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Tuesday 1 November 2011

The Irish Eyes Not Smiling On Israel: Those of Old Anti-American Warhorse Michael D. Higgins

Michael D. Higgins, veteran Irish leftist politician and poet, who's now, unexpectedly, President of Eire, could never be mistaken for a warm supporter of Israel. (Be sure to look here, which is where I obtained this photo.)  Known for his vehement criticism of the United States as well as of Israel, he first visited Gaza in the 1980s, and in 2004 paid a fulsome tribute to Arafat following the latter's death, attending a candlelit vigil organised by the Ireland-Palestine Soldarity Campaign. He objects to the description of Hamas as a "terrorist" organisation, and in 2007 shared a platform with Hezbollah.

Although his office is largely a ceremonial one, lacking real powers, he's obviously well-positioned to influence public opinion - in a country whose Palestine Solidarity movement is widely considered to be the most virulently anti-Israel in the entire British Isles.

The following speech that he delivered in the Irish Parliament in June 2010, in which he condemns Operation Cast Lead,  asserts that he's "sick and tired" of hearing that supplies are getting into Gaza, abhors the proscription of Hamas, and rails against Israel's attack on the Mavi Marmara, captures something of his attitude - albeit in a deceptively low-key way.  He is good enough (unlike some of Israel's leftist detractors) to denounce rocket attacks on Sderot - but his voice becomes unmistakably ever more indignant against Israel as the speech proceeds.


  1. I see you have him in front of a poster of the wall in Israel and he calls it an "Apartheid wall". Very interesting, so what does this Leprechaun look-a-like call all the various seperation walls in Belfast and LONDONderry ?

  2. Worse than the old IRA warhorse!! :(( Still he may kick the bucket soon by the looks of his hate-filled face!!

  3. Good question, Steve - but of course those walls were erected by Britain and the poster is the Palestine Soldarity Campaign's.
    Somebody did say to me that he doesn't look fighting fit, Juniper. I think his snowy hair makes him look rather older than his years.

  4. By the looks of the packed Chamber, it doesn't appear too many were interested !!!!

  5. Perhaps his views were so predictable that they went to have their supper!

  6. I have a great sticker on my car which says if you had (picture of smiling Arafat) as a neighbour You'd build a fence too.

    Someone ripped off my last sticker which said "Don't
    Fuck with Israel" If I ever catch who did it.....

    As for this silly old bastard. I always thought the Irish were stupid.

  7. Here you go

    Michael Daniel Higgins, commonly known as Michael D. Higgins born 18 April 1941

  8. Very brave of you to have such a car sticker, SG. You're lucky the intolerant oiks don't dent the car.
    Shirl, was there something you meant to add?

  9. No Daphne. His age was being discussed that was all

  10. I realised the significance after I'd posted!

  11. This is good:

  12. Higgins does not represent me or many other Irish people who stand behind Israel. His election only reflects the desperately poor quality of the candidates available, and MDH won because of transfers, not first preference votes.
    Although Ireland is arguably the most anti-Israel country in Europe it is due to their seeing the conflict through the prism of their own experience. We are not all like MDH.

  13. Thanks, Tim.
    Higgins, as pro-Israel Irish blogger Mark Humphrys says, is surely the most anti-American and anti-Israel government head in the Western world at present.

  14. Thanks for the link Daphne.
    I've got more on Michael D. since last time you looked:
    Michael D. Higgins
    Michael D. Higgins - Anti-Israel
    Michael D. Higgins - Anti-American
    In particular, he had a Muslim Brotherhood linked cleric give an Islamic prayer at his inauguration. (See bottom of 2nd page above.)
    Wouldn't it be great if I lived in an Ireland where the media asked the President about things like that?

  15. Good gracious, Mark! I will check that out ...
    Thanks for telling me.

  16. so proud to be Irish and listen to the President of my country speak the truth. FREEDOM FOR PALESTINE. LIAM


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