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Tuesday 29 November 2011

Diamonds In The Emerald Isle: Jewish Passers-By Confront Israel-Vilifying Demonstrators (videos)

The hoary-headed Israel-haters campaigning in Dublin against Israeli "blood" diamonds the other day didn't have a very good time.  First, they were rudely interrupted by a long line of demonstrators for another cause marching through their patch, and then, to their utter surprise and obvious chagrin, an articulate young Jewish man with whom they'd previously skirmished stopped by to tell them some real home truths about themselves.  Then another man, presumably the young man's father, joined in.  Watch the antisemites cackle at the obviously enraged and distressed young man's remarks about Jewish claims to Israel, and then bait him with full-decibel shouts of "Free Palestine, Free Palestine".

Here's more footage of the demo by President Higgins's repugnant Israel-hating compatriots, one fanatic accusing Israel of crimes against the Syrian people...
(But here's something more pleasant out of Dublin, Israeli performer Izhar Ashdot singing "Whiskey in a jar" on stage there. Hat tip: Tom C.)


  1. A blatant example that there are ignorant people everywhere...and no countries' population is all good or all evil...thanks to individuals with free thought and some intelligence!

  2. I love the courageous Jewish passers-by. If only more Jewish people (and the government) would take a leaf out of their book.

    As to the Arafat tea-towel wearing dangerous idiots: they are giving Ireland a bad name. Do they think that worshipping/honouring a criminal like Arafat is a good look?


  3. I felt so proud of that boy in particular, Rita.

  4. The top video should go viral. These Jewish guys are great.

  5. If they happen to see this, they should know that many people think they are heroes (which they are). I have one would-be commenter who is having no luck posting a comment - I've no idea why - but I know he agrees that they are marvellous.

  6. I confess, I cried. Seeing the best of humanity (here,the 2 Jewish guys speaking truth for the persecuted) when juxtaposed with the worst sometimes makes me cry, I really don't know why. Thx for the dose of inspiration by sharing this post.

  7. I felt much the same, ER. I found myself punching the air too, so jubilant that somebody was taking a stand, and giving the Israel-vilifiers more than a match.

  8. An average Saturday afternoon in Dublin, not a place to be Jewish or, looking at the other demo, male.
    I think some of their anti-semitism comes from when an Irish regiment were on the Golan representing the U.N. and boy did the IDF wind those guys up.

  9. Never heard that one, Steve - interesting. I think they are largely Sinn Feiners, with all that that implies.

  10. They seem to delight in upsetting Jews. Notice the smiles on their faces when they argue with the Jewish guys. Their arguments are not fair and balanced but completely one-sided. The Arabs can do no wrong and the Jews nothing right except dying in concentration camps (which seems to be their ideal for how a Jew should act).

    Anti-Semitism is easy to define. It's Judeophobic to single Israel or Jews out while ignoring similar or the same cases amongst other nationalities/religions. These groups routinely demonise Israel but ignore the far worse human rights behaviour of other countries. In this case Russia bombed Chechnya to the ground and invaded Georgia (which in part it still occupies) and controls about 20% of the world's diamond trade but these people don't seem to complain about this. A similar case could be made against Dubai (through which a large percentage of the world's diamonds are sold) in relation to the Arab Spring repressions, human rights abuses, women's rights, minority religious rights etc in the UAE. Many diamonds are now cut in China, one could write many essays on Chinese human rights abuses etc etc. Once again; singling out Israel alone is anti-semitic.

    This is clearly 2 fold. 1. They see the Israel/Palestine distute as a kind of analogy for their own "troubles" with England.

    2. Europeans seek to appease their collective guilt for centuries of persecution against Jews including the Holocaust by demonising Israel as the "same as Nazis" in order to subconciously claim Jews are "as bad" as Europeans so therefore European crimes can be forgiven. In doing so they of course persecute Jews all over again both by denying Jews, alone, a right to self-determination and self-defence in Israel but also by setting a criteria for how Jews in MUST think. There is no freedom of thought for these people. They are therefore fascists by definition.

  11. Thanks for that perceptive post, Anon.


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