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Thursday 14 April 2011

More BDS Madness Feared in Australia

In the Aussie sunshine state of Queensland, the ruling Australian Labour Party (ALP) is viewing with alarm the prospect that a fanatical anti-Israel campaigner (apparently the most fanatical BDS advocate in Australia), Leftist David Forde, will be selected for the Brisbane seat of Stretton, which is crucial for the Bligh government to hold, and will embroil the party in the kind of BDS madness that has overtaken the Greens in New South Wales and contravenes ALP policy.

In an interview on ABC radio in February 2010 Forde advocated the extremist "One State Solution" that entails the eradication of Israel. He's widely seen as a “menace who would put [dumped Labor MP and anti-Israel bigot] Julia Irwin in the shade.”

Reports VEXNEWS (hat tip: reader Shirlee):

'Forde is the self-appointed militant head of Labor For A Just Palestine, a loud anti-Israel ginger group that inundates Labor MPs and members with material attacking Israel. He has also worked for the notorious CFMEU and as an electorate officer and ministerial staffer to Labor Left identities. He is a prolific online campaigner against Israel and has been instrumental in pushing the Queensland Council of Unions to adopt the anti-Israel “boycott, divestment and sanctions” campaign....

Even those in Forde’s own Left faction have strategists who worry they could be blamed for losing the seat if LNP [Liberal National Party of Queensland] campaigners focus on Forde’s obsessive promotion of a boycott against the Jewish state. “He’s unelectable if given the same kind of scrutiny that [the Greens party’s] Fiona Byrne got. There’s just too much there, as you’ve no doubt uncovered.... He’s not a viable candidate in my opinion and I think many in the Left who want to back him have got their heads in the sand on this issue. He’s about to become political road-kill, given just how obsessive he is about Israel.” ....
The Irish-born militant is well-known in Brisbane Labor circles for peddling bizarre conspiracy theories about Israel including stupid and false claims that the Israeli army targetted the Republic of Ireland’s peace-keeping forces in Lebanon in the 1980s (in which Forde served). His extreme views about his military service appear to have fuelled a decades-long jihad against Israel that include weekly newsletters attacking Israel, stalking Jewish members of Parliament seeking “interviews”, regular media appearances excoriating the Jewish state and demanding boycotts of Jewish commerce and so on. He is bad news for Labor, which is often assumed to have triumphed over anti-Semitic extremists who express their hatred against the Jewish people by imposing standards on Israel they’d never seek to impose on its neighbours and demanding boycotts of the Jewish state that are calculated to undermine the viability of the country and put the lives of its six million Jews at risk.'
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  1. I wonder sometimes, if to make an example, Israel shouldn't pre emptively start a 100% complete boycott and embargo on these nations before they have a chance to enact one against them. And by 100% I literally mean an absolute 100% embargo and breaking of all diplomatic, economic, military and academic relations. At least for a finite time, say 1 year. No "Jew" science or technology or medicine or software or anything. Period.

  2. "What's all this anti-Jewish stuff?" asks the founder of the Greens, Norm Sanders on Radio 2GB, condemning Marrickville Council's BDS focus and the slipping away of the Greens from purely environmental issues -,0
    (h/t: Shirlee)

  3. And see this:


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