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Friday 24 February 2012

Zionist Activist Writes Open Letter To British University Chief

Prominent Anglo-Jewish pro-Israel activist Jonathan Hoffman (pictured), a longterm leading figure in the Zionist Federation, has written an Open Letter as follows to the Vice-Chancellor of Middlesex University, Professor Michael Driscoll.  I understand that blogger Richard Millett will be describing the events herein described in more detail, but meanwhile here's Jonathan's letter, which also appears on the Jewish Chronicle blogs:

Writes Jonathan Hoffman:

'Last night‘s Middlesex University Palestine Society meeting at Hendon was every bit as vile as might have been expected given the speakers – Ken O’Keefe, Ghada Karmi and ‘Jihad’ Jenny Tonge. O’Keefe was subsequently reported to the Police for aggravated Public Order Act Offences.

Let me introduce you to O'Keefe if you have not had the pleasure:

It being Hendon there were quite a few Israel supporters in the audience and O’Keefe’s worst statement was to them:

You like the Nazis [he meant the Germans who resisted the Nazis] have a special obligation [to oppose Israel]”.

You must know that Jew/Nazi comparisons are antisemitic:

He also repeated the "troofers'" lie that “Israel and Mossad was directly involved in 9/11.

Tonge alleged falsely that “the Jewish Constitution is being changed to make Israel a Jewish-only state”

O’Keefe falsely claimed that Mandela compared Israel to apartheid South Africa. The truth is that in April 2000 Mandela came to London and spoke to the Board of Deputies of British Jews. He spoke of the need for Israel to leave the lands taken in 1967 but not unless there was first recognition of the Jewish State by the Arab States: “I added a second position, that Israel cannot be expected to withdraw from the Arab territories which she legitimately conquered when the Arab States wanted to whip her out of the map of the world.” No mention of ‘apartheid’ in Israel – from a man who spent 27 years as a prisoner of the loathsome apartheid regime in South Africa.

O’Keefe said that Israel’s objective was “to maintain perpetual conflict”

Karmi said that Israelis behave towards the Palestinians as if they were a subhuman species. She said that if a newborn baby is born and dies at a checkpoint the Israelis are pleased because that’s “another Palestinian gone”.

Karmi always says “it is not antisemitic to criticise Israel”. When she says it, I always challenge her to identify an instance when a critic of Israel has been incorrectly labelled “antisemitic” but she never can. This device is simply an attempt to delegitimise complaints of antisemitism – and is therefore itself racist.

Karmi said that 250,000 Israeli Arabs had had property confiscated under the Absentee Property Law (1950). Not true. The Law only applied to people who fled in 1948, not to those who stayed!. (And the Law only applied to long-term absentees. Moreover decisions under the Law are subject to judicial review (as is the case with all administrative decision-making in Israel)).

A shameful meeting. Universities have a duty of care to their students. What action do you propose to take?'


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