Eretz Israel is our unforgettable historic homeland...The Jews who will it shall achieve their State...And whatever we attempt there for our own benefit will redound mightily and beneficially to the good of all mankind. (Theodor Herzl, DerJudenstaat, 1896)

We offer peace and amity to all the neighbouring states and their peoples, and invite them to cooperate with the independent Jewish nation for the common good of all. The State of Israel is ready to contribute its full share to the peaceful progress and development of the Middle East.
(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

With a liberal democratic political system operating under the rule of law, a flourishing market economy producing technological innovation to the benefit of the wider world, and a population as educated and cultured as anywhere in Europe or North America, Israel is a normal Western country with a right to be treated as such in the community of nations.... For the global jihad, Israel may be the first objective. But it will not be the last. (Friends of Israel Initiative)

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

David Singer: Israeli Right Does Not Seek Overthrow of Jordan’s Hashemite Monarchy

Here's the latest article by Sydney lawyer and international affairs analyst David Singer.

He writes:

The claim that “The Israeli right has no solution for civil rights for Palestinians after annexation, except for overthrowing Jordan's Hashemite monarchy” is a canard that must be totally rejected.

This defamation of the Israeli right needs to be debunked before it is allowed to become accepted fact in the run up to Israel’s elections on 2 March.

I feel qualified to call out this baseless allegation as the founder of the “Jordan is Palestine Committee” (JIP) 40 years ago.JIP was formed to inform public opinion that:
• Jordan comprised 76.9% of the territory once called Palestine
• The key to ending the conflict between Jews and Arabs required direct negotiations between Israel -17.1% of former Palestine -and Jordan -to allocate sovereignty of the remaining 6% of former Palestine – Judea, Samaria and Gaza – between their two respective States
• Jordan’s population alone should determine who Jordan’s ruler should be. JIP constantly pointed out the role the Hashemite monarchy had played for 60 years in preserving the major part of Palestine as an exclusively Arab State in which Jews were not permitted to live. 
JIP contrasted this with the failed efforts of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) to secure sovereignty in one square metre of territory attempting to wipe Israel off the map.

JIP’s stated policy was actually challenged by one member who sought its replacement with a new policy calling for the overthrow of the Hashemites by replacing King Hussein with PLO leader Yasser Arafat.  JIP members rejected this argument and the disgruntled member quit the organisation.

However he did more – registering JIP in his name in Israel – then seeking to restrain my organisation using the name in Israel in connection with an international conference. 

This necessitated my taking Court proceedings in Israel at considerable expense.  The judge ruled in my favour.

Further sensational claims have also been made that
:•“the annexation the right plans has no chance of success without overthrowing the government in Amman and turning Jordan into Palestine.
•“Destabilising the regime in Jordan can be expected to be a joint project of the settlers, the ayatollahs and the evangelists who support Trump.”Extension of Israel’s sovereignty into Judea and Samaria can occur incrementally – starting in parts of Area C designated in the Oslo Accords which covers 60% of Judea and Samaria. 
Area C is under Israel’s full administrative and security control and 50000-70000 Arabs live there.

No Arab or Jew would have to move from his current house in Area C. Israeli residency or citizenship could be offered to those Arabs affected by Israel’s extension of sovereignty.Israel could unilaterally extend its sovereignty to all of Area C and offer Israeli residency or citizenship to the

Arabs affected – greatly enhancing their civil rights to those currently existing.

None of the above proposals requires the overthrow of Jordan’s King Abdullah or Jordan’s participation in negotiations with Israel.

However Jordan needs to negotiate with Israel on Judea and Samaria’s future after 40 years of refusing to take up the JIP solution to resolve a conflict now in its100th year – if it wishes to regain any part of Judea and Samaria that was unified with Transjordan in 1950 and then renamed Jordan  – with its Arab residents enjoying Jordanian citizenship until 1988.

Overthrowing the Hashemite sis not the stated policy of any of Israel’s major political parties although some individuals and groups espoused it at a conference in 2017 – which I strongly opposed.

Jordan is the Arab State in former Palestine -and no amount of double talk can alter this historic, geographic and demographic fact.
Author’s note: The cartoon—commissioned exclusively for this article—is by Yaakov Kirschen aka “Dry Bones”-one of Israel’s foremost political and social commentators—whose cartoons have graced the columns of Israeli  and international media publications for decades. His cartoons can be viewed at Drybonesblog

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

"You Have No Honor!"

Now here's a clip to warm the cockles of a Zionist heart!

A couple of days ago, in Tehran, university students defiantly avoid insulting  the Israeli and American flags, and express disapproval at the few who did so.

A video.

