Eretz Israel is our unforgettable historic homeland...The Jews who will it shall achieve their State...And whatever we attempt there for our own benefit will redound mightily and beneficially to the good of all mankind. (Theodor Herzl, DerJudenstaat, 1896)

We offer peace and amity to all the neighbouring states and their peoples, and invite them to cooperate with the independent Jewish nation for the common good of all. The State of Israel is ready to contribute its full share to the peaceful progress and development of the Middle East.
(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

With a liberal democratic political system operating under the rule of law, a flourishing market economy producing technological innovation to the benefit of the wider world, and a population as educated and cultured as anywhere in Europe or North America, Israel is a normal Western country with a right to be treated as such in the community of nations.... For the global jihad, Israel may be the first objective. But it will not be the last. (Friends of Israel Initiative)

Friday 29 September 2017

A Job Applicant Writes ...

Left on my blog overnight, this comment:

I will delete all my anti-jew posts if the Zionists offer me a job working as an online shill for
them. I will use my website and my other methods of making content go viral online for the purpose of promoting the Jew's agenda of multiculturalism, destruction of the white race, pro-transexualism,
socialism, etc. I am ready to work for the Zionists and stop all propaganda efforts to expose the Jew's agenda. 

All you have to do is email me and offer me a job. I can be either your greatest ally or your greatest enemy, so choose wisely, Zionists and Jews. If you do not accept me into your ranks,
I will spend the rest of my life exposing the entire Jewish conspiracy and making it go viral in
front of millions of people. You have 48 hours to contact me. 

Once again my email is and my website is the famous Boycott American Women blog:

 (I don't advise clicking the link.)

 Anyone got a spare bed available in a psychiatric ward?

Thursday 28 September 2017

'The Word "Jew" is a Common Insult in Norway Today' (video)

I've stumbled across this video from earlier this year, on Jews in Norway, which I think deserves a look.
'TV 2 Norway investigate Norwegian anti-Semitism. The word “Jew” is a common insult in many communities in Norway. What role does the neo-Nazis’, muslim immigrations and the – BDS (boycott Israel) movement play – if any? And: Can old prejudices be joked away?'

 (See also here)

And this, on the Jewish exodus from Europe:

Tuesday 26 September 2017

When Your Friend is Also the Friend of Your Enemy, What Happens in the Long Run?

For accompanying article and picture credit click HERE
As reported by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) here,
'Jewish leaders congratulated Angela Merkel on her election to a fourth term as German chancellor while decrying the rise of Germany’s newest right-wing populist party, which for the first time will enter the national parliament.
The Alternative for Germany Party, or AfD, finished third with 13.1 percent of the popular vote, according to early election results. The party, which was founded in 2013, is likely to have 94 seats in the 631-member Bundestag.
Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union won with what is being seen as a week 32.9 percent of the vote, followed by the Social Democratic Party, with what observers have called a poor showing of 20.8 percent.'
Moshe Kantor, president of the Brussels-based European Jewish Congress, remarks: 
“We trust that centrist parties in the Bundestag will ensure that the AfD has no representation in the coming governing coalition” 
 and notes that Merkel has  
“shown tremendous courage and conviction in her support of the revival of Jewish life in Germany”
 and is a  
“strong supporter of the State of Israel.”
Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, opines that while Muslims are the AfP's target now,
“I am convinced that when the topic of Muslims is no longer interesting, and it becomes politically and socially opportune to switch to another minority, they could easily do so. And I include Jews in that number”.
 Sergey Lagodinsky, a Green Party activist and member of the Berlin Jewish Community Council, explains that, to quote the JTA,
'the rise of the AfD was lamentable and yet not a surprise, given public discontent on economic and political levels. Chief among their concerns is the way the government has handled the influx of more than 1.5 million refugees since mid-2015, a majority of them Muslim. Another major concern is the economic future of Germany’s industrial regions.
“The AfD places more emphasis on majorities than on safeguards for minorities, and this is the difference between their outlook and the outlook of many parties,” Lagodinsky said, adding that the party has racist undertones and “appeals to people who feel that their future is not secure.”For Jews, what is especially significant about the AfD is its position against ritual circumcision and ritual slaughter, which affects both Muslims and Jews.And “It is also a party that wants a 180-degree turnaround of the commemoration policy” of the crimes of the Holocaust, Lagodinsky said.'

Joining the chorus of tributes to Merkel is American businessman Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress.
“I have met with Chancellor Merkel on many occasions over the course of her 12-year leadership, and witnessed firsthand her sincere and unyielding commitment to combating anti-Semitism and defending the State of Israel. She is a true friend of both Israel and the Jewish people.
Anti-Semitism - both on the far right, and with its new mask of anti-Zionism on the far left – is rising across the globe, including in parts of Germany.
It is abhorrent that the AfD party, a disgraceful reactionary movement which recalls the worst of Germany’s past and should be outlawed, now has the ability within the German parliament to promote its vile platform.
Amid these disturbing trends, Chancellor Merkel has shown remarkably strong signals of dedication to protecting the Jewish citizens of her country and cracking down on hateful rhetoric and action.
Germany already has some of the strongest laws against hate speech in the world, and the German government, under Chancellor Merkel, recently put into place even stronger policies to combat anti-Semitism in its various forms, both on social media and in the public sphere.
Germany announced just last week the honorable decision to adopt a new and far-reaching definition of anti-Semitism in line with the international definition proposed by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, and an unprecedented law will go into force in Germany next month imposing fines on social media networks that fail to remove 'manifestly unlawful' hate speech content within 24 hours.
Merkel’s government last year declared BDS to be ‘coarse anti-Semitism’, reminiscent of the Nazi boycotts against Jews in the years leading up to the Holocaust, and she has said unequivocally that desecration of Jewish property is an attack on Germany and its culture.
These are all critical measures for identifying, measuring, and dealing with anti-Semitism, no matter how trivial the manifestation may seem.
The World Jewish Congress is encouraged by Chancellor Merkel’s dedication and confident that she will continue with these crucial efforts in support of the Jewish community and the State of Israel, and resist any attempts to the contrary within her own parliament.
We wish Chancellor Merkel success in her upcoming term and look forward to many more years of friendship.”
All well and good, but Lauder has ignored the elephant in the room, and there are no prizes for guessing what that is.

Ignoring the consequences of Merkel's wilful importation into Germany of a million or so unvetted Muslims, the majority young men of military age from some of the most benighted societies on earth not only in regard to western democratic values and the rights of women, but towards the Jews as human beings, may well prove to be more perilous for Jews in the long run, perhaps indeed in the not-so-long run, than dangers the AfD may pose.

