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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Beethovians For Boycotting Israel : IPO Albert Hall Protest Organiser Speaks To Press TV (video)

Londoner Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi,  a founder of Jews For Boycotting Israeli Goods, and more recently of an outfit calling itself Beethovians For Boycotting Israel, tells Tony Blair's sister-in-law Lauren Booth about the disruption of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra at the Albert Hall last week.

Oh, the irony, of wanting to boycott Israel, but being happy to appear on the propaganda TV channel of the repressive misogynistic and homophobic Ahmadinejad regime!


  1. What is truly ironic, and seriously pathetic, is that both of these individuals are - by some definitions - Jews.

    Regarding Lauren Booth:

    "...Lauren Booth is a half-sister of Cherie Blair and the sixth daughter of the actor Tony Booth with Pamela Smith (Cohen). She is the sister-in-law of former British prime minister Tony Blair. She was married to actor Craig Darby and the couple have two children, Alexandra and Holly. Her mother, Pamela Smith (Cohen) was Jewish although Lauren wasn’t brought up a practising Jew.

    It should be noted that she declared herself a Muslim in October 2010, even after admitting that she hadn't read past the first 60 pages of the Koran:

    Of course, there is "no compulsion in religion" and she is free to practice any religion in whatever way she wishes. As for her current employment with Press TV, a state-funded division of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), I am less forgiving. I even wonder about the legality of a UK citizen working for a hostile foreign nation, although I'm sure the authorities in Britain are keeping close eye on her. After all, she is Cherie Blair's half-sister and, since her bankruptcy in December 2010, Lauren owes Cherie quite a bit of money.

    As for Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi I have even less respect. A self-described "London-based Jewish campaigner for Palestinian rights", she seems to have a lot of time on her hands despite apparently being employed as a primary school teacher in Woodford Green:

    She is listed with several of her fellow nominally Jewish colleagues as "Jews for Boycotting Israel Goods":

    "Deborah Fink, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Mike Cushman, Sylvia Finzi, Tony Greenstein, Ruth Tenne, Deborah Maccoby, Prof Moshe Machover, Mike Marqusee,
    Jews for Boycotting Israel Goods"

    I am sure they will be pleased to have me name them personally.

    Forgive me for repeating my previous comments on this blog, but what these "Jewish anti-Israel activists" fail to appreciate is that their safety, in fact their very lives, depend on the future existence and security of the State of Israel. Turn the clock back 70 years, and with no Jewish state to which they could flee, this quartet would have found Europe quite inhospitable, even deadly. The reason they are no longer in danger is not because the world has learned better, quite the contrary. The failure by this group to understand this rather self-evident connection can only be called shameful and ignorant.

    As for Lauren Booth, at least she doesn't claim or even acknowledge any connection to Judaism. She is also gainfully employed as a journalist, albeit by a regime that denies the holocaust and would like to see Israel destroyed, among other things. Those rather dubious caveats aside, she fits right in with the group listed above.

  2. Seems that all they succeeded in doing was putting five and a half thousand people offside.

    I have no idea how much a ticket to the Royal Albert Hall costs these days, but bet the patrons were not happy

  3. Sorry, Sampson - I nearly overlooked your post, which was in the Spam folder, unlike a genuine piece of spam - a coat ad.

  4. For those who are gluttons for punishment, a meshuggene choir:


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