And here's Clare M. Lopez of the Center for Security Policy talking to Jamie Glazov on The Glazov Gang show about the elimination of Qasem Soleimani:


Sunday, 12 January 2020

In America, Interfaith "Bridge Building" Imam Praises Soleimani, Slams Israel

According to a 2014 post on his apparently now discontinued blog here, Shi'ite Imam Ibrahim Kazerooni, born in 1958 in the city of Al-Najaf in southern Iraq, completed his theological studies in Iran and his secular studies in England.

He afterwards went to live in the United States, where he was
"the former Director of the Abrahamic Initiative Program at St. John Cathedral in Denver. Currently he serves as a member of the Board of Religious advisers to the Denver Police.
He has received a number of awards for his bridge building and peace initiative, including, Faith to Faith Award for interfaith works. (2007), Martin Luther King Award for services in peace building (2007), the “Iliff/D.U Joint Ph.D. Award for Community Service(2007), and Honored with Congressional Record for working to end the war in Iraq. (2004) ...."
Fast foreward to 2020, and this paragon of interfaith harmony has been caught on video by (whose YouTube site has, I believe, yet again been taken down by YouTube) in a speech on 3 Janiary at the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan eulogising Qasem Soleimani and deploring his death, along with that of PMU Deputy Chairman Abu Mahdi] Al-Muhandis:
'... He led a prayer for the souls of Soleimani and Al-Muhandis  and told the congregation that Soleimani had "brought hope to the marginalized [and] hatred and fear to the enemies of Islam." He explained that Soleimani had been instrumental in keeping the Syrian regime in power despite American and Zionist attempts to destabilize it, in defending Iraq against ISIS alongside the PMU, and in ultimately defeating ISIS in Iraq, which Sheikh Kazerooni described as the "extended arm of American foreign policy." He cited several examples from Islamic literature that speak of martyrdom as a virtuous act and added: "Let's wait and see what happens next."'
 See more here

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

David Singer: Israel’s Next Election Must Focus on Judea and Samaria – not Bibi

Here's the latest article by Sydney lawyer and international affairs analyst David Singer.

He writes:

Israel’s next election due on 2 March 2020 must focus on the future of Judea and Samaria – not the future of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi).

A window of opportunity has been granted to allow Israel to extend its sovereignty into Judea and Samaria following US Secretary of State Pompeo’s statement on 19 November 2019: 
“Turning now to Israel, the Trump administration is reversing the Obama administration’s approach towards Israeli settlements.
US public statements on settlement activities in the West Bank have been inconsistent over decades. In 1978, the Carter administration categorically concluded that Israel’s establishment of civilian settlements was inconsistent with international law. However, in 1981, President Reagan disagreed with that conclusion and stated that he didn’t believe that the settlements were inherently illegal.
Subsequent administrations recognized that unrestrained settlement activity could be an obstacle to peace, but they wisely and prudently recognized that dwelling on legal positions didn’t advance peace. However, in December 2016, at the very end of the previous administration, Secretary Kerry changed decades of this careful, bipartisan approach by publicly reaffirming the supposed illegality of settlements.
After carefully studying all sides of the legal debate, this administration agrees with President Reagan. The establishment of Israeli civilian settlements in the West Bank is not per se inconsistent with international law.”
The United Nations General Assembly will object to any such unilateral extension of Israel’s sovereignty. However it will unequivocally delineate the minimum area in Judea and Samaria which Israel will be claiming in any future negotiations with Arab interlocutors to end the 100 years old Arab-Jewish conflict.

For these outcomes to occur – all political parties contesting Israel’s next election need to bring before the electorate their respective parties detailed proposals on the extension of Israeli sovereignty into:
· the whole,
· part or
· none
of Judea and Samaria – accompanied by a map designating the areas in which Israeli sovereignty will be extended if they form part of Israel’s next Government.

For far too long Israelis have been at loggerheads with each other as to the extension of Israeli sovereignty into Judea and Samaria. The opportunity to resolve this political logjam during Donald Trump’s Presidency must not be lost.

Should another election deadlock occur for the third time in twelve months – the proposals presented by the respective parties for Judea and Samaria can be the basis for negotiations to form a Government of National Unity.

There will be critics who claim that Israel should not reveal its cards before negotiations actually begin with Arab interlocutors – that by doing so Israel will stymie itself from demanding more of Judea and Samaria.

All proposals should therefore include a rider that the area proposed is the minimum area of Judea and Samaria willing to be accepted in future negotiations and may be increased should changed circumstances to those now prevailing exist when negotiations are undertaken.

Political parties not prepared to inform voters of their proposals can expect to be given the thumbs down by the Israeli electorate. Those who are open and frank in presenting their proposals should find themselves rewarded by the electorate.

Politicians need to resist the temptation to focus their major attention on preventing Bibi  – Israel’s longest serving Prime Minister – from becoming Israel’s next Prime Minister as he personally grapples with three indictments laid against him by Attorney General Mandelblit.

Israel’s national interest must incontrovertibly prevail.

