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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

"As We Have Done So Consistently In The Past..."

Remember my recent blog about Jews and the English Defence League?

Remember the EDL march into Tower Hamlets just over a fortnight ago, when so-called "anti-fascists" from the (Israel-hating) hard left turned out in force?

Remember the disgraceful spectacle of Islamic extremists, belonging to a once-banned organisation (Islam4UK) which regrouped and morphed into the tolerated Muslims Against Crusades, mustering strong outside the American Embassy to shout their contempt for Western values and how they burnt with impunity the Stars and Stripes, watched by a protective contingent of docile British bobbies?  The same bobbies who with alacrity hopped into action to prevent a wreath being laid at the Embassy while the Islamists' demo was taking place?

Well, the Board of Deputies of British Jews has issued the following statement:
"As we have done so consistently in the past, the Board of Deputies of British Jews condemns unreservedly the EDL, their ideology and their actions. It is clear for all to see that the EDL are solely intent on causing divisions and mistrust between different groups in British society. When they wave Israeli flags at a rally or demonstration, they do so only to goad the Muslim community and to stir communal tensions. This, and everything that the EDL stands for, is utterly abhorrent. Equally sickening were the scenes of [note the missing adjective! - D.A.] demonstrators attacking America and celebrating 9/11.  All right thinking people should be repulsed by extremism from any quarter."
To which the EDL's Jewish Division has issued the following riposte (note the way it takes off some of the Board's phraseology!):
"As we have done so consistently in the past, the EDL Jewish Division condemns unreservedly the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BDBJ), their lack of spine and their astonishing inaction in the face of the massive rise of antisemitism coming squarely from Radical Islam in the UK.
It is clear for all to see that the BDBJ is solely intent on brown nosing their way to personal knighthoods especially if it means stepping on the backs of Jews forced to endure daily taunts and worse from out of control Muslim youth.
When they attack the EDL they do this solely to cement their place, begging for scraps from the table of the British political establishment. This and everything the BDBJ stand for is utterly abhorrent.
Equally sickening is the gross moral impotence of a group of Jews, unable and unwilling to realise that Muslims on the streets of London calling for the imposition of a fascist theocracy and end of the rule of Law and democracy bears absolutely no comparison with proud patriots who's [sic] own inclusive brand of nationalism is a direct mirror to the spirit of inclusive Zionism that built Israel into the great hope it is for the Jewish people.
Issued in response to the Board of Deputies of British Jews who seem to have nothing better to do than issue nonsense statements like this one."
Oy vey!


  1. Fear, cowardice or self-loathing?

  2. Apart from the two errors (there's a grammatical one at the very end), it's clever and shows that someone in the EDL has a brain, contrary to popular opinion. Some of their members do seem to have an unfortunate style that lends itself to misrepresentation. How many EDL leaders have been convicted of violent offences? That would be a key indicator of their intentions.

  3. Rita, Isi Leibler wrote a good article some time ago about the need for Jewish leaders to speak out more forecfully against islamofascism...

    Yes, Ian, there seem to be bovver boy types and more respectable types.

  4. Daphne, I don't have time to look.

    Please post the link for BDBJ

    I am going to write to them.

  5. Here's the link for people to write and express their disgust

  6. Isi Leibler's article that I mentioned to Rita is required reading:

  7. I wrote to the BDBJ and really gave them a piece of my mind. I sent the Youtube link where Tommy Carroll disrespected the US flag (Not)

    I told them that I am an expatriate, who was born and bred in Stepney etc.,etc

  8. I wonder whether they will reply.

  9. The EDL? Seriously? You do know that most of them are neo-fascists.

  10. I'm the anon poster from above. So as I know your basic stance, do you consider any criticism of Israeli government policy to be ant-semitic?

  11. EDL neo-fascists ? just a very few.

    Have you been watching the TUC conference this week ? They don't like Israel, they must be left wing neo-fascists. They condemn the only social democtratic union movement in the whole of the middle east.

  12. Sorry for the delay in posting your comment, Steve.
    Good point about the TUC.

  13. Anon, almost forgot to acknowlege yours. No is the short answer. But when Israel faces the drip drip drip of delegitimisation, its right to exist made contingent upon its conduct, then I do get highly suspicious about the motives of the opponents.


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