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Friday 1 April 2011

Pour Encourager Les Autres: A Shabby Victory for the Boycott Derangement Syndrome in London

I'm sorry to say that the Ahava shop in London's Covent Garden, which has for long been subject to fortnightly demonstrations by both Jews and non-Jews with Boycott Derangement Syndrome (representative video below) is closing.  Its landlord, Shaftesbury PLC, will not be renewing its lease, and the shop's neighbours are not sorry to see it close, since the hostile noisy intimidatory crowds which regularly picketed it and hurled abuse at customers proved bad for all traders in the area. 

This shabby victory, which came despite the best efforts of a stalwart band of pro-Israel protesters, who would surely have included more Jews had the protests not occurred on Shabbat, will presumably encourage the totalitarian left and its islamofascist allies to continue such protests against Israeli interests in London and elsewhere. See how cock-a-hoop they are:

Tribute must be paid to a group of Christians who regularly made the long trip from Wales in order to demonstrate alongside the pro-Israel counter-protesters.

Blogger Richard Millett (see my blogroll) has over the past months provided many interesting illustrated posts on those Boycott Ahava events, and Jonathan Hoffman, who was one of the stalwarts who made the case for Israel and was rarely absent from the counter-protests, gives his verdict here:

Read more:


  1. Oh No !!!!

    These abominable BDS-ers will think they have won. I hope tht reason for their closing is well publicised

    I have a good few 'friends' thanks to Richard Millett. I think that where I 'picked you up' from too, Daphne

  2. Yes, Shirlee, we were formally intoduced via Richard!
    I agree - the BDSers will take great delight in this victory - let it be a phyrric one!

  3. This is so reminiscent of the German boycott of Jewish shops in the early 30s....what proved to be the beginning of the persecution that led to the Holocaust. The BDS thugs are today's brownshirts, except now they wear the Islamofascist keffiyah and present themselves as anti fascists. We are living in a time of moral inversion, something that characterised Nazi Germany, where fair was seen as foul, and foul as fair.

  4. Very well put, Roger - I entirely agree. And of course a voice can be keard at the start of the video telling the demonstrators how ashamed they should be, mimicking the boycotters of the 1930s.
    I'm convinced that antisemitism drives much of the BDS movement - anti-Zionism is the cloak for it. And it gives the Jew-haters pleasure and satisfaction to wrest something (in this case Israel) away from those rich powerful Yids.


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