The most decent of citizens might be tempted to join the party when faced with this sort of thing:

Josef Schuster, quoted above, was quoted thus recently:
"In some districts in major cities, I'd advise people not to identify themselves as Jews.  Experience has shown that openly wearing a kippa or a necklace with the Star of David is enough to attract verbal or physical threats.
The word 'Jew' is used as a term of abuse in schools and on the sports field," he said. "It's quite widespread - we're not talking about a few individual cases."
He added that levels of anti-Semitism were particularly high among Muslim students, and that there was a need for Islamic associations and schools to do more to counteract this kind of prejudice.
"The whole of society needs to take the problem of Muslim anti-Semitism very seriously, while at the same time avoiding casting suspicion on all Muslims."
Benjamin Weinthal of the Jerusalem Post reported in June that a 201-page report just released, based on a poll conducted during 2016 by the Hanns Seidel think tank affiliated with the Bavarian-based Christian Social Union party among nearly 800 asylum-seekers from  Syria, Eritrea, Iraq and Afghanistan in the cities of Nuremberg, Poing und Pliening, showed

'More than half of Muslim asylum seekers showed clear tendencies of an antisemitic attitude pattern...
When asked by the investigators if “Jews have too much influence in the world,” 52% of Syrians said yes, while 53% of Iraqis agreed with the statement. Nearly 60% of Afghans said Jews wield too much influence, while a mere 5.4% of those from Eritrea – a Christian-majority country – held antisemitic views. Some Eritreans said they were familiar with Jews from the Bible.The number of Germans who affirmed the antisemitic statement about Jewish influence was 20%. In April, however, a new German government report revealed 40% of the German public hold a modern antisemitic view: the hatred of Israel.
The Seidel study said “the decisive factor that explains antisemitic opinions is one’s religious group. Antisemitism in all age groups and educational background of Muslim asylum seekers,” is anchored in the educational system of the refugees’ countries of origin. A Syrian refugee named Mustafa said that “In Syria we were taught to hate a Jews a little bit. The government presented Jews as bad [people] who kill...”
.... In 2015, a German intelligence report on the absorption of refugees and migrants stated: “We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab antisemitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other peoples as well as a different societal and legal understanding.”The document added: “German security agencies... will not be in the position to solve these imported security problems and thereby the arising reactions from the Germany’s population.”
A senior level security official said ...“We are producing extremists through immigration. Mainstream civil society is radicalizing, because the majority don’t want migration and they are being forced by the political elite.”'
Indeed, the political elite seems to be doing all it can to conceal the extent of antisemitism in Germany (and not only in German, of course, as the attempted suppression earlier this year of a film on antisemitism in France and Germany shows).

German-based Weinthal reported in the Post earlier this month that despite multiple attacks on a synagogue in Ulm, the authorities refused to label the incidents antisemitsm, causing the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Rabbi Avraham Cooper to comment in disgust:
“Once again it appears we have a situation of denial of antisemitism by important authorities in Germany. First, it was the judicial system that denied that throwing Molotov cocktails at synagogue in Wuppertal constitutes an antisemitic attack. Now, it appears that the local authorities led by the police in Ulm refuse to treat attacks on a synagogue as antisemitism. Such outrageous attitudes and decisions constitute a threat to the safety of every in Jew in Germany and every Jewish institution.”
And as Evelyn Gordon writes devastatingly in Commentary here:
'A debate rages among American Jews as to whether right-wing or left-wing anti-Semitism poses the greater danger. Germany has come up with a novel solution to this dilemma that will undoubtedly delight denialists of the left-wing version: Simply redefine Jew-hatred as a “politically motivated right-wing extremist crime,” and by definition, you’ve eliminated all other kinds of anti-Semitism.
Last week, the German Interior Ministry released a report on anti-Semitism which stated that during the first eight months of this year, a whopping 92 percent of anti-Semitic incidents were committed by right-wing extremists. That sounded suspicious for two reasons, which I’ll get to later, but since I don’t speak German, I couldn’t scrutinize the report for myself. Fortunately, the German daily Die Welt found the results equally suspicious, and this week, Benjamin Weinthal of the Jerusalem Post reported on some of the problems it flagged.
Weinthal explained that in a federal report on anti-Semitism issued by the German government earlier this year, “the crime of ‘Jew-hatred’ is classified in the category of ‘politically motivated right-wing extremist crime.’” But once Jew-hatred has been declared a right-wing crime by definition, most of its perpetrators will inevitably be classified as far-right extremists, even if they shouldn’t be.
Die Welt cited one particularly blatant example from summer 2014 when Israel was at war with Hamas in Gaza. The war sparked numerous anti-Israel protests, and during one, 20 Hezbollah supporters shouted the Nazi slogan “Sieg Heil” at pro-Israel demonstrators in Berlin. Hezbollah supporters are Islamic extremists, not neo-Nazis, even if they chose to taunt German Jews by hurling Nazi slogans at them. Nevertheless, the incident was classified as a far-right extremist crime, thereby neatly removing a case of Islamic anti-Semitism from the statistics. 
There are two good reasons for thinking the linguistic acrobatics, in this case, represents the rule rather than the exception.... First, a 2014 study of 14,000 pieces of hate mail sent over a 10-year period to the Central Council of Jews in Germany and the Israeli embassy in Berlin found that only three percent came from far-right extremists....
Second, in other Western European countries, Islamic extremists are a major source of anti-Semitic crime. Thus it’s hard to believe that Germany–which, as several terror attacks over the last two years have shown, is hardly devoid of such extremists–would be the one exception to this rule. In contrast, it’s easy to believe the German government would manipulate its definitions to downplay Islamic anti-Semitism because German courts have already done the same....'
[Emphasis added]
Be sure to read all of her article! (You too, Ron Lauder!  You too.)

Monday 25 September 2017

How Brits View Arabs

In its own words, CAABU (the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding),
 "was founded on the terrace of the House of Commons back in 1967 after the Six-Day War. Since then it has grown to become one of the most active NGOs working on the Middle East in British Parliament and working to build an understanding of the Arab World in Britain."
Needless to say, this organisation, which from the beginning was "in bed", as it were, with the BBC, promotes the undermining even in schools of British support for Israel.

