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Saturday 18 June 2011

Funny – That Rifle Doesn't Look Jewish!

Here's a photo that appears on an anti-Israel page on Facebook. It gives the impression of an IDF soldier stepping arrogantly and brutally on the chest of a Palestinian child while her distraught mother looks on.

It's attracted the usual often intemperate denunciations of Israel (and of Jews) from the usual suspects, in such comments as these eight, chosen by me at random:
"This is beyond depressing. Words cannot express how heart breaking this picture is. What's worse is that this is a child for God's sake. Shame on them"
"Khazar Jews do not respect peace or love. They only respect violence and hate."
"A nation without feelings go to the endless hell Israel"
'“So that Jews will hide behind trees and the tree will say “Muslim! The servant of Allah! Come, look there is a Jew behind me, he hid here, behind me, come and punish him”. Only the tree Gharqad will not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.” (Kitab al-Fitan, hadith. 2239)'
'... there [sic] book talmud teaches them so"The jews are only human and nations of world(gentiles)are not human but beast-baba necia 114b'
 "This is heart breaking but to the brothers and sisters cursing and then praising Allah in the same line... can you please not do that"
"Muslims are required to unite to stop this cruelty.. no one else would do that for us!"
 But at least one person with an Arab name isn't fooled:
"I do not want to understand that I am defending the Israeli occupier but i think that the weapon carried by the soldier indicative of something Force the Israeli army is American-made M-16 The weapons that are in the picture is a Russian-made Kalashnikov"
Nevertheless, the "Like" button has been clicked after a comment demanding: 
"share this"
Don't be surprised, therefore, to see the picture on a placard at a demo near you!


  1. Even a civilian like me can tell it is a Kalashnikov, so iconic is the shape!

  2. Daphne, I forgot to ask for the link to the page so we can report it!

  3. I don't have the exact link but its "Freedom will come to Palestine"

  4. The rest of his kit is totally un-IDF too.

    The child doesn't seem too bothered either. Maybe it happens all the time and she's bored already? Or maybe she knows she's taking part in a staged picture. One with all the elements known to tug the heartstrings of gullible pity activists.

  5. That FB group also has a horrible Holocaust Denial photo among its goodies, btw...

  6. Besides the rifle, has anyone looked closely at the uniform and boots? They might reveal what army the soldier is really from.

    It wouldn't be hard to obtain such a picture, surely, with all the horrors how being committed by regime forces in Libya and Syria.

    Anyway, it does look staged. The girl and the woman both look oddly passive, given the alleged situation.

  7. It's most likely, I've been told, to be a Hamas demonstration in Gaza of how, according to Hamas, the IDF behaves, which has subsequently been lifted for propaganda purposes.

  8. Anothing is odd : the soldier wear leather gloves while people are with sandals....I don't recall that the IDF provides leather gloves in summer...

  9. Actually it could just as well be a Galil, it's hard to tell from the picture, so it doesn't prove anything either way


  11. this is very shameful act on facebook, fake photo is circulating all around

  12. Staged, to reflect badly on Israel.


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