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Sunday 26 February 2012

C'est Incroyable! (antisemitic video)

Here's a disgusting spoof on the Shoah by the antisemitic French "comedian" Dieudonné  (surname M'bala).  This despicable production was apparently aided by the Iranians.  (Hat tip: reader Rita, who spotted it on the invaluable MEMRI TV channel)


  1. I have heard of him before. What i think is incredible is that he has a huge loyal following in France.Does not speak well for that country at all.

  2. Incidentally, if your readers want to know what this nasty piece of work looks like, he is the one doing the "German Soldier" role.

    His given name "Dieudonné" translates as "Godgiven", and I think (but am not sure) that he has recently converted to islam. Sadly, among certain groups this ghastly creature has still some following although people with a modicum of intelligence have turned off him. However, if you criticise him, you are immediately accused of being "Raaaacist-Right-Wing-Xeno-and-Islamophobe".

    I'm relieved though, that at least this so-called "iranian-French co-production" has been banned in France.

  3. Here's his wikipedia entry - he seems to have a child named Judas...
    Thanks for the additional info, Rita.

  4. @ Independant Patriot. Yes he has a following, but, from my personal observations, it's diminishing among people who are at least half-civilised. So he will do just whatever it takes to stay in the lime light. He is terminally moronic, but sly enough to find ways of making publicity. And "Jew-Bashing" is the new "black" - so to speak.

    But, while there is still quite a lot of Dryfuss-style anti-semitism here in France, it's Arabs and Islamists and their leftist supporters who create this "new wave" of Juden-Hassers. Fortunately though, there is a law in France which makes the Holocaust Denial illegal. The afore mentioned haters want this law lifted.

    Did you see how this moron speaks of "2 million"in that nasty trailer above?

  5. I declare Jew Fatwah upon his head.


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