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Sunday 5 June 2011

How To Get Your Girls - All 72 Of Them (video)

This video, from Pierre Rehov, on terrorist recruitment in Gaza seems to be going viral...
It claims: "The Middle East conflict is about religion, not territories."
(Hat tip: Vlad Tepes blog)


  1. Is this for real????? Or is it from comedy central?

    If it IS real, one should mount a counter educational offensive and threaten them with 72 angry mother-in-laws, instead of 72 virgins!

  2. Ah, but would the views of mothers-in-law count?
    They're mere females, after all ...

  3. If I didn't know Pierre Rehov's reputation I would think this is a satire.

    I wonder why no one asks the recruiter why he hasn't taken the short cut? For that matter how many of his sons and daughters have collected their 72 virgins?

    BTW what do female shahidas get?

  4. The clip reminds me of something a top Israeli officer (I think it was Raphfael Eitan but I accept correction) said during the first Gulf War. He was discussing the difference between Iraqi Scud missiles and IDF jets.

    He said, (excuse 30 years faulty memory) that they both carry about the same amount of explosives but the Israeli airforce hits its target (Iraqi rockets didn't hit a single military target in Israel) and then they come back, reload and hit again and again and again.

    The whole shahid/suicide bomber mentality is one of the reasons that Israel wins again and again and again. A suicidal person, adrenaline pumping, imagination focussed on his/her own death, is more likely to make mistakes, explode prematurely or chicken out. He/she can't learn from the experience and repeat it.

    In Israel, at least, the suicide bomber has proved to be a psychological weapon rather than an effective military one. If anything it strengthens Israeli resolve rather than weakens it.

  5. Thanks for those comments, David.

    I have often wondered what the female bombers lokk forward to...

  6. The female shahadas have the privilege of joining the team of virgins. A raw deal I reckon.

    Meanwhile here are the 72 virgins

    or maybe these:

  7. Daphne here - thanks, Roger - sorry about the delay in posting - I keep losing internet connection today...


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