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Sunday 13 November 2011

Bat Ye'or OnThe EU's Dangerous & Destructive Foreign Policy Of Dhimmitude

The Egyptian-born scholar Gisèle Littman, who under the nom de plume Bat Ye'or is the author of Eurabia: The Europe-Arab Axis (2005) and other books, has published a powerfully provocative new article entitled "The Palestinization of UNESCO," in which she indicts the foreign policy of the European Union and warns that in adopting the Palestinian narrative of history the EU is betraying not only Israel, the Judeo-Christian heritage, and Christians persecuted by Islamic regimes, but Europe itself.

'In January 1981 the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Summit meeting in Mecca declared that, "Palestine should be viewed as the paramount issue of Muslim nations." Since then Europe hastened to adopt this path as well and has provided for the Palestinization of the cultural, social and above all political life of Europe.For three decades, Europe obeyed the OIC in a servile manner. The EU has effectively created a major problem for itself that is eating away and destroying it,' she begins.

Messages in Londonistan
'The EU made Palestine the hub of its international policy, transforming it into a symbol of peace and universal harmony, in a world that would not know "justice" until its coming. The only obstacle to this paradise is the Machiavellian Israel, the oppressor and usurper of Palestine, whose purity as a peaceful victim is the harbinger of global justice.Europe does not yet dare use armed force against Israel, whose existence it claims to defend, while advising it to commit suicide. Europe fights Israel with the infamous Nazi weapons by delegitimizing its existence, robbing it of its history, defaming it by propaganda, hatred and attempts to destroy its economy through boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS). Toward this goal it encourages an international campaign of incitement to hatred by financing anti-Israel NGOs and lobbies. Europe claims that Jewish existence in its ancestral homeland, Judea and Samaria, is an "occupation" - a colonization. In this way, Israel has become a state that is occupying its own historical homeland....

 The appropriation of a travel poster from the Yishuv
Euro-jihadists invoke "Palestinian resistance" rather than the reality of their terrorism that has spread throughout the planet. The EU has used every stratagem to force Israel to self-destruct in the name of Palestine.... This political link between the OIC and the European Union did not only appear in the context of the Israeli-Arab conflict but also in internal European politics concerning the massive Muslim immigration into Europe, which started in the years 1974-75.

The dhimmi-dressed Mrs William Hague
It was then that a joint Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation (PAEAC) was set up with the task of passing on the political demands from the Arab League countries to the European Community and to monitor their implementation within Europe.Transposing its anti-Israeli policy to Europe, the EU wants to create a tabula rasa of historical nationalisms and of the privileges of sovereign states, to transfer to the UN – dominated by the OIC – the world governance of human rights. The basic rights of Europeans to security, to their history and freedom of expression are disproved, rebutted, dismissed by the OIC under the guise of Islamophobia and its vehement request for European multiculturalism. Rooted in the civilization of jihad and dhimmitude, it imposes its own criteria through its European and UN go-betweens in its new Western empire. So while Europe prides itself on creating universal, humanitarian governance, on the international scene the OIC is implementing a Koranic order of Islamic human rights.With the repudiation of Israel, the EU is repudiating itself. It is putting the emphasis on the Greco-Roman heritage and eliminating that of Judeo-Christianity to please the OIC and Muslim migrants....

Head-covered, seated low:Britain's former envoy to Lebanon
It means adopting dhimmitude.Eurabia and Palestinianism come from the same rejection and the same policy applied to the destruction of the nation-state, the manifestation of the spirit and culture of peoples, condemned to extinction in a globalized, humanitarian utopia. Their points in common are (1) the war against Israel; (2) the de-Judaization of Christianity; (3) the de-Christianization of Europe; and (4) the joint EU-OIC policy to strengthen the UN's global governance that the OIC aims to monopolize. This suicidal approach is specific to Europe; it does not exist in China or in India, or even in Muslim countries....'
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  1. Europe is more likely to plummet into the medieval abattoir of sharia than Israel is. And good for them. England's only got one more generation until it becomes Islamist anyhow. Why fight it?

  2. De Nile is a river near the Houses of Parliament, Trudy!

  3. Empress Trudy, do you really want Britain's nuclear weapons in Islamist hands? Anyway, if the God of Israel is God, then Jews and Christians are obliged to oppose Islam. Whose side are you on with this defeatist talk?

  4. I thought of you when I saw the Bat Ye'or article, Ian - it has much of relevance for Christians too.

  5. And who's the EU Foreign minister but our very own Lady ( Baroness ) Ashton, who has never been elected democratically into any position she has held, but has always been in the right place at the right time, maybe using the usual PC methods to be appointed.
    She has not proved to be a friend, at least not to us.
    And not wishing to be sexist, I would not like to be sat opposite that face in any negotiations.
    It certainly would put me off my tea and biscuits.

  6. She does seem to be out of her depth, Steve. But what a gravy train the EU is!

  7. As a Christian myself, my conscience compels me to respectfully disagree with Ian that "Christians are obliged to oppose Islam," with my problem being with the word "oppose" (a stronger, more active word than something like "disagree" with). Also, I am more concerned about the Alliance of Civilizations than the OIC when it comes to Eurabia & Israel.

  8. "...plummet into the medieval abattoir of sharia..."

    I'm stealing that.


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