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Friday 3 June 2011

Flirting With The Enemy: The Curious Standards of Australia's Left

In July last year, in Sydney, the Islamic extremist organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is dedicated to the demise of Western civilisation and the establishment of a worldwide Caliphate, hosted an international conference of its adherents on the theme "The Struggle for Islam in the West".

Some 500 participants heard Burhan Hanif, Hizb ut-Tahrir's UK boss, roundly condemn "secular and erroneous concepts such as democracy and freedom":
"We must adhere to Islam and Islam alone. We should not be conned or succumb to the disingenuous and flawed narrative that the only way to engage politically is through the secular democratic process. It is prohibited and haram."
Calling Australia "this godforsaken country,"Wassim Dourehi, Hizb's leader in Sydney, thundered that Muslims must reject “any kafir political party”, and opined:
“We need to reject this new secular version of Islam… It is a perverted concoction of Western governments. It is a perversion that seeks to wipe away the political aspects of Islam and localise our concerns. We must reject it and challenge the proponents of this aberration of Islam.”
Hizb ut-Tahrir aims at the overthrow of democracy, decries the concept of female equality and demands the subjugation of women to male authority, and insists on the death penalty for apostates from Islam. Deeply antisemitic,  it advocates the end of Israel by violent means (have a look at the video I posted in May, showing Hizb fanatics in Sydney - faces distorted with rage and voices rasping with venom - demonstrating against the Zionist Entity.

Need a reminder? Glad to oblige:

Now, since Hizb ut-Tahrir loathes democratic and egalitarian values, and is deeply antisemitic to boot, you would think - wouldn't you? - that the heroes and heroines of the oh-so-politically-correct leftwing parties in Australia would give them as wide a berth as possible.

Not so, however.

Hot on the heels of the Sydney conference came an Israel-bashing fest in Melbourne, organised by that city's incipient Hizb ut-Tahrir presence.  It was held at Brunswick Town Hall, netting the Labor and Greens-dominated council responsible, that of Moreland, $A300 in hire fees.  Despite the Islamic body's avowed aims, which run counter to the council's stated obligation to be "vigilant and ensure that our city's facilities are not used to incite violence, racism, sexism or religious intolerance," the council brushed aside concerns and permitted the Israel-bashing fest to proceed.

And now, in federal parliament, Australia's ruling Labour Party has failed to uphold a Coalition motion  deploring both Marrickville Council for its boycott and Moreland Council for hosting Hizb ut-Tahrir.

A press release of today, by Australian Shadow Foreign Minister Julie Bishop (pictured), who's the Liberal Party's Deputy Leader, tells the story:
"The Labor Party today voted to block a Coalition motion to condemn Marrickville Council’s decision to support the campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.
 With the support of key independents, Labor voted to remove the section of the motion which condemned the joint anti-Israel actions of Greens and Labor councillors.
Labor has provided support to Greens and Labor members of Marrickville Council, protecting them from Parliamentary criticism about their decision to support the BDS campaign.
This exposes the hollow and empty rhetoric of Federal Labor MPs who publicly profess support for the State of Israel, but then fail to condemn the anti-Israel stance of the Greens/Labor Marrickville Council.Labor also voted to block the Coalition’s criticism of the anti-Semitic group Hizb ut-Tahrir which has called for the slaughter of Jewish people.
The actions of Federal Labor MPs in Parliament today can only further embolden the anti-Israel elements within the Labor and union movement.Labor stands condemned for its double standards and hypocrisy. "
(Hat tips Rita and Shirlee)
See also

Ms Bishop has a highly cordial attitude to Israel - during the "Forged Passports Affair, " when Kevin Rudd's government peremptorily expelled an Israeli representative, she condemned his high-handed action and declared that Australia itself uses forged passports when occasion warrants.

And the previous year she demanded that Australia shun the second Durban Conference:

"Given that the first Durban conference was marred by anti-Israeli bias and rampant anti-Semitism, this paragraph provides the platform for a repeat of the same bias and should provide no comfort to principled Governments."

What makes the anti-Israel Left's refusal to condemn Hizb ut-Tahrir all the more startling is that so many of the anti-Israel activists, especially among the Greens, are women.

It's baffling how those who are the first and the loudest to excoriate sexism and male chauvinism among Western men are so prone to ignore the truly evil subjugation of women practised in parts of the East, and to overlook the misogynistic ideology of Islamic organisations like Hizb ut-Tahrir.

That goes double for the Greens, who should be praising Israel's enlightened attitude to environmental issues, as glimpsed in this poster.

For the Greens have long since slid away from the party's foundation priorities into concentrating on doing their utmost to demonise and delegitimise the Jewish State.

And women are in the vanguard of that antisemitic aim.

Read allegations about the Aussie Greens' antisemitism here:


  1. Wow Daphne !!! Shkoyach !! Great piece.

    The smelling salts have done wonders !!!

    Sorry folks... personal joke !!!

  2. "Real Liberals love Israel" - that's an oxymoron. Liberals despise Israel so accept the honest truth. The left disowned Israel long ago. Israel has more support amongst centre-right political parties of Europe, North America and Australia.

    Name just one left wing political party that supports the rightful existence of Israel?

    APP held a protest against Hizb-ut-Tahrir last year in Lidcombe. APP got good media covearge in the papers and also on radio. Nearly 50 Patriots and friends of Israel turned up, one gentleman waving an Israeli flag and guess what? They were all right wing Patriots. Not a single left wing fool in site except for the liberal do-gooder white urban trash inside the hall of hate with muslim attendees.

  3. Shirl, never did track down the salts ... but a knight in shining armour (you know him too) sorted things out!

    Nick, thanks. The poster is one of a set made by Elder of Ziyon. They are rueful...

  4. this blog distorts the present situation in the ME there is no objective evalaution or criticism of the real issues - it's all about glorifying israle, regardless of what it does.

  5. Richard Joachim4 June 2011 at 01:23

    Well done Daphne-Anson. You have got to the nub of the matter and all Australians (and the West in general) need to be aware of what is happening in this "godforsaken country" (If they hate it so much, then why are they here?) and beware of Trojan horses such as the 'Greens' and the Labor 'Left'. Western, liberal democracies didn't come about by accident, nor did they fall from the sky, it took centuries of hard struggle - based on genuine Judeo-Christian ethics and compassion - by men and women of good-will and courage. It must not be swept away by political foolishness or by catering to the viciousness of medievalist and misogynist cults which seem to thrive in Islam.

  6. Many thanks, Richard - excellently put!

  7. Oh joy!
    Chomsky's been awarded the Sydney Peace Prize!


    That ^^^ is the "man" with whom the Green Senator Lee Rhiannon shared the platform on the steps of the Sydney Town Hall, screeching anti-Semitic slogans to a violently applauding Muslim/Arab mob.

    He who said that the poor Australian girls who got tortured and gang-raped by packs of local muslim/arab thugs deserved it, and in true islamist fashion, he even blamed them for the rapes suggesting that the way Australian girls dressed, they are basically "asking for it". "they are like meat to a cat", he infamously said. And now, with the Australian taxpayer's money, and the "blessings" of the Greens and Labor, he is off, kissing the derriere of Ahmedinajad and plotting, not doubt, against the West and the Jewish people in general, and against Australia in particular.


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