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Friday 10 June 2011

And The Hate Goes On - Parramatta Chocolate Shop Targetted By BDS Mob Again (videos)

Here are three videos (hat tip: the wonderful reader Shirlee, who also found this, relating to the May protest ) showing the protest on 9 June, when the anti-Israel haters ("Students for Palestine" and others) descended on the Sydney suburb of Parramatta again, to scream loathsome taunts at chocolate shop Max Brenner ...

The Max Brenner chain was founded by Israelis.

Things are really hotting up on the Israel-delegitimising front in the Land Down Under.

Is Australia still "The Lucky Country?"

You decide.

Here's the mob outside the shop:

Here they are, after their picket, marching whence they came, passions unspent:

Here they are, still full of foetid anger inside the station:


  1. I know it's a land of ex-cons but aren't there any police in Australia?

  2. Bound to be a few in lurking distance, I should think.

    I hope someone who saw the demo can tell us more.

  3. Just for the record isn't Parramatta a city in its own right not a suburb of Sydney?

  4. There were three arrests. They were kept well in line by not only the police, but by the riot squad too.

    They had a police permit to do what they did.
    You can clearly see the police on the top video

    This is the video from the first week, two weeks previously and look how the numbers have swollen and look at the older woman teaching them what to do

    The sad part is too will note, that they are just children, who have clearly been indoctrinated.

  5. Daph!! I just noticed your comment above
    "I hope someone who saw the demo can tell us more. "

    You know I was there. !!!!!! Or was that a tempter for me ?

    Everyone, including Rita, who is a well known contributor to this blog, told me I was brave

    Brave ??

    There was nothing to be brave about. I saw it as a joke, as bunch of screaming kids, in the main, that I am sure don't know a thing about what they are doing

    The wonderful thing to see,were the non-Jews, who had seen the flyers around the place and who came in support of Israel

    One lady- a Christian Zionist, was very brave, she went behind police lines and waved an Israel flag in their faces.

    Another one, a very typical 'ocker' was screaming in support of Israel. She asked if I was Jewish and when I answered in the affirmative, I got smothered in hugs and kisses.

    She had been to the 1st rally, as she had seen the flyers around. This time she was there with her adult daughters and grandchildren

    She was screaming at that they had no idea what genocide was, it was the Jews that could answer that

    The only bad thing was that on the way I had an altercation with a shop window and now have a schnoz that would rival Jimmy Durante

    The other was that Max Brenner was so busy, I didn't even get to have a hot chocolate, on a cold night in winter.

  6. deegee, you are right - it's a very old settlement (by Aussie standards) of course. But I shorthanded it into a suburb of Sydney - really outer Sydney - so that non-Ausie readers would get an idea of its location.
    I duly accept my rap over the knuckles!

    Thank you, Shirlee!
    You have fulfilled my fervent hopes!

  7. Oops - sorry about the typo above.

  8. Don't worry Daph!! Look at my mistakes

    There was however, I noticed in another video, the black jihadi flag in use

  9. G'day from Oz. I'm the 'guyingreen' in the vids supposedly drinking another cup of "ethnic cleansing", from the protest 2wks ago on 26th May. My friend and I were walking past the group after enjoying a movie to catch a train when they got in our faces with their placards and banshee Brenner abuse! I said, "If you want to fight the cause so badly, go to Gaza and see how long you last" Plus, "..and what's with harassing Max Brenner staff and customers, let alone the commuters just trying to go home" My friend tried to engage intellectually but yes they were mentally inept! I will continue to fight for the right to speak, because by all accounts what you have witnessed they do! The police commander appeared to be sitting back and in effect condoning their actions or reduce the possible threat of media and paperwork. The irony was that he actually challenged our presence and told us to move on! The police were better prepared this time, with a different commander who acted appropriately when the protesters disagreed a direct order to leave, police were being kicked and commuters were being blocked from entering the turnstiles for the trains. It is not only Pro-Palestinean groups behind the melee but also Socialist Alternative members (the old woman with red hair and blonde pony tailed guy). Personally, my fellings are that Gaza is a multi-faceted diamond that is cracked, where only those truly witnessing it daily should be speaking it, not a bunch of rich uni kids who abuse their right to free speech or anarchists hell bent on destroying everything... Take the war off our shore!

  10. G'day, cobber! Thanks so much for taking the trouble to write that great descriptive comment!

  11. Anonymous.........

    the reason the police were better this time is that Westfield and the police were alerted by the Westfield executive

    The police asked you to move on so that in the event of theme rioting you wouldn't get hurt

    I was out the front of the shop and I sort of strayed outside the area, in the hope of taking a better video and I got shooed back too.

    It looks as if they are going to have one every couple of weeks. In Adelaide they do it weekly !!!

  12. Shirlee, in the video you alerted me to that I mention in this post (opening sentence) I spotted a lone cop, and I added the video to my previous post about Parramatta, of a few days ago.

  13. Thanks Daph. I saw that.

    My session at Limmud-Oz was good, despite my reservations about it

    I was bit ham strung as the abominable Sleasak was present !!

  14. Shirl, thanks for the input but it was a little different on the 26th May. In the train station tunnel, the Police Commander was a way off on his phone because the demonstrators did not have a permit and he was calling in reinforcements. I did not want to be rude and interrupt him on the phone by asking why they can get our faces.... My friend was providing the minion a few bits of historical information and experiential accounts of the kibbutz and gaza, to hopefully educate them better.. alas not! The Commmander must have thought we were orchestrating the protest by his actions and comments. He was full of hot air, didn't want to listen to us and told us to move on. We stated, "Why is it alright for them to say what ever they want about Max Brenner, Israel or harass the community and we can't - where are our rights?" After seeing their display from the station platform, we decided to support Max Brenner and the abuse of the local community by enjoying a cup of warm hot chocolate.

    The rest is the lovely slanderous youtube vids of us!

    PS: From what I heard, The Max Brenner management were tipped off to the facebook pages listing their modus operandi. ;)

  15. FYI. The so-called innocent protesters arrested by the police for assault at the last Parramatta melee must have had their day in court.

    Another protest has been organised for July 27th as linked below.

    Keep up the good fight and help stop this hate!

  16. Many thanks for this info, Anon!

  17. An update on GreenLeft's website.

    Demonstrators are either showing glimpses of tact or disarray.

    You be the judge.

    Either way, Max Brenner is already aware of BOTH dates and taking the appropriate action.


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