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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Friday 25 November 2011

Danny Ayalon Speech In Tel Aviv (video)

Following my last two posts I feel in need of some of that Lavan soap ...  But this should wash the bad vibes away - an upbeat speech by Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon.  It took place in Tel Aviv recently to mark the anniversary (2 November) of the Balfour Declaration.

To quote the video's uploader, Netanya25 (whose YouTube channel contains a number of good things):
'Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister, addresses the IBCA Balfour Dinner in Tel Aviv on November 9, 2011. After praising Colonel Richard Kemp he reminded the audience that, despite all the efforts of the BDS Movement, Israel is far from isolated. On the contrary, Israel is increasingly active in many international bodies and organisations. The one field in which BDS is having an effect is on the truth. Ayalon highlights that moment in time when the world came together, including the Arabs, in justice that called for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. He described it as "the Jewish Spring." It is, he says, Palestinian rejectionism that prevents a peaceful solution to the Arab conflict.'


  1. 1/3 good, 2/3 bad. What did you find so upbeat about this (I'm not feeling it)?
    Tip to Ayalon (of whom I'm a fan): glad to hear of upcoming 3rd video, but PLEASE stop using the titles "the truth about..." since I heard from influential people much criticism about the videos while refusing to even watch them b/c they couldn't get past the titles, & dismissed them solely on that basis.

  2. Sorry, ER - for some unaccountable your messages always go into the spam folder on here, and I've only just noticed and rescued this one. I found Ayalon a welcome antidote to the naysayers - Perhaps I should, however, have said "relatively upbeat".

  3. One reason my messages might go to spam folder is b/c only the profile associated with the email is not closed, but the actual email part of the account is closed. It's ok if my comments don't post, but I think my point about Ayalon's video titles is important, b/c the people that refused to watch the videos b/c of them have a huge global audience of laymen, academicians, & leaders, including those in the Muslim world. I watched as everyone agreed not to watch the videos all b/c of the titles.

  4. Your comments are always welcome, ER!


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