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Sunday 5 June 2011

In California, The Assault On Brit Milah Calls In a Blond Action Hero

In San Francisco, spearheaded by the Male Genital Mutilation Bill group, a proposed city-wide ban on circumcision of males below the age of eighteen gained a sufficient number of votes some weeks ago petitioning the issue to be decided in November.

Neither the Jewish nor the Muslim communities would be exempt from the ban, and anyone continuing the practice would face up to a year's imprisonmentl or a hefty fine.

Said one local mohel, Rabbi G. Y. Leeds, in a representative view:
"For a city that's renowned for being progressive and open-minded, to even have to consider such an intolerant proposition, it sets a dangerous precedent for all cities and states."
Santa Monica and San Diego are set to follow suit.

However, the ban. if enacted, will almost certainly experience legal challenges from persons and organisations arguing that the ban is unconstitutional, breaching right to religious freedom as laid down by the First Amendment.

Bizarrely, a comic book has been introduced as a propaganda tool by the pro-ban camp.

Although it has characters like these (one in a tallit) - who rejoice in the names Monster Mohel and Dr Mutilator  and are pursued by a clean-cut blond Superman-type hero called Foreskin Man (see top picture) intent on thwarting their evil deeds - the comic's originator denies that it's antisemitic.

The Elder has the measure of it (the comic book, that is):

Read more:

Here's Lloyd Schofield, one of the pro-ban activists,  in a rough interview with a frank and forthright Mark Levin, who - naturally incensed by the implications for Jews - tells the evasive Schofield that he's "a nut," and who finds him "creepy":

And here's Schofield in more forthcoming mood, telling Megyn Kelly of Fox News about his plans; watch him grin towards the end, when she reminds him that the circumcision of baby boys is an essential rite of passage in Judaism:


  1. I'm surprised that they haven't tried to confuse the issue with Fenale Genital Mutilation; but they will.

    This comic book is an own goal. It really gives the game away. The world need to see more.

  2. P.S. The medical aspects are discussed in a book called "None Of These Diseases" by S. I. McMillen and revised by David E. Stern. The claim that there is no medical support for male circumcision is bogus.

  3. I'm suspect they will, Ian - they've already borrowed the terminology.

    There are medical claims that the partners of circuncised men have lower rates of cervical cancer - staistics appear to back those claims up.


  5. **There are medical claims that the partners of circumcised men have lower rates of cervical cancer - statistics appear to back those claims up. **

    That's true. I took part in the research.

    A few headlines from this article. Too long to post

    Why should you consider circumcision ?

    1. The foreskin increases the risk of male and female infections.
    2. Penile hygiene - an ongoing battle against smegma.
    3. When physical problems are encountered.
    4. Sexually-transmitted diseases
    5. Cancer of the penis
    6. Emotional Advantages
    7. Sexually

    Read the article. I have first hand knowledge in aspects of this too.

  6. Thanks, Shirlee - you're an amazing fount of knowledge!

  7. That comic book couldn't be more blatantly anti-semitic.

  8. I agree, Bunty - the images from it on Elder of Ziyon's blog that I link to in the post make that clear. It's Open Season on the Jews once again.

  9. Excellent blog, BTW.

  10. Hi Daphne, i'm really struck at the resemblance between the top picture (physical appearance and pose)to the aggressive Aryan image on cover of the book "Superman Supreme: Fascist Body as Political Icon" edited by J.A.Mangan

  11. Interesting, Anon! Shall try to locate that - this one is a real yellow-haired Teuton alright.

  12. ...just reading the new edition of The Economist magazine and I've noticed that in their lead feature on the end of AIDS they have this to say: "There are various ways to stop people getting this disease in the first place... circumcision helps to protect men...".


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