CAABU has just released a press statement, as follows:
'The majority of Britons agree with racial profiling of Arabs and Muslims, and 69 percent think the UK should take in fewer refugees from Syria and Iraq, an Arab News / YouGov poll has found.
The wide-ranging poll of 2,142 adults found that UK residents have strong feelings about key Middle East issues — including the fight against Daesh (the so-called Islamic State) and war in Iraq — but 81 percent admitted to knowing little or nothing about the Arab world.
One of the main findings of the poll, which was conducted in conjunction with the Council for Arab-British Understanding (CAABU), was that 55 percent of Brits agree with racial profiling against Arabs and Muslims for security reasons.
The “UK attitudes toward the Arab world” poll, which was conducted in mid-August, illustrates a disparity in UK public opinion on the Arab world.
Seven in 10 believe the UK should take in fewer refugees from Syria and Iraq, rising to 91 percent among those who voted for the UK to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum. More than six in 10 of the respondents feel that Arabs who migrated to the UK and Europe have failed to integrate in Western societies.
But 72 percent also point to the problem of rising Islamophobia in the UK, with 70 percent saying anti-refugee statements from politicians and others risk sparking more hate crimes.
The poll found that 53 percent of respondents believe the UK should recognize Palestine as a state. Most Brits are dissatisfied with UK foreign policy on the Arab world, with 57 percent saying it has been largely ineffective in upholding human rights and promoting global security. More than half of those polled support Britain’s current military intervention against Daesh, while eight in 10 Brits believe going to war in Iraq in 2003 was wrong.
Despite holding strong views on these key topics, most Brits admit to knowing little or nothing about the Arab world, and 41 percent say they would never travel to the region.
“The poll results strongly suggest that the UK public is dissatisfied with British diplomatic intervention in the Arab world, but that Brits also lack knowledge about some of the complexities of the region,” said Faisal J. Abbas, the Editor-in-Chief of Arab News.
“The Arab world is home to some of the poorest countries in the world, yet nearly a third of Brits associate it with being wealthy. One may ask what impact such perceptions might have on aid decisions made by Western governments.”
Chris Doyle, Director of CAABU, said the apparent lack of a broader awareness in the UK about the Arab world was cause for concern.
“Considering the enormous importance of the Arab world to Britain, it is alarming that 81 percent of the British population say they know little or nothing about this vital region. Whilst a third want to learn more, a massive 41 percent would not visit the region,” he said.
“At a time when mutual understanding is more needed than ever, this chasm must be addressed — something we at CAABU intend to do.” ...'
More here

Sunday 24 September 2017

David Singer: Trump Meets with Abbas and a Phantom Palestinian Authority

Here's the latest article by Sydney lawyer and international affairs analyst David Singer.

He writes:

It is hard to believe that a White House meeting between President Trump and Mahmoud Abbas could be headlined in an official White House Statement as:
“Readout of President Donald J. Trump’s Meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority”
To ram home this was no oversight or mischaracterisation of whom President Trump was meeting  – the White House Statement continues:
“President Donald J. Trump and President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority met yesterday in New York to continue working toward an enduring Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.” The Palestinian Authority has not existed since 3 January 2013 following Abbas issuing this decree:
“Official documents, seals, signs and letterheads of the Palestinian National Authority official and national institutions shall be amended by replacing the name ‘Palestinian National Authority’ whenever it appears by the name ‘State of Palestine’ and by adopting the emblem of the State of Palestine.”
The Palestinian Authority was created pursuant to the “Agreement on the Gaza Strip and the Jericho Area” dated 4 May 1994 signed by Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization – (PLO)  Article V providing: 
Structure and Composition of the Palestinian Authority
1. The Palestinian Authority will consist of one body of 24 members which shall carry out and be responsible for all the legislative and executive powers and responsibilities transferred to it under this Agreement, in accordance with this Article, and shall be responsible for the exercise of judicial functions in accordance with Article VI, subparagraph 1.b. of this Agreement.
2. The Palestinian Authority shall administer the departments transferred to it and may establish, within its jurisdiction, other departments and subordinate administrative units as necessary for the fulfillment of its responsibilities. It shall determine its own internal procedures.
3. The PLO shall inform the Government of Israel of the names of the members of the Palestinian Authority and any change of members. Changes in the membership of the Palestinian Authority will take effect upon an exchange of letters between the PLO and the Government of Israel.
4. Each member of the Palestinian Authority shall enter into office upon undertaking to act in accordance with this Agreement.
Abbas’s unilateral action was surprisingly received with little reaction by Israel. Robbie Sabel – a former adviser to Israel’s Foreign Ministry was moved to declare:
"Israel won't be happy about it because anything that undermines the peace process, any unilateral act, is not helpful."
Unilaterally erasing the identity of Israel’s negotiating partner under the Oslo Accords and renaming it “the State of Palestine” is part of the semantic warfare engaged in by the PLO as it continues to create a false narrative of the Jewish-Arab conflict. The Palestinian Authority’s demise has enabled PLO Chief Negotiator – Saeb Erekat – to assert:
“Palestine is a country under occupation. What was Norway, Finland, Holland, France, Korea, Philippines between 1939 and 1945 – nation states under occupation. Today, the state of Palestine is officially a state under occupation. It has 192 member countries that recognise this and a nation state, Israel, which is the occupying power; these are the new realities."
The farce continues – as President Trump gives his apparent imprimatur to meeting with the phantom head of a phantom non-existent Palestinian Authority.

President Trump is sorely mistaken if he believes that maintaining this facade will advance his efforts to end the Arab-Jewish conflict.

Abbas needs to be called out by Trump for abandoning the Oslo Accords and pursuing a policy that will not lead to resolving the long-running conflict – but rather exacerbate it and make it more difficult to resolve.

Trump needs to replace the deceased Palestinian Authority with living Arab negotiating partners.

Saturday 23 September 2017

As usual, Bibi Rocks!

The transcript to Bibi Netanyahu's awesome pre-Rosh Hashana speech to the UN can be read here

But why go to the transcript, when you can see and hear the man himself?

Expat dissidents may mock:

But nothing can detract from his message or diminish the truisms in his speech.

Friday 22 September 2017

Honeyed Words Do Not a Friend of Israel Make

As is customary, Australian politicians, with at least half an eye on the ballot box, have sent greetings to the Australian Jewish community this Rosh Hashana.

The message from "socially progressive" yet burqa-compliant Senator Richard di Natale, federal leader of the incorrigible Israel-bashing pro-BDS Greens (see here and here and his own shameful backtracking on Israel's status as a Jewish state here and here), takes the entire honey chamber pot for the most sweetly sickening (and all-in-vain) vote-snivelling:
"On behalf of the Australian Greens, I would like to wish a warm Shanah Tovah to everyone welcoming in the Jewish New Year this week.
Rosh Hashanah is a time of reflection for Jewish communities across the world. Families and friends come together in diaspora communities from Melbourne to Minsk with one eye cast hopefully towards the future, and another looking back on the year that has past. It is a time for optimism, when the sweetness of your dreams for a better world for all is reflected in the sweetness of the food on your tables.
The Greens believe that our diversity is one of our nation’s greatest strengths. The proud mosaic of different cultures, faiths and ethnicities that make up our multicultural Australia is made that much richer by each of its parts. The contribution that the Jewish community has made to this tapestry is a profound one, and all out of proportion to its small size. We at the Australian Greens acknowledge and celebrate this.
It is with that history in mind that I wish you in the Jewish community a blessed Rosh Hashanah, and hope that your new year is filled with sweetness and joy.
Warm regards ..."
As one wag put it on J-Wire, "Next we will be receiving a RH greeting from Roger Waters".

