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Wednesday 1 June 2011

Why the BDS Movement is a Turkey

"The Hasbara Bible."

That is what a new book by Barry Shaw has been dubbed.

It's intended as a useful resource for the necessary and urgent fightback against what the publicity for the book so aptly calls "the lies and deceit of the Palestinian camp that has succeeded in capturing the high ground in the information war that is an integral part of the Middle East conflict."

It's "a prosecution of Israel's enemies" which attempts "to assist Israel regain its rightful place on the right side of public opinion."

There's no doubt that, in these perilous times its appearance is timely, and that it deserves a wide audience.

I mean, just consider the sheer hypocrisy of the BDS movement. as captured in this cartoon (not connected to the book):

 As Shaw observes, inter alia:
 "The BDS Movement's venom is aimed exclusively at Israel.  If the principles that it applies solely against Israel were honest, why are they not aimed at Turkey, for example?
Here is a country  that is guilty of genocide against the Armenians and is carrying out a war of oppression and genocide against the Kurds.  If occupation is a cause for a boycott then why isn't the BDS Movement boycotting Turkey for their occupation not only of Kurdish territory but also northern Cyprus?
If building an illegal wall is reason for a boycott why isn't the BDS Movement boycotting Turkey for their illegal divide between their occupied part of Cyprus and the rest of the island?
If ethnic cleansing is a reason for a boycott why isn't the BDS Movement boycotting Turkey for the ethnic cleansing of their homes in the occupied north of the island?
If it is legitimate to boycott Israel for being racist by calling themselves the Jewish state why isn't the BDS Movement boycotting the forty member states of the United Nations that formally include "Muslim" or "Islamic" in their countries' names?
Why are [the Methodist, Protestant, and Anglican churches] not divesting from Turkey, Egypt, and the Palestinian Authority for that matter, who are killing and tormenting their fellow Christians and desecrating their churches?
An academic boycott is the nadir of intellectual property.  It is the pivotal moment when reason becomes dogma.... "
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  1. this book needs to be peddled far and wide, it
    looks like a surefire winner - well done to the author

  2. It certainly seems to fill a gap, and deserves to be well-known, Hank.

  3. Anna/Anon - sometimes you appear here as Anna and other times as Anon: you always leave repetitive messages defaming Israel (you obviously cut and past your original message). I answered you the first time, and there is no point in me posting your tedious statements again nor, therefore, in you making them.

  4. I ordered the book! Thanks Daphne!

  5. I'd better do likewise - put my money where my mouth is!


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