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Friday, 2 September 2011

Anti-Israel Yobs Disrupt IPO Concert At Royal Albert Hall (video)


  1. Thanks for alerting me to this, Shirlee - and good on Jonathan Sacerdoti for yelling "Shut up!" (which won such applause)...

  2. Zionist Federation Statement:

    The boorish behaviour displayed by the PSC (members of whom tried to interrupt last night’s Israel Philharmonic Prom) was vigorously countered by members of the ZF - who were there in force. More than 100 pro-Israel advocates counter-demonstrated outside the Albert Hall and leafleted members of the audience. After the performance the advocates were outside the stage door with Israel flags to say “kol ha’kovod (well done!) to conductor Zubin Mehta and the members of the IPO. This was greatly appreciated by the IPO as was the rapturous reception they received from 99.9% of the audience.

    The PSC yet again foolishly “shot itself in the foot” with Culture Minister Ed Vaizey tweeting "Demonstrators seem to have turned [the] entire audience pro-Israel". The demonstrators were greeted by boos from almost every member of the audience when they triesd to protest, and were drowned out by the orchestra as the music got louder and were then removed by the venue security.

    The ZF advocates waved flags and held banners saying



    Alan Aziz, Chief Executive of the ZF said “It is a disgrace that people who do not want to understand Israel’s challenges choose to obsessively try to disrupt cultural and educational events in the UK. The ZF’s presence here tonight was to counter this ignorant and ill-conceived protest. We will always be there to counter Israel hate and we thank all our allies last night - especially our Christian friends - for supporting Israel”. The performance will be broadcast again on the BBC on 7th September at 14.30.

    The Zionist Federation thanks StandWithUsUK and the British Israel Coalition for helping advertise the pro-Israel demonstration, and attending.

  3. More footage and pictures here:

  4. I knew, from Richard Millett's blog, that trouble was expected at the concert, so I alerted my brother, who went along to support Israel. I have never known my brother to go to a concert of classical music before, so you might say "greater love hath no man" and all that ;-)
    Anyway, David (who was in the Arena) tells me the yobs were mostly up in the gallery. Why did it take so long to eject them? It's a pity nobody thought of just tipping them over the rails...

  5. Thanks for your comment, Shimona.
    It was interesting to see from the video that they were mainly up high - I'd imagined them in the main arena.
    I wonder whether the gallery seats cost more - and if so whether the PSC provided the tickets!

  6. I just wonder, if not the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, what do those fools suggest instead? The Palestinian Philharmonic Orchestra? The Hezbollah Philharmonic Orchestra? Or perhaps the Hamas has one!?

    Can anyone out there help me find ONE. JUST ONE Arab contribution to the Arts?

    Take your time!

  7. To be fair, Jacob, their traditional geometric art is very beautiful ...

    Indeed, Sabra!


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