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Thursday 16 February 2012

On Al Beeb's Twin Down Under, A Suggestion That The Israelis AttackedTheir Own Diplomats

"Where does the BBC get these people from?"  That's a question that must have passed through the minds of pro-Israel viewers  and listeners scores of times, given the types of commentators (including an apologist for the Muslim Brotherhood) Al Beeb regularly invites into its studios to pontificate on this or that development in the Middle East. 

(It was, though, pleasing to see that it had the good sense to interview the superb Douglas Murray today, regarding the scandalous situation imposed on Britain by the European Court of Human Rights, which forbids the extradition of danger-posing radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada to Jordan because of fears for his personal safety, never mind that of  the British population in general.)

Andrew Bolt, the popular columnist for the Melbourne Herald Sun newpaper,  has posed a comparable question - "Where does the ABC get these people from?" -  in his latest online article.

It was provoked by the appearance on the ABC (Australia's answer to Al Beeb in more ways than one) of Iranian-born former Guardian journalist Geneive Abdo, giving her take on the terror attacks this week on Israeli envoys in India and Georgia.

In answer to the radio interviewer's observation that, in order to discredit Iran, Israel had planted the bombs, Ms Abdo replied
"Well I think that’s entirely possible. I mean, if you consider what the Israelis did for many years in Lebanon and other parts of the Middle East, that theory is not so farfetched"
and went on to say of the current situation: 

"...[Y]ou have the Israelis not willing to live with a nuclear Iran. You have the Iranians going forward with their nuclear program. And you have an American president trying to be re-elected with a Jewish lobby in the United States that’s extremely powerful....
 [W]e’re dealing with a very extremist Israeli government.
Read all of Bolt's piece here and Honest Reporting's analysis of the incident and its implications here
Hat tip: readers Rita and Ian G


  1. Interesting. I have a theory about Ms. Abdo that goes along the lines that she's the love child of the Ayatollah and a legion of goats.

    This is how mainstream media lose their credibility. Not that anyone with a clue needs more examples of how certain batshit crazy loons are given a podium to speak from as long as they are "critical" of the State of Israel.

  2. The Jewish conspiracy rules the world. George Bush orchestrated 911. 6 million never died - how could they? The Jews are in charge. I live on Planet IX, I sweeten my coffee with crack cocaine and serve magic mushrooms with my bacon (Sorry - gentile) and eggs. I also inhabit the 23rd Dimension. Dr. Who has nothing on me.

    Well somebody's mad round here!

  3. Like the wilting Fairfax press, the ABC is now created by and for the fringe of the fringe.


  4. So did the Copts burn down their churches?

  5. This “expert” on Iran is speaking at J Street’s upcoming conference, in Washington, DC.


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