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Sunday 17 April 2011

Kicking Antisemitism Out of English Football

The comedian and novelist David Baddiel has written passionately about the need to root antisemitism out of English football.

For instance, he's cited a song among Chelsea fans baiting Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur) fans (many of whom, like those in this picture, are Jewish) that goes:

'He's only a poor little yiddo, he stands all alone on the Shelf
He's only a poor little yiddo,
He stands all alone on the Shelf,
He goes to the bar
To buy a lager
And only buys one for himself!'

And Baddiel's also heard this ditty at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club's home ground:

'Who's that team they call the Chelsea?
Who's that team they all adore?
Barcelona, Real Madrid,
Tottenham are a bunch of Yids!'

As well as, he's attested,
 'just the simple chant of "Yiddo! Yiddo!", repeated, in a deliberately guttural, threatening echo, with added ever-so-slightly Nazi finger movements, every five or six minutes.
This happens every time Chelsea play Tottenham. Chants of "Yiddo!" are also meted out to any player who spent any time at Tottenham.... I don't know how many Jews do actually support Tottenham (a fair amount, certainly), nor do I know how much this behaviour is replicated at other grounds, but I would be surprised if local derbies with Arsenal or West Ham are entirely Yiddo-free....
Anti-Semitism is the "other" racism in football, and, because it so lags behind in visibility to racial abuse of black players, it is hardly ever discussed. But it's an important issue, not least because, in my experience, there are more Jewish fans at most grounds than black ones – it is virtually impossible to be Jewish and male and not interested in football – and I know that they all dread the starting up of these chants.'
For the remainder of the article see:

Now, Baddiel and his brother Ivor have scripted a video featuring such sporting luminaries as Frank Lampard and Gary Lineker, calling for "the Y word" to be banished from football fans' vocabularies.

Explains Baddiel:
"The film is not intended to censor football fans. It's simply to raise awareness that the Y-word is - and has been for many, many years - a race hate word.
It's our belief that some football fans may not even realise this, and the film is designed therefore to inform and raise debate."
Says Spurs' executive director:
"It is unthinkable and wholly unacceptable that, in this day and age, supporters are subjected to anti-Semitic abuse such as hissing to imitate the gas chambers used during the Holocaust in the Second World War.
We are committed to eliminating all forms of racism and we shall support efforts to kick anti-Semitism out of the game."


  1. I notice you didn't include the "K"-word or the "H"-word in your diatribe, Daphne. You don't want to forget those, right? Let's see... how many others can we think of? Well, it's getting so we're running out of words that don't meet the approval of the Zionist thought police, isn't it?

    So, when the Zionist cabal establishes it's satanic central world government over the graves of the REAL citizens of Palestine, with the help of their duped goy benefactors/slaves in the US and other G8 (Goy-8) countries, will you have a job in the new world order? I'm sure they could always use another lesbian matron in one of their FEMA internment camps, right? Does it give you the tingles, Daphne, thinking of all those prepubescent and young Palestinian girls and women bent over a table awaiting their morning and evening cavity search? Maybe Guantanamo is more to your liking... or Abu Ghraib? You know, where Mossad trains it's barbers in the not-so-subtle art of TOTAL hair removal?

    Oh, and I just thought I'd mention that the gas the Nazis used at the command of their Zionist handlers to kill those quarter million-odd Jews, was financed and manufactured by the Cabal and their goy lap dog, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. I'm just letting you know, because, I'm sure you didn't, seeing as there is so much that you don't know about this subject.

    Just a thought: maybe you could form your own kosher football club, with membership exclusive to Cabalists and Freemasons? Then you wouldn't have to worry about the "Y"-word being tossed around indiscriminately? Freemasons hate Christ as much as you do, it would be a marriage made in hell... I... I mean, in heaven... *tch*... Zion! (Sorry... it's the goy coming out, again!)

  2. I decided to preserve your latest antisemitic rant in aspic, Gideon, just to show the workings of the judeophobic Freemason-hating conspiracy-obsessed mind.
    You are a throwback to the Nazis and the Tsarist pogromists, and of course you no doubt know the hideopus forgery - a "warrant for genocide" as it's been termed - "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" off by heart.
    I'm sure that you are an intelligent person, and it's truly sad that your little grey cells are wasting themselves on your racist rubbish.

  3. I meant "hideous", of course.
    And btw, "diatribe" is more Baddiel's than mine - and he is on record as loathing all forms of racism and I'm sure homophobia too.

  4. Sounds to me like Gideon's mother/ grandmother has been shtiped by one of us and he's very upset by this.

  5. He's one crazy mixed up kid, Steve,
    He's left me billets-doux on the blog before.

  6. Bravo, Daphne! True to form and with credit to your elitist-style programming, you now resort to the classic Zionist pattern and MO of labeling and disenfranchising those that disagree with you, in lieu of a logical and sensible rebuttal. You'll do well, I'm sure, in the new order, until you're no longer needed in the propaganda department and are demoted to crowd (population) management and control.

    As for the Protocols, no, I haven't yet committed them to memory, however, I have do have a very appreciative cognizance of their presence and importance in revealing the satanic nature behind the Khazarian/Zionist plot to commit genocide against the Palestinian people. It must make aspiring fascists such as yourself quite uncomfortable knowing such works exist. That, in and of itself, gives me great satisfaction and encouragement.

    Btw, your little friend Stevey, here, needs to learn some manners. Perhaps the 'liberal' application of a ruler on his posterior would serve the dual purpose of reigning-in his flippant tongue (facilitating the 'discipline' that his gender-confused ilk crave)while giving you the experience needed for future application in Zionist detention facilities?

  7. Well, Gideon, I have only one further comment to make to you:

  8. Enough with the little, Gideon. Many many have tried to teach me manners, alas all failed. The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi. My father sends his regards to your dear Mum and says the infection eventualy cleared up, unlike you.

  9. "My father sends his regards to your dear Mum and says the infection eventualy cleared up, unlike you."

    Really? That mean he's finished with your uncles and you and wants to try again?

    Glad you admit you have no manners... though it would have been quite the accomplishment having them, coming from a family like yours.

    Daphne: ("Whacko!") Awwwww, now you're making me blush!

  10. Sorry, Daphne, but I don't buy it! I came across your post above while making Baddiel - to my mind, a sickening hypocrite and self-publicist - my "Mook of the Month" for April!


  11. Good to "see" you on here, Mike.
    I'm a fan of your writing!


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