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Thursday 19 April 2012

Setting Up Shalom Eisner: Undercover With The International Solidarity Movement

An ISM activist alerts terrorists to an IDF position
The story of IDF officer Lieutenant-Colonel Shalom Eisner, who struck a flytilla activist with his rifle, has received widespread publicity, and Bibi Netanyahu, through spokesman Mark Regev, has been swift to condemn the incident.

The BBC predictably basks in the incident, Yolande Knell (no stranger to readers of the splendid Biased BBC website) not bothering to reveal that the officer appears to have been assaulted first. (As the Biased BBC website has sometimes observed of the BBC: "Half the story, all of the time".)

According to investigative journalist Lee Kaplan, who has spent years undercover with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) to learn its machinations, Eisner was set up.

In an absolutely rivetting, must-read article, Kaplan writes, inter alia:

'At their orientation sessions in the US and UK in which I posed as an ISM volunteer, we were  instructed that our purpose was to harass the IDF in any way possible in order to frustrate their anti-terror operations. We were informed that the ISM coordinates with Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the PFLP, which were constantly apprised of our locations in the villages. If we encountered armed terrorists while in the West Bank or Gaza, we were told, simply say hello to them and move on, as they were keenly aware that we were there to assist them.

In a recorded interview at the Ohio State national conference, Adam Shapiro, a co-founder of the ISM, personally told me there are plain-clothed Palestinian handlers at every ISM demonstration that direct the activities. I was also told about how ISM activists serve to draw sniper fire down on IDF soldiers when desired. Lisa Nessan, one of those ISM trainers, told me at an ISM Georgetown conference that standing as a human shield in front of an armed terrorist as he threw rocks or shot at an Israeli soldier was indeed considered “nonviolent.” Joseph Carr, a.k.a. Joseph Smith, another ISM trainer, told me in a recorded phone interview how he and Rachel Corrie retrieved the dead body of a Hamas terrorist in Gaza from a combat zone only weeks before she was killed by an IDF bulldozer. When asked whether he feared arrest by the IDF back then he blithely replied ‘no’ because he knew that Arab snipers would be there to fire at them. Rachel Corrie, who was trained by the ISM and had read their manual, also knew that Arab snipers would shoot at the IDF soldiers driving that bulldozer had they exited it to remove her.

The ISM uses a motto coined by the late Malcolm X – “By any means necessary” – in implementing what they consider to be revolutionary tactics in bringing down the Jewish state, which they see as a first step in bringing down Western democracy. Lying and media manipulation are encouraged and elevated to an art form. Talk of ‘nonviolent resistance’ is solely for media consumption, since the ISM promotes armed revolutionary ‘resistance’ against Israel by serving as human shields for terrorists.

And so, it is in this context that for two hours leading up to the two minute video of Colonel Shalom Eisner striking Danish ISM activist Andreas Ayas, the ISM used their bicycles, bodies, and even physical assaults to obstruct the IDF in a closed military zone and prevent anti-terror operations.  Earlier in the day, Colonel Eisner was struck by a stick-wielding ISM activist, leaving him with a couple of broken fingers....'

Read Kaplan's remarkable article here
(Hat tip: reader Shirlee)


  1. One approach would be to mark every ISM person with a fluorescent paintball. Another would be take an activist approach against them. Let them all in unimpeded. But confiscate all their passports and shred them.

  2. Imagine if they tried to obstruct the Revolutionary Guard or the the likes.


  4. Hi Daphne,

    Please check out more remarkable work by Lee Kaplan (Saba Center Monitor: and consider reposting on your blog, particularly the YouTube Videos:


    1. Thanks, HW.
      Will check it out.

  5. The officers appears to have been attacked! The Israeli military has recordings of the incident and did not show it in the officer's defence! And Netanyahu condemned it because he is quick to condemn the army! Not because of the unwelcome publicity in Europe! Meanwhile Israel shows it is an aparthied state by barring entry to the West Bank. It is the occupier and decides who enters and who dont! Nevermind that it even barred French diplomats and German teams bringing grants to Israel from visiting.

    Zionist hasbara has become not just ineffective but pathetic.

    1. Settle down there chief, cycling in Israel is still safer than driving in Kings Cross.

      Australian riot police clash with Occupy Melbourne protesters

      At Reclaim Power: Danish Police Use Batons On Peaceful Protestors Outside UN Climate Change Summit

      How Hamas greets diplomats interviewing for Fulbright scholarship.
      Bombing of American Diplomatic Convoy - Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip - October 15, 2003
      On October 15, 2003, three Americans were killed and one was seriously injured by a roadside car bomb in Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip. The victims were providing security to representatives from the office of the U.S. Middle East Envoy while en route to Gaza to interview Palestinian applicants for the Fulbright scholarship.

  6. How terrible! The ISM activist is alerting terrorists from being shot by a soldier hiding behind a wall.

  7. "How terrible! The ISM activist is alerting terrorists from being shot by a soldier hiding behind a wall."

    The fact that the ISM member can stand next to the Israeli soldier without fear of him speaks volumes about the peaceful intentions of Israel.

    The Israeli soldier is taking cover behind a wall for 2 possible reasons (or both); 1. He is well trained and sensible 2. There is a threat from the Palestinians of being shot unlike the Keffiyah wearing useful idiot.

    In the last 10 years only 5% of Palestnian casulties have been women whereas over 40% of Israeli casaulties have been women which means Israel avoids targeting women whereas the Palestians bask in it (something they make no secret about in fact).

    1. Could you quote your sources please ?

    2. Since you said please.
      He’s thinking of the 2000-2007 figures from the UN

      Palestinians - 41% Combatant, - 59% Civilian, - 94% Male, - 6% Female, - 20% Children
      Israelis - 31% Combatant, -69% Civilian, - 69% Male, - 31% Female, - 12% Children

      It’s the second table here.

      Source for the numbers: The UN
      "Israeli-Palestinian Fatalities Since 2000 – Key Trends." United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. August 2007. PDF.

      Given the number of Males killed the percentage of combatants for Palestinians is artificially low. Also children are defined as under 18 years, a gender of ratio 87% boys to 13% girls would also indicate involvement in combat.

      Cast Lead was 1166 dead, 709 identified by Hamas, 162 other militants, 295 Civilians (including 49 women).

      Hardly reckless.

  8. Yes and the use of snipers, bulldozers, helicopter gunships and one tonne bombs. The Soldier will not hurt the ISM activist! No name, place,date but a load of slander.

  9. Hello Ian

    The report does not mention the "break their bones" victims of Rabin, the victims of snipers targeting eyes and knees to keep deaths down.

    The report says 4,228 Palestinians died for 1,024 israelis.
    In 2007 one Israeli was killed for 25 Palestinians.
    One Israeli civilian dies for month in 2007, 35 Palestinian civilians dided per month in 2005, 10 per month in 2007.
    88 Per cent of the children killed were Palestinian.

    Good on you to have named the report.

    1. And good on you for being a propagandist stooge and not mentioning any sources yourself for your asinine accusations. Also your pathetic attempt to divert from the original issue- why is there such a large difference in the gender of casualties?
      One group is targeting civilians and it’s not Israel.

      But keep trying, it’s amusing.


    2. Well done, Ian!


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