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Thursday 14 April 2011

The Poster Boy

A Swiss Court has ordered the national train company to allow an anti-Israel group to display a poster in Zurich's central station that reads (in German):
"61 years of Israel, 61 Years of Injustice.
A country without a people did not exist in the Middle East for the people without a country.
Israel was established with violence on Palestinian land.
The injustice demands resistance!"

That superb, ever vigilant blogger (does he ever sleep?) the Elder of Ziyon, whose recent series of posters regarding the "Apartheid" slur were sheer brilliance and have done yeoman service, has now produced this and other posters on the history of "Palestine".  I'm sure they'll be collectors' items!

See more on this Swiss story and more brilliant posters the Elder has made concerning the history of "Palestine" here: as well as looking here to see the posters in other languages:


  1. Thanks for this Daphne. I live in Switzerland and didn't know about it. I'm disgusted with the SBB..the Swiss National train network, for allowing this. They cerainly wouldn't allow one of Elder of Zyon's posters because they tell the truth. I will be passing through Zurich station over the next few days and I may lose all self control. :-)

  2. I didn't realise you live there, Roger.
    Evidently, the poster is a couple of years old.

  3. I've just looked into this further. Here's the interesting part: ''The Swiss train service argued in court that its policy prohibits the distribution of materials on sensitive foreign affairs issues. The court rejected the claim, stating that a train station is a public place and as such, it is a place for the exchange of opinions. By banning the posters, the judges asserted, the station prevented the citizens from being exposed to different opinions on international affairs.
    Moreover, the court concluded that the content of the signs does not endanger the public, does not include graphic pictures, and does not incite to violence or other illegal activity. "Resistance does not mean violence," they said.'

    A smart lawyer could have argued easily that this poster does in fact incite to violence.

    The SBB did not want to allow this poster. And the court is ordering them to allow it. I'm confused. Surely the SBB has a right to choose what posters are displayed at its stations. Anyway,this gives any pro-Israeli citizen the freedom to do the same.

  4. Many thanks for that, Roger.
    Curiouser and curioser!

  5. Thanks for the compliments, but I must admit I did get some sleep only last week. :)

  6. And I reckon the amazing Challah Hu Akbar was on watch when you had forty winks - that lad seems never to slumber also!

  7. That is a great blog (and yours is tremendous.)

  8. Many thanks for the compliment! You, of course are legendary...

  9. *That's* the compliment I was fishing for!


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