Crunch time for Judea and Samaria has arrived  – 100 years after reconstitution of the Jewish National Home in Palestine was first proposed internationally at the 1920 San Remo Conference.

Realising that 100 year old dream should be Israel’s paramount objective.

Author’s note: The cartoon – commissioned exclusively for this article — is by Yaakov Kirschen aka “Dry Bones”- one of Israel’s foremost political and social commentators – whose cartoons have graced the columns of Israeli and international media publications for decades. His cartoons can be viewed at Drybonesblog.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

"Are We Under Canadian Law or Sharia Law?" (video)

At a candlelight vigil in Toronto for Qasem Soleimani:

Meanwhile, in London: 

See more

Sunday, 5 January 2020

In Oz, BDS Bigots Not Playing by the Rules

Adelaide BDSers campaiging against Israeli-made irrigation systems in Oz
The Facebook page BDS Australia comes with a statement that declares, inter alia: 

"This is a page for open discussion, and comments should not be assumed to reflect the views of BDS Australia.
Comments are moderated and will be removed if they:

1. are off topic, i.e. derail discussion about the post or are unrelated to BDS and a just peace for Palestinians
2. are defamatory or inflammatory towards individuals or groups
3. are racist, sexist, homophobic or use other offensive stereotypes
4. contain threats or personal attacks, or explicit language and/or images
5. are spam, repetitive or disruptive, or attempt to close down reasonable debate
6. spread lies, misrepresentations, false analogies or stereotypes
7. are commercial in any way

Moderation is at the discretion of admins."

A cursory look at the site, however, suggests that "open discussion" attempted by pro-Israel commenters does not stay up, and it shows that comments which are covered by some of those points, particularly comments that are anti-Jewish, are allowed to remain.

Why, there are even "lies, misrepresentations, false analogies" in the shape of the "Jesus was a Palestinian" chestnut.  Just look at the contents of this egregious example, provided to the BDS site by this fella, an American!

A comment following a post regarding Bethlehem has drawn what is surely "an inflammatory" remark by this bloke from Hobart, Tasmania, who I see is a Facebook friend of British 9/11 Truther and Reading PSC founder Tony Gratrex:

 Other inflammatory comments spotted include:

Poison regarding Jews:

This, incidentally, is a recent post by Nugent in his/her Facebook page: note the scum (more of Kelly's antisemitism here as well as here, on the timeline of one of his four Facebook friends)  it's attracted:

On the BDS Australia page:

A sample of comments (note, incidentally, the odious one regarding Australia's tragic bushfires):

Rowland joins in:

Some more quick-sample smears and falsehoods on the BDS Australia page:


I could go on.  But I think I've made my point. Yes, it's clear that there's no "open discussion" or systematic moderation on that grubby site!

Friday, 3 January 2020

"So Why is There No Two State Solution?"

"Because the Palestinians want there to be no Jewish State more than they want a state of their own."

Now, here's a conversation worth listening to (no need to have one's eyes glued to the screen!)

The indefatigable Professor Alan Dershowitz talks, for just under an hour to Rabbi Marc Golub, about his steadfast championship of Israel,  the Six Day War, the lamentable impact of Arab rejectionism (by both the PLO and the PFLP), the difficulties he has experienced from the antisemites and anti-Zionists of the Hard Left (including the so-called "Jewish Voice for Peace"), the "very frightening" erosion of support for Israel among the left of the Democratic Party and among the party's younger elements, why Bernie Sanders is beyond the pale, the pernicious influence of J-Street ("Is J-Street Anti-Israel?"  "No. It Just is Not Pro-Israel ...It Tries to Appeal to the Extreme Left"), why he himself  remains a member of the Democratic Party, and much more.

However, by contrast to the Arab hardliners, Ed Husain wrote recently in The Spectator:
'A new narrative is emerging in the Middle East. New maps of the Muslim mind are being drawn and old hatreds are on the run. The anti-Semitic craze to destroy Israel was powerful in the 1960s, uniting Egypt’s President Nasser with his fellow Arabs. But now, Sunni Arab neighbours are changing course. Islamist leaders are losing their appeal — at a time when Iran, with its brand of theological fascism, poses a threat to Israel and the Arab world alike.
Polls show that the percentage of Arabs expressing trust in Islamist parties has fallen by well over a third since the uprisings of 2011. Three-quarters of Iraqis say they do not trust Islamist parties at all, and the number of young people who say they’re ‘not religious’ is also on the rise. This generation wants Arab leaders to increase economic prosperity and minimise political conflicts. And to build alliances, including with Israel.... Israel is coming to be regarded as a benign neighbour....
There are enough historical and scriptural narratives of Muslim-Jewish fraternity to form the basis for rapprochement. The enmity has, historically, been a recent blip. With an assertive Iran and an uninterested West, the Arabs and Jews have a shared interest in building a lasting alliance with each other.
 This may yet be the decade of peace.' 
Read Husain's entire article here