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Wednesday 22 February 2012

On Australia's Answer To Al Beeb, Fisk Slanders Israel Unchallenged

Just over a week ago, Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, made a characteristically able and dignified speech in that forum regarding the horrors perpetrated upon the Syrian people by their own government.

It ran in part:
"We all know that the consequences of inaction will be horrific. Winston Churchill once said, “the further back you look, the further forward you can see.”  If you want to understand this regime’s intent, look at its track record. Exactly 30 years ago, this same government massacred ten thousand of its own people in Hama in a single campaign. Nothing has changed. 
 Bashar al-Assad is systematically murdering civilians. His tanks are trampling on the rights of peaceful protestors. His forces are raping and torturing men, women and children. Assad has no moral authority to govern. With every home that is destroyed by a mortar, with every youth that is struck by a sniper bullet, with every person that is tortured, the twisted moral compass of this regime comes into greater focus.
Bashar-al Assad may have been trained as an eye doctor, but in practice he only tries to blind the international community to the crimes of his regime. The international community can no longer afford to see the situation in Syria with anything less than 20/20 vision. 
More than 6,000 have been killed since the uprising began. How many more innocents must die before the world acts? As the death toll rises, so does our moral obligation. Our common humanity binds us together. And these bonds are now being put to a test.
It is time for the international community to stop standing on the sidelines watching murder after murder. It is time for the voices of the victims to finally unite the voice of the world against the tyrant of Damascus. It should be obvious that Assad and his regime have no moral authority to govern. And it is high time for this organization to start doing something meaningful to stop him from killing his own people. The children of Syria –  from Homs to Hama - cry out to us. Their fate is in our hands." [My emphasis]
Pretty clear and unequivocal, surely.

As clear, in fact, as this utterance of Israeli Foreign Minister Avi Lieberman some months ago:
"I think, for everybody who saw in the last week on the TV screens the repression and the atrocities, the conclusion is very simple and very clear: President Assad must resign as soon as possible, and it's despite all our bilateral relations with Syria. For everybody who respects human rights and democratic values, it's really unacceptable what we see today in Syria ... I worry. All normal people ... we worry about the situation within Syria. We are worried about the innocent people who are suffering ... it's a very bad sign and a very bad message if this regime and if this president will survive and if he will succeed in suppressing these protests and uprising." [My emphasis]
Evidently, neither veteran Israel-bashing British journalist Robert Fisk of The Independent,  nor experienced Australian broadcaster Kerry O'Brien of the ABC, were paying attention to either statement.

For on yesterday's Four Corners programme entitled "Syria Exposed" O'Brien listened indulgently while Fisk (interviewed for about a quarter of an hour) laid into Israel, claiming that, like Iran, Israel is "frightened" at the propect of "losing" Assad:
"...the problem is ... the Israelis are constantly saying, ‘well we don't like Bashar, but we're frightened of what will happen afterwards'. [Emphasis added]
 As for the Iranian nuclear menace, Fisk had this to say, inter alia:
"Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran –  who's just about as cracked as the Foreign Minister, Lieberman, of Israel [Emphasis added] –  he rages and rages, he's a crackpot, but he is not the man in charge of nuclear power and he's certainly not the man in charge of the Iranian military; and Khamenei, the Supreme Leader –  not a man I'm very fond of –  has said repeatedly that any use of nuclear weapons is against the rule and will of God. As long as he keeps saying that, I don't think Iran is going to launch an attack."
For a full account and analysis, see AIJAC's article here
Hat tip: Jack S


  1. Churchilian morality, never mind his imperial track record and his insigation of toppling the Mossadeh government, applies only to US, Israeli opponents. Mubarak did as much and Israel even more in Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank. No call for intervention there.

  2. I am always accused of being hyperbolic but seriously, the problem here is not that lunatics have microphones, it's that they have followers. They laughed at Hitler too, didn't they? They simply refused to believe in Stalin's crimes before they were exposed but the believed in them MORE after they were exposed.

    1. Hello Empress trudy. It was the Zionists who refused to see Hitler's crimes. The WZO resolved to break the Jewish boycott of Nazi Germany. German goods were sold in Palestine with the help of the Anglo Palestine Bank. It was the leftists and socialists who opposed hitler and were killed in his concentration camps along with Gypsies and Jews.

    2. Where do you get this silliness?

    3. Hell Trudy

      Please remember the attempt of the then board of deputies in Victoria trying to get the broadcast licence of radio 3CR cancelled. The issue was over Nazi-Zionist collaboration and the Zionists alleged anti-semitism and slander.
      3 Cr and Jews Against Zionism presented a few cartons of evidence at the hearing and the ZIonists quietely withdrew from the hearing. The entire evidence is now available in print as "Nazi-Zionist Collaboration".

      Not to mention that Eichmann visited Palestine as a guest of the Zionists and was expelled to Egypt by the British mandate.
      Sorry no silliness but records from the Anglo Palestine Bank, conferences of the WZO, Nazi german documents, microfilms, correspondence between the Nazis and Zionists, WZO resolutions et al.

    4. Very few historians would agree with you, Anon.
      I recall the 3CR hearings rather well, as well as the anti-Israel broadcasts of Bill Hartley, aka "Baghdad Bill"...
      I also recall the likes of Eric Butler and the League of Rights ... very unattractive individuals.
      I hesitated to give your ravings a platform, and will not be doing so again.
      So, as newspaper editors say, "This correspondence is now closed".

    5. Conceding defeat presumably. And of course a smear with the fascists.

  3. It's the Nazi-"Zionist" collaboration nonsense I'm calling an end to, Anon - that line of comment is closed.

    Perhaps, as you seem to be a regular commenter, you would consider choosing a name rather than Anonymous, which gets confusing? Just choose the Name/URL box on the Comment facility - ignore the URL bit - no URL is necessary.


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