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Sunday, 11 September 2011

"F*cking Jew" Abuse At Max Brenner Protest In Newtown, New South Wales

Below is footage of the mob of Israel-demonising leftwing ratbags who marched on Max Brenner in Newtown yesterday.  Update: and I've added a counter-demo too (hat tip Shirlee)

In its report of a demo against the same shop last month, the Australian Jewish News quoted one Jewish community member as saying:
"They blocked the footpath. I felt I was under personal attack."
She described their behaviour as "aggressive and impassioned", and some of their words as "absolutely horrifying".

Another Jewish community member, who witnessed the anti-Max Brenner demos in both Parramatta (June) and Newtown (August) found the latter the most intimidatory:
"There was no room for customers to get through. They really blocked everybody."
The atmosphere was intimidatory yesterday too.   A Jewish eyewitness who took pictures tells me:
"I was trying to film  where the ferals were gathering and was called an f’ing Jew, an f’ing fascist, an f’ing racist, an f’ing Zionist. I had [one male prominent socialist activist] getting closer and closer to my face, whilst calling me all the names under the sun. There was a police sergeant close by, who I know and I threatened to call him over, so [the activist] had more choice words and said he couldn’t care, followed by expletives."
She goes on:
"The APP [Australian Protectionist Party] and a couple of ADL supporters were there.  The APP really gave it to them. Wonderful supporters .The police were fantastic ....  A couple of times a pro-Palestinian supporter came cross the road and the police dragged them back..."

The BDS movement not antisemitic?  Tell that to the marines.

Here's the counter-demo (good on yer, cobbers) - for more footage see next post - :


  1. "...The BDS movement not antisemitic? Tell that to the marines..."

    And tell that to Jewish (and pro-Israel) students on many university campuses around the world, including Sydney! As a historian, Daphne, you would know more than I about the "Nueremberg Laws"...

  2. And another thing (in addition to Antisemitism)some leaders in the (Australian) BDS seem to have in common with a certain Herr Schickelgruber is a more or less open admiration for Stalin...

  3. This is wrong. Im all for your opinion on the BDS movement but you've got your facts wrong. What you have stated as fact is unfortunately a lie or "mis-understanding".

  4. I have it from a trustworthy person - what newspapers would call "an impeccable source".

  5. Anonymous
    What you have stated as fact is unfortunately a lie or "mis-understanding".

    Which would that be then? There's a lot there

    "The APP [Australian Protectionist Party] and a couple of ADL supporters were there. The APP really gave it to them. Wonderful supporters .The police were fantastic .... A couple of times a pro-Palestinian supporter came cross the road and the police dragged them back..."

    ALL OF WHAT YOU DESCRIBE ARE THE DISGUSTING AND UNCIVILISED ACTS OF THE PEOPLE ON YOUR SIDE, THOSE ZIONISTS! Showed us the finger and their mouths full of profanities! They didn't even know why they were there...probably to scab off free asses
    Keep going on with your lies, we are all for REAL Jews. Don't you worry though, the truth always comes out!

  7. I don't normally post comments that are racist or abusive, but I have certainly made an exception for the one directly above.
    It reeks of antisemitism - and rather proves the point.

  8. Well put Daphne!!

    That person is what you call 'bottom dwelling scum' Now you can witness for yourself the reason behind them being called *FERALS*

    I won't take issue if you choose not to post that comment.

    It more than reeks if antisemitism, it is antisemitic. If this is what our beautiful country is now producing, I am ashamed to be an Australian.

    I would suggest that the person who posted the above message reads the laws we have in this country in regards to Cyber Racism, because Mate, you are in breach of them and don't think that because you are sitting behind a monitor that you cannot be seem. You leave a footprint everywhere you go.

  9. May I caution take some care with associating with opportunistic "supporters". Some of these people have pretty seedy records. Not in the same class as the racist bigotted scum who shout for BDS as course, as we have just seen in Newtown and here. Nevertheless we should take care not to give this street filth a free kick.

  10. The antisemites are showing their true colours more and more these days. I especially love it when the totalitarian Left betrays the judeophobia that lurks within it. Scratch many of those feral Lefties and you find an antisemite as brazen as any of the extremist Right sort.

  11. I just had a thought, to Anonymous seeing as to how I was there.

    Check out the reporter from Press TV, who was dragged across the road by not one, but by two police. The same one who was charged with an offence at the last side show performed by these idiots, a few weeks ago.

  12. I just heard 2GB on this issue. Ben Fordham proved the above comment, that people weren't dragged across the road wrong. he saw a few of them

  13. Geoffff, with 4 f's !!

    I know a fair few of the APP people personally and whilst a couple of them have done things in past,which they aren't proud of and do admit to it. I see them around the net posting on Jewish sites and giving straight support

    They are amazing supporters of Israel, far more than many of our own,as in this video shows. Nice little Jewish girl not !!!

    She had the chutzpah to wear a magan David. I was close to tearing it off her.

  14. Thanks for this link, Shirlee:

  15. I'm glad to hear that, Shirl, about the APP people.

    Can't help the 4 ffff's I'm afraid. I was born with them. I have a stutter.

  16. That girl is appalling. Where are their parents? 30 minutes with her and I reckon she would have her ideas sorted out. Better still 30 minutes with the parents. That's probably where the problem is.

  17. I'm a member of the APP and I see myself as a conservative-activist. I also support Israel's right to exist as a sovereign state and more, I see Israel as an integral part of this great project of civilisation; a project currently under immense pressure from the Socialist AND Islamic Jihadists. I make no apology for my intense abhorrence of that violent, bigoted death cult that masquerades as a religion, none at all.

    We were there ( @ Max Brenner's ) to not only support a legally trading business, but to oppose the violent leftwing extremists who use this BDS (Bad, Dumb and Stupid) campaign as a fig leaf for their own deeply rooted anti-semitism. They also hate Australia at least as much as they hate Israel.

    The truth is, Australia has a long history with Israel, even before its creation as a modern state. From the great cavalry charge of the Australian Light Horse at Beersheba in October 1917, to Australian soldiers doing volunteer work, sharing the comradeship through the pioneering spirit in the kibbutzim during WWII, through to Australian political and diplomatic efforts that saw the creation and recognition of Israel. Israel has become a beacon of light surrounded by a sea of violent medieval darkness.

    In the days following the successful rally, the APP has been described on various blogs as a 'dog with fleas' and 'street filth' by those who lacked the chutzpah to seek a Schedule one from the Newtown police in order to occupy the area in front of Max Brenner. It is not our intention to be the face of the anti-BDS movement, but we hope to get the ball rolling in a big way.

    We will however, continue on the fight against these feral leftwing extremists until people get it in their heads that sitting in a coffee shop pretending to ignore the chants for the destruction of Israel is simply not an option. Doing nothing is not an option anymore, the ferals have to pushed back under the slimey rock from which they crawled from under.

    Darrin Hodges
    APP NSW.

  18. Many thanks for taking the trouble to comment so fully, Darrin.

  19. Darrin's a great guy Daph, as are all the guys who belong to the APP

  20. I have used the term "street filth" to describe the BDS campaigners. It is possible it has been lifted and used on Darrin's group by the Stalinists.

    Anybody who is an opponent of fascism and who has the guts to oppose in the streets these fascists in particular is a friend of mine.


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