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Saturday 28 April 2012

Has The ADL Lost Its Marbles?

Judeophobia in Chicago
A new article in American Thinker, by Charles Jacobs and Ilya Feoktistov of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, would suggest that it has:

'The Jewish community's largest "defense" organization, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), has adopted a policy, consistent with the progressive agenda, not to speak up much about the global tsunami of Muslim anti-Semitism, but instead to campaign against "Islamophobia."  This while FBI statistics show that hate crimes against Jews in America are five times the number of hate crimes against Muslims.  The rationale for this policy, as the ADL's chief, Abe Foxman, told the Boston Jewish Advocate, is that "[y]ou can't fight the fight against anti-Semitism without fighting against bigotry. ... You cannot ask people to stand with you unless you are ready to stand with them."

But in cities across America, Foxman's policy has led the ADL to stand with people and organizations whose mission it is to defame and harm Jews.  To defend its policy of "outreach," the Anti-Defamation League vigorously defames as "bigots" citizens who question radical Islamists' true aims.  This pattern of allying with Muslim anti-Semites to fight "Islamophobia" and then defaming legitimately concerned citizens can be clearly seen in three cases ...'

Read the entire article here


  1. Independent Patriot28 April 2012 at 05:21

    This is nothing new for the ADL its just that more people are finally noticing. When Obama was running in 2008 like AIPAC they refused to condemn Obama's twenty year attachment to Wright and Obama's friendship with virulent anti-Israel/anti-Semitic academics like Rashid Khalidi. However, they did list the overhwelmingly pro-Israel Tea Party as a major threat the Jewish-Americans.The ADL is nothing more than a tool for leftist progressive-Jews who hijacked the organization decades ago.These so-called Jews are leading the Jewish people to further destruction just like the historical Judenrat.

  2. It's exactly the same in the UK. The Board of Deputies still think they are living in the 1970s where the primary objective is to combat the National Front. They do not accept that there is a combined Socialist-Islamist threat, but rather see anti-semitism and 'Islamaphobia' as one and the same where the 'neo Nazi right' are the common enemy. Next week - with the elections for the Mayor of London and local councils - we will get the usual nonsense in leaflets and in the Jewish Chronicle telling us we must go out to vote 'for a mainstream party' so as 'not to let the Fascists in through the back door'. By main stream party for mayor they include Labour - with prime anti-Semite, anti-Israel, pro-Jihad Ken Livingstone as its candidate, the Respect party whose only three objectives are sharia law, socialism, and the destruction of Israel, and the Lib Dems and Greens who both advocate the destruction of Israel. And their 'official' view of parties who have to be barred now even includes UKIP who are the only party not openly anti-Israel party, but whose crime in the eyes of the Board of Deputies is to not wish to be part of the EU (that makes them anti-immigrant Islamaphobic fascists, you see)

  3. The funny thing is that the far left in the US, the huffington post, MSNBC isn't far enough up Obama's butt crowd HATES the ADL because it occasionally speaks up in favor of Israel at all in direct contravention to the Obama White House. On everything else though, the ADL is to the left of NY's Mayor Bloomberg and is always front and center first in line when it comes to condemning "Those People" whenever someone looks at a Muslim in the US a little cockeyed.


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