Meanwhile, here's another bloke who, being entirely unprompted by the thought of maybe catching a Jewish vote or two, has proved that imitation (or at any rate advocacy of imitation) really is the sincerest form of flattery.
To quote from the Memri TV transcript:
'Shi'ite Iraqi cleric Salam Al-Askari delivered a sermon in which he called upon the Muslims to imitate the Jews, who had emerged from the Holocaust and managed to win the respect of the world through science. Sheikh Al-Askari said that the Jews' scientific discoveries made Europe see them as "a nation we need." The Islamic nation, on the other hand, has become the world's headache, he said. Sheikh Al-Askari posted the sermon on his YouTube channel on August 28, under the title "Don't Be Mad. Strong Words. Imitate the Jews in This." 
Salam Al-Askari: "The Jews suffered... The Nazis killed and burned them. They were brought in groups to special places, where they were gassed and they suffocated and died. The Jews were killed in droves. They wanted to emigrate but some European countries banned the Jews from entering. 'We will not accept them,' they said. They were tormented in Germany... Today, when our countries suffer, the youth emigrate to Europe. But back then, Europe shut its doors to the Jews.
In 1905, Lord Balfour... You know, Balfour from what we call the 'accursed Belfour Declaration'...  He struggled fiercely in the British Parliament to stop Jewish immigration to the U.K. He wouldn't allow the Jews to come. That was in 1905. In 1917, he was the one who founded the Zionists' state in Palestine, and handed it over to them. My brothers, we are talking about 1917 – a mere 12 years later. Within 12 years, the Jews went from being displaced to having a state. The entire European world sympathized with them, and they became the leaders of the world to this very day. What exactly happened? Let us shed some light on these pages in history. Let us benefit from the experience of others.
What happened was that the Jews put their greatest minds into science. Through science, they made the entire world kneel before them, and accept and respect the Jewish nation. How? Let me give you an example. The same Lord Balfour who banned the immigration of European Jews declared, 12 years later: 'I am Zionist to the bone.' He was asked what happened: '12 years ago you were against them.' He said: 'What Zionized me – or what turned me into a Zionist – is acetone.' Acetone is a substance used in gunpowder for cannons.
They used this substance to make rockets and win war. Britain was successful in the first and second World Wars. A Jew called Chaim Weizmann invented, or discovered, acetone, which was used in gunpowder for rockets. If not for the work of this man, they would not have won the war. Lord Balfour changed his mind: 'Wow, these Jews have brains!'
The first nuclear reactor in the U.S. was opened by a Jew. The group that made the first nuclear bomb that the U.S. used against Japan, thus winning the war... What tipped the balance in WWII in favor of the Allies were the two bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. You've all heard about this, right? This bomb that terrified the world was manufactured by Jewish minds. It was designed by the minds of Jewish physicists. Europe declared officially: 'We need the Jewish nation.'
Some years ago – I don’t know how many – a European writer wrote an article titled... Forgive me for saying this, but this is what people are saying about us. We shouldn’t always think of ourselves as kings, giants, the best people around. Look what people are saying about us. [A writer] wrote an article titled: 'What would happen if we removed the Muslims from the face of the earth?' This was a study, with references, some of them wrong, but just so that you see how far we lag behind in global civilizational progress... The conclusion of the article was that if Muslims were removed from the face of the Earth, there would be no more headaches in the world – no bombings, no bribery, no plundering, and no kidnapping....
We are two billion Muslims in the world. How many Jews are there worldwide? 17 million. 17 million... There are more people in central and southern Iraq. That is the number of the Jews in the whole world. How many Nobel prizes in the field of science have they won, and how many have we won, in the last century? We, with almost two billion Muslims have won 10 Nobel prizes in a hundred years. They number 17 million, and how many prizes have they won in the past hundred years? 200. They have won 200 prizes, 50-60 of them in physics alone. In other words, if we were to say that the physics of the 20th century is Jewish, nobody could call it an exaggeration."'

Tuesday 19 September 2017

"On the Front Lines of Free Speech" (videos)

The Organisation for Cooperation and Security in Europe (OCSE), to quote Wikipedia,
"is the world's largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization. Its mandate includes issues such as arms control, promotion of human rights, freedom of the press, and fair elections. It employs around 3,460 people, mostly in its field operations but also in its secretariat in Vienna, Austria and its institutions. It has its origins in the 1975 Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (CSCE) held in Helsinki, Finland. The OSCE is concerned with early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management, and post-conflict rehabilitation. Its 57 participating states are located in Europe, northern and central Asia, and North America. The participating states cover much of the land area of the Northern Hemisphere. It was created during the Cold War era as an East–West forum."
 It's currently holding (11-22 September 2017), in Warsaw,
"The Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM) of OSCE ... Europe's largest annual human rights and democracy conference. It is organized every year by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) as a platform for the 57 OSCE participating States, the OSCE Partners for Co-operation, OSCE structures, civil society, international organizations and other relevant actors to take stock of the implementation of OSCE human dimension commitments, discuss associated challenges, share good practices and make recommendations for further improvement."
Representatives of NGOs are entitled to have their say at the conference regarding items on the agenda, and among those this year attending to express apprehension regarding the unfettered migration of anti-assimilationist Muslims to Europe and the imposition of legislation that would effectively silence related concern and criticism as "hate speech" are the Austrian activist Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who is on record as fearing for the future of her young daughter in an islamified continent,  and the American former CIA operative Claire Lopez, who represents the Center for Security Policy in Washington. 

In the first video ( the two women, both of whom resist the erosion of the Liberal principles of the eighteenth century Enlightenment by speak about their motivations in attending the conference, and in the second ( Claire Lopez addresses the conference, citing the Enlightenment's debt to Judeo-Christian values.

There are on the Vlad Tepes YouTube channel more videos of persons worried about the islamification of Europe addressing the conference, and it speaks volumes that at the conclusion of their remarks the (female) moderator of the conference reminds participants "to adhere to principles of tolerance and non-discrimination in line with OCSE commitment".

Sunday 17 September 2017

David Singer: King Abdullah’s Dethronement Threatens Jordan-Israel Two-State Solution

Here is the latest article by Sydney lawyer and international affairs analyst David Singer.

He writes:

A conference in Jerusalem next month proposing a plan (“Plan”) involving the dethronement of Jordan’s King Abdullah threatens any attempt by Jordan and Israel to peacefully apportion – between their respective States – sovereignty in Judea and Samaria – called the West Bank since 1950 – and Gaza (“Disputed Territories”).

The Plan’s stated goal is to enable Israel to annex Judea and Samaria (West Bank).

The Disputed Territories comprise the last remaining 5 per cent of the territory encompassed by the 1922 League of Nations Mandate for Palestine – where sovereignty still remains undetermined between Jews and Arabs. Sovereignty in the remaining 95 per cent now resides in Israel (17 per cent) and Jordan (78 per cent).

Negotiations between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (“PLO”) to create a 23rd independent Arab State in the Disputed Territories were fruitlessly pursued for 21 years – before being suspended in April 2014 with little likelihood of being resumed.

