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Sunday, 18 September 2011

More Of The Rot Down Under: A Video Nasty from BDSers, & the Israel-haters who don't know the Jordan from the Murrumbidgee

Several days ago, an Australian state parliamentarian, David Clarke, ably articulated the core of the case against the abominable Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, and to their credit the vast majority of the New South Wales upper chamber agreed with him:

"The boycott, divestment and sanctions [BDS] campaign directed world-wide against the state of Israel is a campaign that is misleading and deceitful. It is a campaign that is devious and destructive. It is a campaign that engenders hate mongering and promotes division. This whole world-wide boycott, divestment and sanctions operation should be repudiated and rejected by all people of decency and goodwill ...
 Those who fuel this campaign say that it targets some of Israel’s policies but the truth of the matter is that it does not target Israel’s policies; it targets Israel’s legitimacy. The truth is that it targets Israel’s right to exist. The truth is that the campaign’s end result would see the state of Israel cease to exist as the state envisaged by the United Nations when it voted to recognise its legitimacy back in 1947....
 The BDS campaign has at the core of its platform that there should be a right of return to Israel, not just of all Palestinians who claim to have lived in Israel at the time of its independence in 1948 and who left for whatever reason; it demands that all of the descendants of those who departed for whatever reason should also have the right of return—every child, every grandchild, every great grandchild should likewise have the automatic right of return. This would mean not just scores of thousands or even several hundred thousand; it would mean millions, even many millions. The United Nations in 1947 envisaged two states in Palestine, one Jewish and one Arab. The result of the BDS campaign would see Israel, as a predominantly Jewish state, face the destruction of its Jewish character. That is not what the United Nations envisaged over six decades ago and it is not what Australia, as a member of the United Nations six decades ago, envisaged either. And it is not something that we should, by our silence, conspire to allow to occur.
 The platform of the BDS campaign demands that Israel commit national suicide.... There are forces in this world that seek the destruction of Israel by whatever means they can. The terrorists of Hezbollah and Hamas seek to achieve it by firing their rockets on the civilians of Israel. The late but unlamented Osama bin Laden devoted the last 20 years of his life to the same goal and the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has declared the same goal as a policy of state. The platform of the BDS campaign would result in the same goal as well.... "
But as well as witnessing this noble stand for decency and justice, New South Wales witnessed during the past week the ignoble ravings of the pro-BDS mob in Newtown, as seen on this blog in recent days.

And that totalitarian leftist lot in New South Wales really are incorrigible.

In their visceral hatred for Israel, for a Jewish-owned chocolate shop, and seemingly for the free and democratic West itself, with its Judeo-Christian heritage and its respect for the rights of women, they use "Zionist" almost as an expletive, and revile their opponents as "fascists," "Islamophobes" and gay-bashers, while conveniently forgetting the oppression, the barbarity, the debased status of women, and the grisly fate that awaits homosexuals in Islamic regimes such as Ahmadinejad's Iran.

Have a look at this shameful mish-mash:

Meanwhile, check out the "Israel is a Terrorist State" mob in Perth, Western Australia - but before you do. here's brief footage of the squalid little event.

Incidentally, such is the grasp of geo-politics that these enemies of democratic Israel have that (I have this on excellent authority) when some of these ratbags were asked which river was being referred to in their Israel-eradicating chant "From the River to the Sea..." none of them knew!

Here, courtesy of an obliging photographer (thanks, cobber!) are some good guys, at a much bigger Perth rally on the same day under the auspices of Friends of Israel Western Australia - I hope to post a report in due course!

Elder of Ziyon posters did yeoman service in Perth
A small section of the pro-Israel crowd


  1. The first video contains an explicit threat, in my opinion (right at the end). It says: "now that we know what you look like we'll make sure we look out for you on 29th October"

    Is there anything one could do about this?

  2. David Clarke at the Coptic Christina rally early in the year. he is an amazing speaker. I was there

  3. Thanks, Shirl - will take a look.

  4. The Bloody Disgusting Stalinists haven't changed since the seventies.

    From I have seen from these videos there are indeed a few Jews standing with the fascists at these nasty and very public attacks on Israel and the Jews.

    But they are on the other side of the street.

  5. Geoff

    Most unfortunately there are a fair few 'enemies in our midst'

    Haskell Musry managed to get himself to our side of the road. Vic Alhadeff, the CEO of the JBD had a go at him. Once he was pointed out to the police, he was swiftly removed.

  6. Henry A. Wallace that the socialist video quotes alot was a Commo frontman - the fascist left and the islamofascists both hate democracy. That's why the fascist left loves the Ialamists - bloody scumbags.

  7. Women-betraying leftists! It never ceases to amaze me how women dressed in skimpy tanktops march for Hamastan!

  8. "...Women-betraying leftists! It never ceases to amaze me how women dressed in skimpy tanktops march for Hamastan!..."

    Descriptive words I would like to use for these -...expletive deleted...- would get this lovely blog into trouble, so I won't, but here is a little anectdote from a (former) acquaintance who ticks all the boxes: "Feminist", "leftist", "Green-voter", "Pro-Arab-Palesteeeeeenian", "Closet Jew-Hater" (the "closet" part is the reason why it took me a while to let her go).

    When I asked her: "dont you care about the genital mutilation of little muslim girls and their sharia-approved marriages (rapes)?". She said that this did not happen and was merely anti-muslim propaganda. When I pointed out the temoignage of Hirsi Ali (who went through this nightmare herself as a child - see her autobiography), my ex-acquaintance said.."well it might happen, sometimes, but not often". SO THAT MAKES IT OKAY, YES?

    Incidentally, when Hirsi Ali was genitally mutilated as a little girl, it was her grandmother holding her down to facilitate the excrutiating torture, a woman of the same vintage as some local (Australian) Kill-the-Jews-Flotilla.

    Pffffft at the "sisterhood" so loudly proclaimed by females mainly from the left. I dont wanna be their sister, thanks !

  9. The radical feminists who castigate Western men yet excuse Islamic misogyny have contorted themselves into such a pretzel-shape of hypocrisy that their modesty is compromised, Rita!

  10. "pretzel-shape of hypocrisy"

    ^^^ hehehe, I just LOVE that, will borrow it sometimes (with hat tip ;))


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