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Sunday 5 February 2012

US Greens Won't ScrapeThe Bottom Of The Barr-el ... Will They?!

Aussie Greens Keeping Company With Hezbollah Fans
So that cringeable "comedienne" Roseanne Barr is standing for nomination as the Green Party candidate for the US Presidency!

An uncouth slovenly loudmouth, at any rate in her eponymous TV show during the 1990s, she has said some truly bizarre and despicable things about Jews and Israel, for instance here and  here and here.

Who knows what deep psychological need such views satisfy in an individual who utters them. 

But perhaps even worse than Ms Barr's expressed contempt for her Jewish heritage is the delighted reaction from the audience, as seen in this video.

Britain's Greens Leader With Her Chums
A person could be forgiven for concluding that such a reaction has the stench of antisemitism about it, that people of the audience's ilk may well love and defend Jews, but only when Jews are extinct or victimised ...  Ah, yes.  So many leftwing "philosemites" have, it seems to me, evinced that mindset in the past.

Could such a risible wretch as the woman who once baked "Jewish" gingerbread men in an oven while in the guise of Hitler gain the Greens' candidacy? Well, I suppose that all depends on whether the warped views of all-too-many Aussie and British Greens, who spend an inordinate amount of time demonising and inveighing against the sole democracy in the Middle East, rather than on environmental matters, are mirrored by the Greens across the Herring Pond!


  1. R Barr: a Jew that grew up a mormon... :((

  2. I'd rather have Donny and Marie ...

    Strange video here, btw. I think it's a hostile takeoff of those pro-Israel cutesy animal videos showing teddies

  3. Barr/Kucinich 2012 Ein Volk Ein Vaterland.

  4. Hold on to your barf bags

    Roseanne Barr – the next prime minister of Israel?


  5. "US Greens Won't ScrapeThe Bottom Of The Barr-el ... Will They?!"

    Greens (Australian, US, German etc) ARE the bottom of the Barrel, the last refuge of clapped-out post-menopausal, bitter old crones. We have a few of them in Australia, where, unfortunately, and DANGEROUSLY for the Jewish people specifically, and for all decent humans generally, they hold the balance of power in the Senate.

    As to that ugly-every-which-way-you-turn-her-inside-&-out Rosanne Barr, if she advocates for the obligatory full veil for women (which she probably will do soon), it might be because she as a little bit of aesthetic sense left and wants to protect us other people with good taste from the offence that her appearance alone causes.

    I also suspect her (and the likes of her)to falsely claim Jewishness, as a "free pass" to spuik their Judenhass. She is the kind of "person" who would have volunteered, enthusiastically, to ripp off jewellery and gold teeth from Jewish Nazi victims and help pushing them into the ovens.

    She will also be an enthusiastic member of those who criminally (but seemingly unpunished) claim that "Hitler has not finished his job, we will".

    Personally I doubt she is Jewish, for the fact alone that I dont think "real" Jews come THIS moronic.

  6. All I can say about Roseanne Barr jewishness is that the problem with the Jewish gene pool is that there is no life guard :-)

  7. Thanks for the comments!


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