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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Wednesday 29 February 2012

"It's A Conflict That Belongs To All Of Us" : Israel's Vice Prime Minister On The Iranian Nuclear Bomb & On Syria (videos)

Silvan Shalom stresses on American television that Iran's lunatic regime with its expansionist ambitions in the Middle East must not be allowed to obtain the nuclear bomb, and not only for Israel's sake...

Here he gives Piers Morgan his views on the situation in Syria:


  1. As long as rulers believe that they can acheive their aims they will not give up. Somehow, Ahmedinejad and Assad need to be convinced that they cannot win. It might be possible to offer Assad some kind of deal that allows him and others to get out of the current situation. It won't be justice, but it might be practical. My worry is that whoever replaces Assad will be the worse for Israel and for Syrians. Ahmedinejad appears to be a man of faith and he will not be convinced until he realises that God is not Allah. If he ever does. Perhaps, if we can avoid open conflict, time will replace these people with others who may be more reasonable. This is what one hopes for. Realistically, there's a war coming.

  2. Interesting comment, Ian - thanks, as always.

  3. Silvan Shalom is absolutely right when he says that the Iranian development of nuclear weapon is not only an Israel-Iran problem, it is a global problem.

    It appears that history is about to repeat itself; from the very inception of the Palestinian terror against Israel in 1964, Israel has been warning that the problem was merely only an Israeli problem and if not squash when was small by international efforts, it would turn into a global problem.

    but no-0ne listened.

    It was 3 years before the Six Days War, long before Israel became an “occupying regime”, long before the world heard the name “Ayatollah Khomeini and even longer before the world heard the name “Osama Bin Laden” who still could walk upright under a camel.

    Then as now, the problem was perceived as Israel’s only; then as now, Russia (as USSR) was providing the diplomatic support, “technical” support and then as now, the world, INCLUDING THE ARAB WORLD, expects Israel to do the dirty work for which it would no doubt be publicly condemned (with a private sigh of relief).

    The stupid suggestion that Israel should do nothing in the face of the Iranian imminent threat because it may only delay the threat is akin to telling a woman who is about to be raped not to use her pepper spray because it would only delay the rape as the perpetrator will recover and may try again.


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