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Tuesday 12 April 2011

The German Lesson (video)

With views like these, this schoolteacher won't be winning any interfaith awards.  And when such views are assimilated by students, what hope is there for their assimilation into society?


  1. As a professional R.E. teacher, I can affirm that this is the standard justification for asserting the Qur'an over The Tenach and the New Testament. I have taught Islam to Muslims, but also Christianity and Judaism. The trick is to play fair. Use Islamic materials for Islam and then you are free to use Jewish and Christian materials. I used to allow a period of discussion and consequently I often had to throw the class out of the classroom after the lesson had concluded as they were so interested. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen all the time.

    Some other observations:
    Either the classroom is cold or discipline is very lax. Outdoor coats and gloves are NOT a good idea. The boys were clearly bored. The teaching was very poor quality. It was lecture without dictated notes or pupil involvement. Using girls names as examples is not only sexist but could lead to misidentification. He made no attempt to make it clear that he was hypothesising.

    The only consolation is that bored pupils remember very little.

  2. Yes, I noticed how very attentive and alert the boys appear, Ian!
    Many thanks for your insights!

  3. I made comment as to the wearing of the coats, a couple of days ago when I saw this video.I figured the classroom must be unheated

    I also noted the simple German.... very childlike.

    It's about the level a first year German language student would be able to comprehend.

  4. I think there is very much cause for concern, the apparent boredom of some pupils nothwithstanding. If that moronic sounding fanatic gets only a couple of boys (and some of them were listening), it will spell the death of who knows how many innocent...children? women? bus/tube/train travellers? The droning hatespeech will fall on "some" fertile ground.

    As a German I should know, but I left Germay long ago: is there no law against hatespeech?

    And I bet, he does this, financed by the hapless, taxpaying kaffirs (or however it's spelled).

    What a nasty hydra this islamisation of the West is, sometimes one just feels like curling up and forgetting all about it. But to say nothing is to say YES. So it's yet again a loud NOOOOOOOO from me.

    And thanks, once again, Daphne, for your untiring work!!

  5. Thanks for your comments, as always, Shirlee and Rita!

  6. If this guy is going to heaven....and he sure is convinced of that.....then I'll opt for hell.

  7. According to him, there's no option for we kufars. Well, I suppose there is one ...


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