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Sunday 22 April 2012

Female Israel-Bashers Unite, You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Hypocrisy (video)

Once upon a time, at a Zionist conference in Melbourne, Australia attended by a lot of university students, I heard a young man (bless him!) during the break remark to one of the madrichim present that hasbara should make much more of the fact that women's status in Israel compares so favourably to that of women in nearby countries.

To my disgust, the slightly older man merely shrugged and walked away.  But there's no doubt the student was right.

I've been spring-cleaning, and in my desk drawer I found a cutting from the London Daily Telegraph that someone had sent me, dated 9 September 2002.  The small News-in-Brief item bears the eye-catching heading "Man Beheads His Daughter".

The report reads:
'An Iranian cut off his seven-year-ol daughter's head after suspecting she had been raped by her uncle, the Jomhuri-ye Eslami newspaper said yesterday,  But a post-mortem examination showed she was a virgin.
"The motive behind the killing was to defend my honour, fame, and dignity," the father said.'  Reuters, Teheran.
I can sense the leftwing feminist yawns right now, as the wimmin for Palestine concentrate their ire and fire on the one nation in the Middle East that protects women's rights.

In a region of the globe and among cultures that so often treat girls and women as trash, Israel, as Bibi Netanyahu so eloquently pointed out last year (see my sidebar) "Israel is different".

The following video encapsulates that difference in a nutshell.  It shows the types of horror that too often confronts the female sex elsewhere in the Middle East, reminds us of the vile treatment that certain of Israel's Muslim enemies advocate for Jewish women, and demonstrates how rights for Israeli women, irrespective of background, are enshrined in Israeli law.

Hat tip: reader Shirlee


  1. Clearly the only course of action is to help the haters. Collect all the names of all the women's rights people in Arab lands, put it over the letterhead of these hater groups in the west and send it to every Arab government with the comment that they're clearly "Zionist Spies". I would also like to see the Iranian Lawyer for women's rights who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize some years back, tossed in the same basket for good measure. You can never be too careful and if that means 30 million Muslim women are tortured and killed, so be it.

    Onward Haters!

  2. I never thought I'd praise Orla Guerin of Al Beeb, but to her credit she had a hard-hitting piece this week on the horrific spousal abuse of some women in Pakistan; their plight is heart-rending.

  3. Doesn't say anything about the expulsion of Palsetinians and the expansion of settlements in the West Bank. That is what makes Israel stick out. By the way there were soldiers refusing to be present when women sing, women being attacked for not sitting at the back of buses - incidentally in Israel. Presidents raping staff - also in Israel.

    1. So, Mr. Anonymous, you are 100% absolutely sure tha the Palestinians were expelled by Israel. No matter the Arab Israelis in Israel. No matter the 26/74 split of Palestine into Israel and Jordan. No matter the 3 state offers rejected without any counterproposal. No matter the public calls by Palestinian leadership to never compromise on any issue, there you are, Mr. Anonymous, making the case that, yes, Israel is at fault no matter what and just because.

      You stay classy, Mr. Anonymous.

    2. Mr/Mrs/Ms Anonymous

      I suggest that before you go shooting your mouth off, you check your facts. That way your information might just be credible.

      Now you tell us please, we wait with bated breath – Where/when did the expulsion of non-existent people happen.?

      Come on tell us please, we are dying to know. I think we all would like to know where this country of Palestine is too.

      West Bank? Do you know what that is.? It's the West Bank of Jordan. It was captured from Jordan in 1967.

      Jordan didn't officially relinquish its claim to it until 1988, when it gave its territorial claims to the PLO. It also stripped the citizenship of West Bank Arabs. Virtually making them stateless.

      Israel has offered the area to back to Jordan, who want no part of the land or its people.

      Recently too Jordan has said that it will take away the citizenship of the so-called 'Palestinian refugees' living in Jordan. You have the nerve to accuse Israel falsely.!! Really

      Whilst we are at it. Do you actually know what a 'refugee' is. Look it up and at the same time ask the UN why we have two classes of refugees in the world.

      One for all refugees and one specifically for the Palestinian Arabs

  4. And we in Australia have a woman (Greens) senator, Lee Rhiannon, holding the balance of power, who shares anti-Israeli/Judenhass platforms with a local Sheik, member of the Muslim Brotherhood, who publicly blamed Australian girls for being pack-raped by muslim gangs, because they dressed imodestly.

    I always think this kind of harpies would hold down the girls while they are being genitally mutilated. She is, of course, on the sharing and caring feminist/left side.

    1. It's often forgotten that Hosni Mubarak's wife Suzanne did her best to outlaw FGM.

  5. Thanks Daphne. I was a writing a piece on the exact same subject so I was able to lift much of your post. Ta. Hope you don't mind.

    1. Not in the least, geoffff.
      Go for it!
      The more - er - exposure the ladies of the left get the better.

  6. Every day I offer gratitude for G-d making me a Jewess.

  7. Hello Shiri in OZ et al. Thank you for your replies. I am willing to substantiate every one of the points I made. I invite you to an open debate here. I will prove that the Palestinians were massacred and expelled by the Zionists and that Israel has been carrying out ethnic cleansing ever since. I will also prove that Zionism right rom Tivadar (Theodor) Herzl was a colonial project aimed at dispalcing the indigenous people of Palestine.

    You are welcome to disprove this and show that Israel is not a colonial project.

    The only rules I propose are
    No personal slander, abuse.
    Ever point supported by documentary evidence.
    Universal standards of proof and argument.

    Here is you opportunity to disprove and expose me as a fraud.

  8. Paul Weston wrote about feminist indifference to Muslim women's suffering in this blog


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