The conference organisers are totally upfront and make no bones as to how the Plan is to be achieved:
"The beauty of the plan is that it doesn’t require the consent of the PA (Palestinian Authority) or of Jordan. It just requires the embrace of President Trump. He must engineer a way to remove the king from power and to install [Mudar] Zahran and his coalition as the interim government.” 
The PA ceased to exist on 3 January 2013 so reference to it is irrelevant.

Zahran [pictured] – Secretary-General of the self-declared Jordanian Opposition Coalition – has formulated the Plan as follows:
“This plan seeks to execute a feasible two-state solution where Jordan is the natural homeland for all Palestinians, and Israel becomes sovereign over all soil west to the River Jordan. This could only happen if the corrupt, terror-supporting and double-speaking Hashemite royal family leaves Jordan. The Palestinians often revolt against the regime but the king’s police force puts them down. The American media ignore this solution to the unrest in Jordan.
What is needed is for the U.S. to influence the Jordanian army and security agency to stand with the revolution the next time it breaks out. The security agencies and army are already securing the country without any influence from the king who is mostly abroad. Under these conditions, the king would not return. Once that happens an interim government of secular Palestinians who want peace with Israel could be appointed.”
Dethroning King Abdullah to end Hashemite-rule in Jordan for the last 95 years will only exacerbate the 100-years-old conflict between Jews and Arabs.

The Plan also calls for the transfer of one million Arabs living in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) to Jordan:
“Zahran intends to build a new city in Jordan to accommodate a million new residents. This will create jobs and stimulate the economy. These homes will be purchased on behalf of any Arabs willing to emigrate and given to them on arrival.”
President Trump will certainly not be embracing this belligerent and catastrophic Plan.

Wiser counsel should remind Trump that one of his predecessors – Ronald Reagan – said in 1980:
“Israel and Jordan are the two Palestinian states envisioned and authorized by the United Nations. Jordan is now recognized in some 80 per cent of the old territory of Palestine. Israel and Jordan are the parties primarily authorized to settle the future of the unallocated territories in accordance with the principles of the mandate and the provisions of Resolutions 242 and 338.”
Ignoring this Reagan Declaration has prolonged a conflict that could have ended 37 years ago.

President Trump needs to convince King Abdullah to begin direct negotiations with Israel. Failure to do so ensures an even bleaker future for the Middle East than currently exists.

Friday 15 September 2017

Aussie Islam Expert: ''I Consider it an Honour to be Vilified and Lied About for Calling Out Antisemitism"
I blogged here about a nascent and long overdue organisation Down Under, the Australian Jewish Association (AJA), formed by people utterly fed up with the current direction and thrust of communal leadership bodies, such as the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies, and the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, hijacked as they evidently have been by the forces of political correctness, which too often results in a softly softly approach to issues that should be tackled head-on.  They pussyfoot when it comes to Islamic Jew-hatred but not when antisemitism (real or imagined) from non-Islamic sources are concerned.

AJA's impressive president Dr David Adler had a fine article about this sorry state of affairs in the March 2017 issue of The Spectator (Australia), focusing on the legislative segment known as 18C, under which in 2011 conservative columnist Andrew Bolt was convicted.of breaching the Racial Discrimination Act.

Inter alia:
'As anyone who has closely followed the 18C debate knows, the major secular Jewish communal bodies, particularly the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) and the Australia-Israel Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) have lobbied vigorously for the retention of 18C & 18D essentially in their current form. They also claimed a consensus in the Jewish community. However, in doing so they have misrepresented Jewish values and interests, and misled the Parliamentary Inquiry.
It is blatantly untrue that there is a consensus of support for 18C within the Jewish community. Simply reading the various Jewish publications would demonstrate this is a hotly contested subject. Various submissions were made and supported by numerous members of the Jewish community who oppose 18C. 
[Emphasis added here and below]
Prominent members of the Jewish community have published articles in support of free speech and the repeal of s.18C of the Racial Discrimination Act or amendment by deleting the criteria of ‘insult’ and ‘offend’. The Rabbinical Council of NSW has publicly made statements on 18C possibly inhibiting rabbis speaking out on moral issues if such speech may insult or offend someone. The Australian Jewish News reported this in April 2014 in an article titled ‘NSW Rabbis clash with leaders over 18C’. Leading Jewish barrister Geoffrey Bloch, in an article published in the online Jewish journal J-Wire, argues for repeal of 18C. He cites a prominent international Jewish expert, Prof. Michael Berenbaum who was involved in establishing the renowned Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. Even in the case of Holocaust deniers, he argues, it is far preferable that they not be silenced, but rather be discredited and have their anti-Semitism publicly exposed.As recently as 1 December, 2016 owner and publisher of the Australian Jewish News, Robert Magid, wrote ‘When Jews act to restrict freedom of speech they undermine their argument against people like Jake Lynch and his cohort, who prevented supporters of Israel from presenting their point of view at Sydney University’. In other words, it is a dangerous two-edged sword. Magid has also published views in specific opposition to 18C in this magazine.
....It is argued by some Jewish secular bodies that 18C is needed to deal with anti-Semitism. There is not a single place on earth where this has actually worked. These laws have never solved the problem of anti-Semitism or reversed the trend of anti-Semitic incidents. We only need to look to Europe where there is now the most anti-Semitism since WWII. Many European countries have laws like 18C, some go further. The evidence is the reverse. The ECAJ, which monitors anti-Semitic incidents in Australia, reported an increase of approximately 10 per cent from 2015 to 2016 despite the presence of 18C. France in addition to 18C-type laws has had a law for over 20 years to address a specific form of anti-Semitism, namely Holocaust denial. However, there is now more Holocaust denial across France than when the law was introduced!
Further, 18C is very rarely used by the Jewish communal bodies which argue for retention – since 2010 there has been only one case litigated. 18C has never been used against anti-Semitic Islamic hate preachers. Both ECAJ and AIJAC were provided with the video of Hizb ut-Tahrir cleric Ismail al-Wahwah’s infamous racist and hateful tirade calling Jews ‘the most evil creature of Allah’ who have ‘corrupted the world’ and will ‘pay for blood with blood’. He called for the death of Jews, and declared ‘Who will set the world free from the Children of Israel so that the world will be able to say that it has rid itself of this hidden evil? This mission will be accomplished by none but you, O Muslims… The ember of jihad against the Jews will continue to burn.’ No 18C complaint was filed.
 .... Of course, legislation like 18C does not directly prevent citizens from reporting suspicious activity to police. However, it does contribute to a general environment of inhibition of certain speech. What 18C does is to unreasonably constrain free speech in a manner inconsistent with Jewish theology, academic development and values. There is no evidence that 18C is an effective tool in changing a trend of anti-Semitism (there are much more effective tools) and such a law risks serious adverse consequences.'
The footage of Ismail al-Wawwah mentioned above was shown by Dr Adler at the Melbourne launch of the AJA last Sunday, at which Dr Adler and local Anglican clergymen the Rev Dr Mark Durie, rightly billed as a "world-renowned" scholar of Islam, gave the 200 or more people present glimpses into the nature of Islamic antisemitism past and present.

