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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Friday 11 November 2011

"The Chosen People": A New Book That Goes Where Angels Fear To Tread

Yesterday, when I was visiting him at the local campus, an academic friend showed me a copy of a newly-published and hard-to-put-down book he's just acquired, which I imagine will raise eyebrows if not voices.

By Richard Lynn, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Ulster, it's called The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement, and is published by Washington Summit Publishers as "A National Policy Institute Book".

To quote part of the blurb:
"Calling upon history as well as the latest advances in genetic analysis and evolutionary theory, Lynn demonstrates that in the past 250 years, high IQ has been the foundation of Jewish influence, success, and power.  This study is integrated with concise narratives of the Jewish experience in various countries and regions, as well as a discussion of the cultural and genetic divisions within the Jewish ethnos. The Chosen People will be valued by historians, evolutionary scientists, and anyone who wants to understand more fully this remarkable people."
In his final chapter, the author makes a pessimistic prognosis for the longterm survival of Jewry, based on diminishing fertility levels and increasing intermarriage and assimilation. His gloomy predictions also encompass Israel, and to that end he cites an American  CIA report of March 2009:
'It predicted that Israel and Palestine would merge in a "one-state solution" and that the fertility of the Palestinians would be so much greater than that of Jews that they would inevitably become a majority of the population.  Jews would then find Israel uncomfortable, and large numbers would emigrate.  Even if this does not take place, increasing numbers of Jews will likely leave Israel.  Many Jews already foresee these alarming potential possibilities and are considering emigration.  The CIA report notes, "Over 500.000 Israelis have American passports and those who do not have American or Western passports, have already applied for them."  The study further predicts the return of over 1.5 million Israelis to Russia and other parts of Europe.  The report concluded that Israel may well not survive as a Jewish state beyond the next 20 years.  Even if this timescale is excessively short, it is difficult to be optimistic about the survival of Israel as a Jewish state over the longer term.'
I lamented Lynn's conclusions as I passed the book back to its owner, who has always held that the only solution to peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs is for the former to seek out and cultivate the moderates on the other side, so that extremists in both camps will be isolated.
"All the more reason why Israel should get out of the West Bank," he replied.
My friend regards Mahmoud Abbas as a moderate, and  believes that Abbas deserves better in terms of concessions from the Israelis, so that he has something to show to his constituency for his commitment to peace.

This is a seductive viewpoint, and many share it.

However, Isi Leibler's latest stupendous article, entitled "Searching for one Palestinian moderate," clangs the alarm bell:

Of Abbas, he writes:
'We are repeatedly being told that President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority are our genuine peace partners and that we are unlikely to find more moderate Palestinians with whom to negotiate.
 Yet Abbas, who obtained his “PhD” justifying holocaust denial:
   * refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, insists that the “occupation” dates  back to 1948 and even denies any Jewish link with the Holy Land.
    * sanctifies mass murderers of Israeli women and children by bestowing honor on the killers and granting state pensions to their families.
    * rules over an authority in which the controlled media, mosques and state educational system incite hatred against Jews and deny Israel’s right to exist.
    * endorses the execution of any Palestinian who sold land to a Jew.
    * assures his people that any future Palestinian state will be entirely cleansed of Jews.
    * is committed to reuniting with the genocidal Islamic Hamas whose charter calls for the murder of all Jews and the elimination of Israel.
Besides refusing to negotiate with Israel, Abbas effectively rejected offers made by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to cede 95% of the territories conquered in response to Jordan’s offensive against Israel.
Indeed, the more Israelis concede, the more Abbas demands. Today he has escalated the issue of so-called Arab right of return of refugees to Palestine as a non-negotiable demand, despite realizing that this would bring an end to Jewish sovereignty which no Israeli government could contemplate.
On the surface, the PA appears moderate compared to Hamas. But their objectives are identical. Abbas speaks with a forked tongue and is vague about his long-term goals when he addresses non-Arab audiences, whereas Hamas is completely honest and boasts that it will never negotiate and will continue to fight until the Jewish state is destroyed.'
Read Leibler's entire article here


  1. The writer of the book is blind in one crucial respect: the future. Does he really think the mozlems will stop at the destruction(God forbid)of the Jews? What does he think of the attacks and murders on the ancient Copts of Egypt, the Christians in Pakistan?? That is HIS fate too, not now but soon!

  2. His book is only concerned with his topic, Juniper, so doesn't go into any of that. It is pro-Jewish.

  3. It reminds me of the old joke when an old Jewish man is talking to the Almighty and he asks him if it is true we are the chosen people, yes you are the chosen people confirms the Almighty, the old man replies, would it be at all possible to choose someone else for a change ?

  4. Thanks as always, Steve.

    I believe I'm correct in saying that the book, citing socio-economic data and IQ analyses, regards only the Ashkenazim as an intellectual elite, however. I only saw it for a short time, so am anxious not to misrepresent it.

  5. Well that guy's just a created being; and the Creator of him & all humanity is also the Creator of time, and thus knows the end from the beginning (Is 44:6-8)& He says Israel will never be destroyed as a nation (Je 31:35-37). By the logic of his prognosis Jewry would be extinct already...but the same Creator who's kept Israel thru their promised sufferings, promises victory & the land...forever (Amos 9:15)

  6. ER, your messages keep being sent to my spam folder - apologies on its behalf!

  7. The demographic figures used by the CIA are false. The lastest Israeli studies show that the Palestinians are over representing their population by about 1.5 million (not reporting deaths, counting Arabs in Jerusalem twice etc) in order to get more UN funding. The Jewish birthrate (2.6 or 2.7 depending on the study) is increasing and on track to overtake the Palestinian Muslim birthrate as it has overtaken several Arab Countries birthrate and the Palestnian Christian birthrate. It is one of the highest in the developed world. The younger generation of secular "Russian Israelis" now have about 4 kids on average (compared to the 2 of their parents) so it's not just the Haredi that are responsible for the increase. The demographic doom and gloom scenarios do not stand up to analysis. Jewish Israel is predicted to overtake many much larger countries in population by the end of the century.

    The countries in the region that have to worry about minorities taking over are not Israel but Iran; where Azari's already may form the majority and have a higher birthrate than Persians. Also, Turkey; which will have a Kurdish majority by the end of the century (If the Kurds don't succeed in self-determination by then. the fertility for ethnic Turks is only 1.5 (the Kurdish minority has a fertility rate of around 4.5). Israel is allied to the Kurds (Jew's closest relatives according to DNA) and Azaris. This will dramatically change the balance of power in the region.

  8. Many thanks indeed for those figures, Anon.

  9. These comments are replete with a mixture of facts with a lot of politically motivated suggestions that are completely unfounded.
    The predictions are just wishful thinking on the part of some of these authors and the CIA report is just part of its campaign of disinformation.


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