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Monday 14 November 2011

A Little Aussie (anti-Israel) Battler Messing About In Boats

Here's footage of Sydney man Michael Coleman (who appears to have a  predilection for sailing by boat to Hamastan-on-Sea and getting himself arrested by the Israeli authorities) and his supporters among the Greens and BDSers (those terms are fairly synonymous, of course) whingeing about Israel and Israeli policy.

And despite the excesses of the truly abominable Iranian regime, the people who are so quick to put the boot into democratic Israel seemingly have no qualms about doing so on Press TV.  That's the mouthpiece of a regime which permits outrages of this sort against women (funny, eh, how all those avowed feminists among the Greens/BDSers don't appear to condemn such atrocities against their own gender), which has condemned to death a Christian minister, and which has doubtless sanctioned the antisemitic film - hardcore Judeophobia, this -  that you can see an excerpt from here.

And here's a picket that took place on 10 November, following news of the intrepid sailor lad's release - castigating the Australian government for its inaction over the matter.  This footage is not by Press TV, but despite the odious nature of the Iranian regime one of the speakers has appeared on Press TV in the very recent past.


  1. I think we must write to the politicians and ask them to leave him where he is. What an idiot!

  2. Why don't Vivienne and David make a fuss about the 13 year old Australian boy in jail in Bali?

    Or get on a boat and float to Syria or Iran to protest about inhumane activities.(See how long they would last)
    Bloody hypocrites. They are not brave they are self serving fools looking for two minutes of fame at the expense of others.

  3. ""self serving fools looking for two minutes of fame at the expense of others. """

    Dear Vivienne is for sure. You can tell that from her whole demeanour


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