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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Not So Squeaky Clean: "Anti-Fascist" Activists Gloat About Violence To Woman (video)

These laughing jackasses were marching against the English Defence League in Tower Hamlets yesterday.  It's a pity they've sullied their credentials by finding physical violence to a woman so rollickingly amusing.


  1. Well they're clearly taking a stand against hatred, aren't they? Good to see that they are as repulsed by dehumanisation ("never hit a woman, but they're not women") as you'd expect anti-fascists to be. Also, it's a good thing the woman in question was so unattractive, otherwise it would have been so much worse to hit her, eh?

  2. Yes, and the outright "sexism" and "lookism" - deciding she is unattractive ("a dog"). Not as politically correct as they like to present themselves.

  3. The UK media continues to ignore the fact that the UAF is a a Socialist Workers Party front group made up primarily of anti-Semitic thugs. They have consistently ignored evidence like this and always speak of them in glowing terms as 'standing up against racism and violence'.

  4. I'm grateful for that input, Edgar.

    Vlad Tepes has posted footage of the woman being kicked:

    plus an account of the attack on the bus:


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