Dr Adler prefaced his talk with the explanation that he was speaking only about "a minority" of Muslims. Dr Durie concentrated on Islamic religious texts, ably demonstrating the deeply entrenched Jew-hatred to be found in them and refuting the rose-coloured view of, for example, historian Professor Bernard Lewis.

Neither speaker preached hatred against Muslims.  The only hatred, fascism and incitement was in the Islamic anti-Jewish statements they quoted.

Without any knowledge of what Drs Adler and Durie were going to say, the following prejudiced demand was issued by certain far left and wet naive Jews in Melbourne:
'We, the undersigned, wish to protest in the strongest terms the Beth Weizmann Jewish Community Centre booking of an event titled 'The Threat of Islam to Jews' by 'Nothing Left' and 'Australian Jewish Association.'
We call on Beth Weizmann Centre to immediately cancel the booking. We call on all other Jewish community spaces to refuse bookings of far-right conspiracy theorists that bring racism, bigotry and hate into our communities.
We believe that not only are talks like this a direct threat to the safety and wellbeing of people of the Muslim faith in our community, but a direct threat to Jews also. Hatred and racism of all forms will only continue to foment as long as Islamophobia is fostered. We are all in this together.
As Jews we remember where this hate takes us. There is no place for racist hate in Beth Weizmann or anywhere in our community.'
Since the event, far left Jews have been at it again, with many of them, males and a certain female alike, ranting and raving online in language involving much use of the F and C words that does them no credit.

One of the far leftists, who demonstrated outside the location of the talk that finally went ahead on Sunday, and hastily rejected an invitation to come out of the biting evening chill and join the audience, has started an online petition (as with the previously-mentioned one I'm not linking to it because there is only a limited amount of oxygen I want to give these misguided people, who just will not accept that the meeting, at which they were not present, was anything but a hate fest).

This petition insults and misrepresents Dr Durie, beginning:
"The signatories to this letter come from many different political orientations, but this is a shameful moment in the history of the Melbourne Jewish community that demands a united response.
Several hundred people attended a meeting organised by the so-called ‘Australian Jewish Association’ at South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation on Sunday night, 11 September 2017 turned up to hear Mark Durie. He is not a specialist in Islam or contemporary problems in the Muslim world, but an Anglican priest, linguist and autodidact. He argues for a literalist interpretation of Islam and Islamic culture and history to demonstrate the inherent violence and intolerance of Islam, and by implication, the treachery of all Muslims.This is Islamophobia...
 This is not a free speech issue. Durie and the Jewish right can say or publish what they want when they want. But feeding ill-informed garbage to people who have deep anxieties, as we all do, about terrorism is another matter and should not receive institutional support from a synagogue...."
 "Wonder if this talk has contravened Section 18C of the racial discrimination act" is one of my favourite comments by a signatory, highlighting as it does the sheer prejudice, hypocrisy and irony of condemning an event of which the signatory has no personal knowledge.

Also of that ilk is this comment by a former president of a (non-Orthodox) Melbourne synagogue who was also, unless I need the immediate services of an optician, not at the AJA event, and of whom I would have expected a fairer approach on those very grounds:
"While the wording may not be accurate (bigotry might have been a better word), I absolutely support the intent of this petition."
But the best comment of all? That comes from Mark Durie himself:
"I consider it an honour to be vilified and lied about for calling out antisemitism"
Skoyach!, Dr Durie.  Kol Hakavod, sir.

Wednesday 13 September 2017

"A Cultural Answer to Calls for a Boycott"

At the Roundhouse Theatre in the north-west London district of Camden from 8-11 September, Tel Aviv came to Britain in th shape of the TLV in LDN Festival.  The aim, in the words of its director, Marc Worth, talking to the Jewish Chronicle, was to
"showcase and celebrate Tel Aviv’s cultural diversity – offering visitors a sense of the city’s tastes, smells, sounds, sights and cultural scene ..."
And in those of Israeli minister for public security, information and strategic affairs Gilad Erdan, talking to the Jerusalem Post,
“The festival is of great importance in its very existence in Britain as we mark one century of the Balfour Declaration. This festival is a cultural answer to the calls for a boycott against Israel.”
 He and Britain's Secretary of State for International Trade Dr Liam Fox attended along with Tel Aviv's  mayor Ron Huldai. (For Dr Fox's upbeat rematks see here)

Israel-haters had failed to get the event cancelled, and  many, including activists from the loathsome and pathetic International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network turned up to to do their best to spoil the atmosphere.

Reports the Jerusalem Post (along with some vivid footage):
 '[O]n Saturday several dozen Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions activists verbally clashed with a few very vocal defenders of the Jewish state.“You want to talk in Gaza? These women can’t talk in Gaza! It’s a joke... This is bullshit! It doesn’t matter how many bombs are dropped in Syria or in London, this is just an excuse to hate Jews,” Golan Koresh, who is both Israeli and Brazilian, retorted to female activists chanting “Free Palestine!” “This is just a disgrace,” Koresh said in disgust. “These Jews whose parents stood in the gas chambers are now standing side-by-side with people who want to blow us up.
“London is poison. The atmosphere when it comes to Israeli is toxic,” he added....
“Perhaps if this event wasn’t sponsored by the Israeli government, we wouldn’t be so against it,” Michael Kalmanovitz of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network said.
 Pro-Israel activists were quick to lob retorts at those claims. “They’re not standing outside the Chinese or Syrian or Russian Embassy. They’re here in front of a peaceful festival with music,” Shadman Zaman, the first person from Bangladesh to visit Israel, told the Post. “They’re trying to disrupt a peaceful and lovely program into a riot. This is what they always do.”
When Tel Aviv chef Shaul Ben Aderet, who was in charge of the event's  food fair, offered them some free chocolate mousse, several of the protesting party poopers couldn't resist!

In this video by Alex Seymour/Seymour Alexander, a bunch of very familiar anti-Israel activists protest the event at the top of their lungs, demonising Mark Regev, and evidently fazed by pro-Israel hecklers (we hear Seymout's dulcet tones eventually telling one protester "F*ck off now!"). 

I don't think they were in the mood for chocolate moose, do you?

Another video by Seymour, showing ratbags replete with Palestinian flags:

In his words:
"Several different protest groups have been attempting all week to disrupt preparations for next week's Arms Fair at the Excel Centre. Yesterday when this video was shot it was the turn of Veterans for Peace UK to organize an event - a very effective banned weapons checkpoint  - which unfortunately was activated earlier in the morning before I got there...."
Meanwhile, in response to this report Seymour makes an aside about 9/11, while Sizer and Tonge have the Saudis in their sights.

Neither Sizer nor Tonge are likely to draw attention to this article, which cites the complicity of Iran.

No Return of Stolen Goods: please sign the petition!

