beeb's very favourite studio pundits as well as a pin-up boy of the like-minded Guardian (he was recently claimed by Gaddafi's Libyan foes to have been on the colonel's payroll, incidentally), telling an Arabic network what Arafat said about Jews:

And here he is spilling the beans on what Arafat really thought of the Oslo Accords:

Eye-opening stuff, huh?

Here's Dr Atwan again, back in 2007, saying something very spiteful indeed about Israel.  Judging from the number of times he's appeared on Al Beeb since then, the outburst apparently served to make the Beeboids (as the much-to-be-recommended Biased BBC website terms them) revere him all the more (I believe they've kept rather shtum about that Gaddafi payroll allegation):

Here's a par-for-the-course statement from Hamas about Israel and its sympathisers as well as about Jews and Christians in particular:

Of course, Al Beeb, which never publicises the genocidal document that is the Hamas Charter, is always very careful not to reveal such tidbits that serve to blunt the Bowen arrows it shoots in Israel's direction.

I refer you to the pictorial examples of Palestinian antisemitism here, where the very pertinent observation is made:
'The Palestinian cause is increasingly supported by western "progressives" who also claim to be champions for tolerance, pluralism, and minority rights [yet] have been too willing to ignore the basic and unfortunate fact that racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism are widespread and accepted in Palestinian society.'
And as Benjamin Weinthal observes in a masterly commentary on the excrescence that is Durban 111, no less than 18 of the 27 European Union states - representatives, for the most part, of the Western liberal tradition - have betrayed Western value by attending that forum despite its deep taint of antisemitism.


  1. Dear old “Bari”; I often see him on the Al-Beeb’s Datelies (which does no good to my blood pressure :() – the man has more positions than the Kama Sutra. Although I have no doubt that Arafat did not sign the Oslo Accord in good faith, I would not trust anything any of those two buffoons say, to each other or to anybody else.

  2. Your so right Jacob. He's never off that damm programme. But the other week he was on with Ned Temko, and old Bari was a little subdued as now there was someone who could expose the crap he is forever spouting and maybe the BBC would have trouble with his and their credibility, as he always has an easy time even when making the most preposterous statements.

  3. The following is a video containing an audio recording of Yasser Arafat, at a Mosque in Johannesburgh, South Africa, in 1994, making a statement in which he refers to his signing the Oslo accord agreements as being like Mohammad's signing the peace treaty that Mohammad signed with the Quraish Jewish people in what is now Medina, which was a peace treaty which Mohammad subsequently broke by subsequently massacring the Quraish Jewish people. The following video is from the YouTube channel of palwatch (,

    Yasser Arafat denounces the Oslo accords

    I have this video is listed, on my YouTube channel, on my playlist titled "The Palestinian Movement". There was a mirrored other instance of this video posted on YouTube by another YouTube user (who, I think, was which, in the information section of the page of the video, explained the context of what Yasser Arafat said, and which I had listed instead of this video, but which, I just recently saw, has been deleted, and which, I suspect, has been deleted as a result of what is now widespread Muslim and Western-"anti-Zionist" racist anti-Jewish deceitful totalitarian flagging censorship tactics.


    The founder of the 'Palestinian movement', Amin al-Husseini, resided in Germany from 1941 to 1945, and was an adjoined official of the Nazi regime of Germany, and was a co-architect of the Nazi 'Final Solution', and was the mentor of, and an uncle of, Egyptian-born Yasser Arafat, who, under the guidance of Amin al-Husseini, with other Muslim Arab university students who, with Yasser Arafat, were trained as Nazi Muslim Arab terrorist commandos by German former Nazi officials, founded Fatah in Egypt in 1954.

    Just even these basic facts should be enough to dispel the unprecedentedly evil intendedly genocidal war of unprecedentedly perverse evil lies that is being waged against the nation of the Jewish people. That even these basic facts are not enough to do so, and that these basic facts of history are being routinely denied, demonstrates the extent of the racist malice that very many culturally Christian-European (Christian and post-Christian) people, and, especially, most members of the "elite" social classes of culturally Christian-European (Christian and post-Christian) societies, feel toward the Jewish people.

    The survival of the nation of the Jewish people, and the survival of all beneficial human civilization, is being threatened by a Western and Muslim evil vicious deceitful racist anti-Jewish campaign whose goal is the annihilation of the nation of the Jewish people. People who are good must fight, with skillful action, against this evil vicious deceitful racist anti-Jewish campaign.

    I thank Daphne Anson and other good people who are fighting, with skillful action, against this evil vicious deceitful racist anti-Jewish campaign.

  4. Courtesy of, and which I found out about from

    Video of excerpts from a recent interview with Abbas Zaki, member of the Fatah Central Committee, which aired on the Al-Jazeera network on September 23, 2011 (recorded by memritv):

    Fatah official describes the PLO's real goals


    Abbas Zaki: The settlement should be based upon the borders of June 4, 1967. When we say that the settlement should be based upon these borders, President [Abbas] understands, we understand, and everybody knows that the greater goal cannot be accomplished in one go.

    If Israel withdraws from Jerusalem, evacuates the 650,000 settlers, and dismantles the wall – what will become of Israel? It will come to an end.


    Who is nervous, upset, and angry now? Netanyahu, Lieberman, and Obama... All those scumbags. Why even get into this? We should be happy to see Israel upset.


    If we say that we want to wipe Israel out... C'mon, it's too difficult. It's not [acceptable] policy to say so. Don't say these things to the world. Keep it to yourself.

    I want the resolutions that everybody agrees upon. I say to the world, to the Quartet, and to America: You promised, and you turned out to be liars.

  5. Thanks for all that information, Daniel!


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