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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Antisemites and Useful Idiots Against Israel: BDSers in Newtown, NSW shriek their rage

Despicable Israel-demonising speeches on 10 September, including contributions from an old Jewish guy and a screech-voiced Jewish girl.

This video just has to be watched to appreciate the truly ugly hate-contorted face of the BDS movement in Australia.

All praise to the non-Jewish Aussies who stand shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish community in condemning the call to boycott Jewish businesses, and to the New South Wales Legislative Council for its denunciation yesterday, with two dissentients, of BDS:
'Only one voice [sic; in fact, David Shoebridge of the Greens was another] in the NSW Legislative Council was heard following the debate on a motion condemning BDS…the same voice that declared to the Council  during debate "as an Australian Jew…"
Dr John Kaye’s voice was the only one against the motion when voices were called for at the end of the debate. Two other members who had opposed the motion which saw the Greens split in dealing with the  condemnation of the BDS campaign focusing on the the Israeli Strauss Group’s Max Brenner Chocolate shops, remained silent.'
 This is the motion passed by the legislators:
That this House:

        • (a) notes with concern the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Campaign against
        • legitimate businesses operating in Australia which provide jobs to hundreds of Australians,
        • (b) calls on all members to condemn the targeting of Max Brenner Chocolate Cafes by anti-Israel
        • protestors,
        • (c) notes that some of the rhetoric used by proponents of the BDS campaign has descended into
        • anti-Semitism, and
        • (d) condemns anti-Semitism in all its forms.

Read the entire proceedings by clicking here 


  1. max Brenner you can't hide, you got fascists on your side
    - don't these cretins realise they've got islamofascists on their side and vice versa?

  2. The 'not-so-nice Jewish girl' shown at 2 minutes, is the one previously mentioned

  3. The mongrels call Israel an apartheid state and carry on against islamophobia but Hamas apartheid of females in summer camps etc etc etc and apartheid of females in Islam doesn't seem to bother them a stuff to say nothing of the inhuman punishments in the Moslem countries.

  4. "long live the intifada"? Are these people serious? Are there memories so short? Do they know what happened to the socialists who assisted the Ayatollah Khhomeini to power? The first thing he did was give them a choice of submission or death. Those who refused were executed while the rest were forced to recite the Shahadah on Iranian national television.

    Also in that video at about mark 8:37, you can hear on of them yelling "smash the cops". If they're looking for fascists, perhaps they should try looking a mirror.

  5. "Long live the intifada" from someone whose family went through the Holocaust? Disgusting.

  6. OMG I cannot stand these idiots.
    AAAgh had to stop listening

  7. What a horrible piece of works.

  8. Even Noam Chomsky says BDS is Antisemitic

    Noam Chomsky is a hugely famous leading left intellectual , godfather of moral equivalence, anti-Zionist theorist, 2011 Sydney Peace Prize recipient and scrawny old git.

    Here's a video of the great man having a spray about BDS a while back. It's about fifteen minutes but well worth the listen. I've watched through three times now.

    The underlying message is as disgusting as ever of course but anybody who regards themselves as of the thinking left should at least listen to what this nasty old man has to say.

    BDS is hypocritical to the high heavens. Anything that targets Israel alone can be attacked as antisemitism and "unfortunately this is with justice". It harms the "whole movement" It harms the Palestinians and this is so obvious it is probably intentional. It is a gift to the Israeli hardliners and their American supporters. "You may as well just join AIPAC and be done with it".

    This is what their own "great thinker" says.
    If you could stomach that tape here's another.

    If you have listened to that video you may also be interested in the great man again on the subject here in an earlier discussion in a classroom.

    Note the rapt girl in the red top who at one point "outs herself' as on some Jewish network of some kind. I couldn't catch the name because she garbled it but obviously she thought this was important.

    These people fascinate me.

  9. Why not accept the Jewish state? It's been there for over sixty years now and it is one of the most successful and productive nations on the planet. That deluded old American man may actually believe that the US can be persuaded to abandon Israel as if it was the old apartheid regime in South Africa by some kind of American domestic campaign, but he of course is plain crazy. His job ultimately is to persuade Americans to abandon America. Israelis have their version. So does Australia. Every country does. It's just that in some countries they are free to say what they like and in other countries they get their heads chopped off and in America they are the most free of all. Surely that is the whole point on the subject of human rights.It is also at the very core of the relationship between the American and Israeli peoples and that's just for a start.

    The nasty old hard core left just don't get that.

    Sooner or later they have to answer the question. If there is anything good about BDS is that there is no longer any avoiding this. What is there position on the central issue for Jews everywhere and any true and genuine human rights activists concerned for the Palestinians let alone the Israelis whose state they want to tear down.

    Is there space for the Jewish state between the river and the sea?

    BDS says no.
    Fatah says no.
    Hamas says kill all the Jews.

    So do a lot of other people.

    Where do you stand?

    Why do the "friends" of Palestine not ask their "friends" that question? Whoever "they" are.

    If you have listened to that video you may also be interested in the great man again on the subject here in an earlier discussion in a classroom.

    Note the rapt girl in the red top who at one point "outs herself' as on some Jewish network of some kind. I couldn't catch the name because she garbled it but obviously she thought this was important.

    These people fascinate me.

    The great man is due in Sydney later this year to pick up his peace prize. November suddenly got interesting.

    There might even be an opportunity for some one to put the question to the man himself.

    Where does he stand?

  10. This is the bitter harvest of 30+ years of marxists/leftist lunatics in education, administration and politics.

  11. Absolutely, Ralf!
    geoffff, will look at those videos...
    Gerry, Darrin, Jewish Palestinian - thanks for your comments, with which I agree ...
    SG, if you look to the end you'll feel even sicker, but it's worth it!

  12. The absolute lack of intelligence of these protestors pops up everytime they pop off on the "Fascist, Zionist regime." I'm not sure what makes 5 daily newspapers fascist. I'm not sure what makes 10+ political parties fascist. I'm not sure what makes free elections fascist. But they sure like that word, and they sure love to protest against Max Brenner, while there are thousands and thousands of Syrians being murdered by a regime that controls the one daily newspaper with its one political "party" (the Assad clan) that has never held elections.... The world is goign down the toilet, and these "peace lovers" incite against Jews while Arabs murder Arabs. Brilliant. I hope to see their faces 10 years from now.

  13. I agree, lwzionist - good comment. Thanks. You might me interested in the video on my latest post

  14. Happen-to-be Jews who belong to extreme left groups and don't care a wombat's arse for their people should "bugger off"

  15. Indeed! Deutscher's "non-Jewish Jews".

  16. Yes Shirl. Far north NSW.


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