Click Here
The importance of this petition initiated by the erudite person behind the well-known Point of No Return blog cannot be overstated:
"In 2003 the US military found a trove of Jewish books, records and religious artefacts in the flooded basement of Saddam's secret police headquarters in Baghdad. Now the US government is preparing to ship it back following restoration. 
The archive contains holy books, including a rare Bible from 1568, Torah scrolls seized from synagogues, and personal and community documents and records.
Iraq's government, however, is insisting that the archive go back to Iraq: it points out that the US interim administration (CPA) signed a memorandum in 2003 promising its return.
The archive must not be returned. 
Here's why:
*The archive does not belong to Iraq, but was stolen from private homes, schools and synagogues in the 1970s. It is the cultural property of the Iraqi‐Jewish community.
 *According to Jewish law, sacred objects such as Torah scrolls must be entrusted to a living Jewish community.
*The Jewish community in Iraq is virtually extinct. Jews of Iraqi origin and their descendants now live outside Iraq ‐ in Israel and the West.
*When there were Jews in Iraq, the modern Iraqi state showed only contempt for them and their heritage. It did its utmost to persecute and destroy its ancient, pre‐Islamic Jewish community. From 140,000, the community has dwindled to five people. To return the archive to Iraq will be to compound a crime: returning stolen property to those who stole it.
*Iraq itself does not have the resources to conserve and store the archive safely.
*Iraq's Jews and their descendants, 90 percent of whom are in Israel, will be debarred from access to original documents and history if the archive returns to Iraq.
*The memorandum drawn up between the US CPA interim government and Iraq in 2003 was signed on a flawed premise: that the archive is part of Iraq's national heritage.
It is not. Unless we challenge this erroneous idea, the return of the Jewish archive sets a precedent for all Arab countries who seized the property of 870,000 Jews to claim back as their national heritage any confiscated items that might have left the country. Indeed these states can claim as their own the property of all oppressed communities."
[Emphasis added]
 For a glimpse into the archive see here and here

Monday 11 September 2017

David Singer: ABC "Media Watch" Program Continues to Wipe Israel off the Map

Here's the latest article by Sydney lawyer and international affairs analyst David Singer.

(It should resonate in particular with non-Aussie readers familiar with BBC bias against Israel, for as I've explained many times over the years, the ABC is the BBC's counterpart Down Under.)

Writes David Singer:

The Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) – taxpayer funded to the tune of $1 billion annually – still continues to feature a map which falsely identifies “Israel” as “Palestine”.

This bizarre conduct came to light after the ABC had initially removed the segment “Misplaced Map Outrage” from its Media Watch website containing the offending map with the following headline:
 Daily Mail accuses the ABC of wiping Israel off the map but misses the point of the story”
When I wrote to Media Watch approving of their decision to delete the segment and seeking an explanation for the segment’s removal – I was shocked to receive this response from Gabrielle Clark at Media Watch: 
“This hasn’t been purposely removed. Just looks like a back end publishing error. It is back online now.”
Shortly thereafter I received a further reply from Jason Whittaker, Story Editor, Media Watch:
"The story has not been removed from our website. It remains here:
We have issued no apology, retraction, correction or amendment to this item."
When I clicked on the link supplied by Whittaker, I noticed that 20 or more posted comments – including mine – had all been removed.

This prompted me to write to Whittaker asking him to:
“Immediately reinstate all the posted comments that have been removed in the course of someone in the ABC reinstating the segment to the website.”
I found Whittaker’s reply quite disturbing:
“You’re welcome to re-post the comment. We apologise if a technical error removed it.
As for the story itself, like I said, we stand by it and have nothing more to add. But if you’d like to take the matter further you can do so through the ABC complaints process ( or through Free TV Australia (”
I then sent Whittaker the following detailed response:
'Thanks for your response and the suggestion I can re-post my comment.
What about reposting the more than 20 other comments that were removed by "technical error"? Are they too irretrievable?
Reposting my comment does not answer my complaint about the following false statement made by [the presenter] Paul [Barry] in the story:
"But two days is obviously an age in the Mail’s hectic newsroom. And clearly no one bothered to watch the ABC report.
Because if they had they would have known that the nations in blue are where this law has been abolished. And the nations in yellow are those that still have it on their books.
And Israel was not on the map because it never had the offending statute."
This statement was patently false because:
1. Israel was shown on the map
2. Israel was coloured yellow
3. Israel was mislabelled "Palestine"
Paul was clearly in error in making the above statement.
 Where he got the information to make this statement needs to be explained by Paul.
The segment was clearly tainted by this statement.
I am surprised that in these circumstances your response is:
"As for the story itself, like I said, we stand by it and have nothing more to add"
With the greatest respect – I think you do – especially as the segment involved an ABC program – The World – where an incorrect map bearing an ABC logo was used  indicating someone in the ABC had prepared it for specifically for The World program.
Your website proudly proclaims: "Media Watch has built an unrivalled record of exposing media shenanigans since it first went to air in 1989."
On the face of it Media Watch and Paul Barry appear to have become unwitting victims of shenanigans within the ABC – having been fed false information which was relied on by Paul to make the offending statement which – if true – would have certainly debunked the Daily Mail story.
However the statement was false.
I initially expressed my approval that the segment had been removed – which was the right thing to do in the circumstances – only to now be told it was due to a "back end publishing error" and incredibly find it is back on the website again.
That is shocking.
Paul needs to pursue the person in the ABC who fed him the information that formed the basis of the offending statement and also find out the person in the ABC who authorised the preparation of the map and allowed it to go on air in the misleading and deceptive form it did.
The segment also needs to be removed from the website.”'
Whittaker’s pathetic response was:
“David, I won’t be entering into further correspondence about this. As I’ve said, we believe our report was fair and we have no intention of correcting it. And I’ve given you avenues to take your complaint further if you’d like to do that.
Appreciate your engagement with the program. All the best”
For Media Watch to act in this high handed and dismissive manner is a national disgrace.

Removing the segment that contained the false map was certainly the right action for Media Watch to take. Reinstating it was contemptible.

Those responsible for this total fiasco should be reprimanded – perhaps dismissed.

Jason Whittaker’s title should be changed to “Fake Story Editor”.

Paul Barry remains silent.

Media Watch’s credibility has hit rock bottom.

Media Watch boasts to viewers:
“Everyone loves it till they’re on it”
Media Watch itself is now centre-stage on Media Watch and clearly does not like being targeted for false reporting.

