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Wednesday 20 April 2011

Marrickville Council Meeting Rescinding BDS Resolution (videos)

Mayor Fiona Byrne in chair.

More details in my previous post.

As for Byrne, the unrepentent Green said:
 "We have created a little egg which is support for the plight of the Palestinian people and a sledgehammer is being used to break that.
Certainly we have put BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) on the national agenda, whatever that means."
I sniff the whiff of antisemitism.

And here's that woman with the shoe again:


  1. These vicious anti-Jewish hate-mongers need to see this:

    If I can find their email address I will forward it to them!

  2. Strange how they've picked on Israel, is it not?

  3. I just received this beautiful email from one of my local Councillors.
    Hi Shirlee,

    Receiving your e-mail last night at the end of a long and boring Randwick Council meeting really made my night. My spirits were lifted enormously. I am absolutely delighted that this ludicrous proposal was overturned. I also take much comfort in the knowledge that there are people like you in our community who are willing to stand up for what is right, even when people in power seek to use that power to cut you down.

    Well done.


    The meeting last night was a disgrace to this wonderful country of ours.

    The noisy, loud mouthed unwashed rabble was sickening, along with the likes of the Jewish antisemite Lowenstein

    There were scuffles outside with the police. There were more people outside the chamber than in it

    Three were evicted from the chamber. The one with the shoe was forcibly removed. She/he/it had a mouth that would frighten a sewer rat

    We had a good amount of swearing and cries of alluha akbar

  4. Just sent 4 emails to various members. Also found this page which shows their level of intellect:

  5. Hi, Shirlee! Great. I spy you in the video.

    Thanks, Juniper.
    Have clicked on that link.

    I note Byrne's rubbish.
    This is the best comment:
    Uri Windt is a spokesman for the Inner-west Jewish community.

    URI WINDT: The nature of the global boycott is universal and has no end point or political demand that can possibly met. That leads you to the conclusion that it is so broad and so universal as to be distinctly hostile to Israel or the Jewish people per se.

    That is not a way in which to advance the cause of the Palestinian people.

    MICHAEL EDWARDS: The New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies was unavailable for comment due to the festival of Passover.

    In a statement, it says it's against the boycott and a reversal of it would be a welcome victory for commonsense.

  6. I've updated the post to include a quotation from the incorrigible Fiona Byrne, from the link Juniper provided.

  7. "A mouth that would frighten a sewer rat" - great imagery, Shirlee!

  8. This is one of the replies to my email, asking her to read the post from the Scottish academic. I think you can tell whether she did. Also, I was surprised as she is...Jewish!
    "Hi Juniper,
    You don't know anything about me, my Jewish heritage or Marrickville Council's links with Palestine. But we know lots about the colonization and human rights abuses occurring in the Occupied Territories as the whole world does.
    So thanks for your patronizing email / we've had plenty of similar emails from equally indignant nationalistic Israelis.

    This is not your little secret and this little town is just one of thousands around the world that are taking a stand .

    Sent from my iPhone"

  9. What grotesquery, Juniper!
    I think I can guess which councillor sent you that.

  10. "I sniff the whiff of antisemitism..."

    I am less generous and would put it less elegantly:

    The stench of barely disguised antisemitism and Jew-hatred reeks to high heaven!

    As to the one who "... had a mouth that would frighten a sewer rat...": she and her ilk (eg Lee Rhiannon) would probably benefit aesthetically from wearing the full catastrophe of a burka...

  11. Busted
    Spanked! ;-)

  12. You think Daphne, I know, who it was

    I have received some vile corrspondence from the woman. She never answered the questions from J-Wire

    You will find a contact address here Juniper

    Sure you have the right person Daphne.? I am barely visible for less than a second

    0.45 for a quick flash !!!

  13. This is a good article I just received

    Miranda Devine has really shown her support for us throughout the whole debarcle

  14. Excellent comment on Shirl in Oz's link:
    "Jamie Clark of Melbourne Posted at 7:22 AM Today
    This must be the Greens vision of a multi cultural Australia. Let's encourage migrants to pursue their old hatreds and grievances at a local level, which will create peace, harmony and tolerance on Global level - except for Democratic Israel and the Jewish people of course. If we are to be 'progressive' like the Greens, we must boycott Israeli goods to make a better world. Yeah right!!"


    This is funny. Marrickville Council comparing itself to Tower Hamlets !!
    I wonder if they will publish my comment ?

    No other Council in Australia is happy with Marrickville. There has been a big push to recognise local government in the Constitution, from what a read, this sets the cause way back

    I am just getting back to normal after months of dealng with Marrickville and now it seems that Leichardt, a neighbouring Council, is also in the throes of introducing a BDS motion . More loony lefties !!

    These two suburbs a full of people who live alternative lifestyles, hippy types, creative arty types

  16. The comparision is apt. Using a sledge hammer to break a faberge egg.

  17. Great hasbara here. Not a word about the continued ethnic cleansing of Paletine by Israel.

  18. That's because I deal in facts, not fiction.

  19. hi
    I can see you are afraid of publishing the truth. As you have censored by posting. Do you still deal in facts ?

  20. A catalogue of the Haganah's activities is not the reason the BDS movement has arisen, Anon. I found your remarks contentious and totally irrelevant to the modern antisemitism that wants the Jewish State dissolved.
    There are enough Israel-demonising websites. I'm not obliged to aid and abet Israel's detractors.

  21. Absolute balderdash!
    You diminish the meaning and nature of "apartheid" in making such hyperbolic claims.

  22. Hello Great response.

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu visited the West Bank and said conditions there are worse than in Aparthied South Africa. Jewish settlers in the West Bank can vote, Palestininas do not even have a passport. Israel uses exclusive roads for the settlers, different coloured number plates, and legalises outposts but does not give building permist to Palestinians. Bedoin villages in the Negev are not recognised as villages though they have been in existance for over 60 years and are regularly demolished.
    Just a few instances.

  23. Hello Great to see you are at least not censoring inconvenient fatcs. Netanyahu said in washington no 1967 borders, no stopping settlements, no removing army from Jordan river, no halting the barrier.


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