Saturday 9 September 2017

(UPDATED) In Melbourne, "'The Threat of Islam to Jews' is Going Ahead and We Have to ... Tell Them to F*ck Off"

Under the presidency of Sydney medico Dr David Adler, a new Jewish communal organisation calling itself the Australian Jewish Association (AJA) has been set up "by a team including senior community members of standing in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia" unhappy at what the pervasive drift towards political correctness in the Jewish communal leadership:
'You can expect it to be more direct and outspoken on matters of principle rather than cowed by “political correctness”. AJA will speak out clearly on security issues, sources of anti-Semitism, other external threats and advocacy involving Israel,' its website avers.
Its mission statement here begins:
"The mission of AJA is to be a membership based representative organisation for the Jewish community in Australia based on genuine authentic Jewish and conservative Australian democratic values.
The AJA welcomes members from the Jewish community who support this mission.
To be guided by authentic Jewish values means having regard in policy formulation to principles of Torah. This imposes no requirement on how members conduct their lives. The organisation will welcome members of all levels of observance.
To be guided by conservative Australian democratic values means prioritising policies which support individual freedoms, self-determination, human rights, security and respect for rule of law."
Regarding Israel, it breaks ranks with the official communal leadership's position:
"Support Israel as the only nation-state and the cultural and religious home of the Jewish people. Support the right of Jews to live in security and peace in their traditional ancient biblical homeland"
continuing in the relevant clause:
"Jerusalem is the eternal undivided capital of Israel and the entire city including the Temple Mount should be administered by Israeli authorities.
The land of Israel includes the biblical Jewish homelands of Judea and Samaria.
Support policies and initiatives to further develop and strengthen the relationship between Australia and Israel."
The AJA was scheduled to be launched in Melbourne tomorrow (Sunday, 10 September) at the Beth Weizmann Community Centre, with the distinguished Anglican scholar of Islam Dr Mark Durie as guest speaker.  But when it became known to Zionism Victoria, the body that administers Beth Weizmann, that the theme of the evening would be "The Threat of Islam to Jews" the longstanding booking was cancelled.

The current issue of the Australian Jewish News (AJN; 8 September) quotes Beth Weizmann chairperson Ben Tatarka thus:
"Having just become aware of he details of the event, which had been booked as a 'public speaker', and after due consideration, we have decided that we are not prepared to have the Jewish Community Centre of Melbourne used for or associated with an event that, on its face, seeks to foment fear and hatred."
The same paper reports Dr Adler's reaction:
"It would have been expected that instead of reacting to erroneous information, that the management of Beth Weizmann would have made contact with us, the organizers, to find out the truth.
As soon as possible we gave them additional information for consideration because they had made false assumptions and we informed them that the talk, or similar ones, had been presented in NSW Parliament in March this year and at Limmud New Zealand last month."
Dr Adler went on to tell the AJN that an alternative venue had since been found, and at first he was unwilling to disclose it, being loath to
"attract the aggressive and irrational group who, without information and based on false assumptions, went off the rail." 
(That new venue hired was the Goldenberger Hall of the Mizrachi Synagogue on Balaclava Road in the heart of the Shtetl on the Yarra's "Golden Mile"; the Mizrachi Synagogue itself, the AJN noted, had not endorsed the event.)

Immediately, the name of the new venue was made known, the Jewish far-left anti-Israel movement sprang into attack mode:

(The above group loves to note that it's coming to you from "The occupied lands of the Kulin nation, Melbourne, Australia"; curiously, however, it shows no sign of preparedness to evacuate those lands.)

(The CSG is the Community Security Group.)

An urgent call to action went out from one Israel-bashing Jewish lefty to his cohorts:
'This is not a drill. You are needed.'The Threat of Islam to Jews' is going ahead and we have to turn up to tell them to fuck off.
You can expect a superchilled affair with a stack of Jewy tunes. But you need to come: to take responsibility for this in our community, to not be silent in the face of hate.
Invite your friends. Now.' [Emphasis added]

Suggestions for "Jewy tunes" with which to serenade try to shame and intimidate members of the Jewish community attending the Adler/Durie event quickly came:

By invoking the heroic Bundists and other resisters and martyrs, these "Jews Against Fascism" are, of course, implying that all who are wary of and warn of the dangers of Islamist antisemitism are comparable to Tsarist antisemites and informers and to the bestial Nazis, which, needless to say, is as ludicrous as it is obscene. 

Unfortunately, the totalitarian Left have succeeded in getting the event cancelled for a second time.

Claim and counter-claim continue to fly, as this is something of a "breaking story," with one commenter on the Facebook page of the outraged "Nothing Left" (closely linked with the AJA and the event) writing that it was cancelled owing to fears of reprisal attacks on the Mizrachi-associated Yavneh kindergarten:
"This event was cancelled because of protests from Yavneh parents who didn't want you turning our children's kindergarten into an increased risk of terror attack. It had nothing to do with politics....
You're the ones running talks about the threat they pose to Jews. As you well know, they have targeted Jewish institutions and places they perceive as insulting their prophet. It's a terrible problem that we as a community have to deal with. Why would you increase the risk of my children's kindergarten? Do it in your own home so Islamic extremists can target you."
Meanwhile one Jew who had intended to turn up to protest the event jibes:
"Nothing Left , that [the cancellation] is the best news I have had all week. You may want to check the mirror for fascist, threaten, intimidate. Not afraid of you. Disgusted is more the word that comes to mind."
And another Jewish leftist, a university academic, makes the breath-taking assertion:
"Jews have nothing to fear from Islam. Only from terrorists who kill more of their own people."
(Clearly, he could benefit from listening to Islam-expert Dr Durie on what's been going on in Europe!)

An apt retort to the leftists from a Nothing Left spokesman:
"I find it kind of ironic one of the main Jewish fascists behind the shutting down of free speech [by other Jews] is a member of a Jewish Palestinian activist group [presumably the Australian Jewish Democratic Society] affiliated with JCCV [Jewish Community Council of Victoria] and only recently some members of this same group demonstrated on behalf of Arabs in Israel outside the very offices of Beth Weizmann and these are the types B[eth] W[eizmann] Board have aligned them selves with , Crazy world we live in"
Though happy as Larry (pardon the pun) one of the activists centrally involved in the campaign to cancel the meetings has proved rather modest:

Not so modest, the Jews Against Fascism (but not Islamofascism), displaying their customarily elegant, erudite turn of phrase:

Incidentally, on leftwing hypocrisy and Islamofascism/da Joos/Zionism see two good articles here and here


I'm delighted to add that the launch of the AJA, and the meeting as planned, went ahead as scheduled on Sunday evening,  at another location.  Congratulations to the organisers on a terrific turnout, despite very short notice, with the venue filled to capacity.  All praise to the management of the alternative location for refusing to be intimidated by the far left and the lily-livered. Dr David Adler and the Rev. Dr Mark Durie provided disturbing evidence of the antisemitism that pervades the Quran, the Sura and the hadiths and which informs Islamic attitudes to this day.  Neither speaker indulged in any "hate speech".  The only examples of hate speech came in the examples they quoted. 

It's said that a leftist infiltrator or two were present (tasked with subsequently exposing the "hate speech" they hoped to hear from the speakers) deliberately sitting quietly so not to attract attention.

These Jewish fascists had sought in vain yesterday to get the event cancelled for a third time: