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Sunday 1 April 2012

Aussie Leftists Rally In Sydney Against Iranian Strike By What Professor Calls the "Israeli Militarist State"

What part of the message in this picture don't the Israel-demonising Left understand?  More pertinently, why don't they wish to understand it?

Last week an assemblage of usual suspects demonstrated outside a breakfast briefing in Sydney by Israeli  defence expert and Jerusalem Post correspondent Yaakov Katz, who is in New South Wales at the invitation of the state Jewish Board of Deputies and United Israel Appeal, speaking to local leaders on the topic “The threat from Iran and other Middle East affairs”.

As reported on that veritable den of mischievous anti-Western (and of course, being home to so many ultra-feminist apologists for Islam, contradictory) ratbaggery, the Aussie Green/Left site:
"On the street outside, activists from the Sydney Peace Foundation, the Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine (CJPP), Stop the War Coalition Sydney[,] and Resistance spoke to passersby about why Israel’s war plans should be opposed."
 New South Wales Labor opposition leader John Robertson was among those present.

Emeritus Professor Stuart Rees from the Sydney Peace Foundation inveighed against the “Israeli militarist state” for “preparing a preemptive attack on Iran” by “sending its emissaries to the West to rally support for what would be an illegal and immoral attack leading to thousands of civilian deaths”....'

Other speakers (see above link for details) spoke in similar terms, despite the existential threat that Israel faces from the prospect of the regime of the mad mullahs acquiring The Bomb.

Speakers included Marrickville Greens Councillor Cathy Peters, who led the vanguard of Marrickville's odious BDS initiative last year, and Greens ex-MLC Sylvia Hale, no stranger to regular readers of this blog owing to her flotilla/flytilla activities. She also spoke to the on-the-spot reporter for Ahmadinejad's propaganda channel, Press TV.

The Sydney Global March on Jerusalem event commenced on Friday evening  in Newtown, with harassment of  the Max Brenner franchise there.  I have not seen any video footage so far. [Update:  "This video is private. Sorry about that."]

Meanwhile, a new initiative has commenced, with Tony Benn, John Pilger, and Desmond Tutu among the sponsors.  (Hat tip: reader Shirlee)


  1. Daphne is promised on the Facebook page of AFP Facebook page, but nothing has emerged as yet.

    It was a very low turnout

  2. Wow six people turned up to their rally!

    Re: Sydney GMJ
    I doubt you’ll see any video, the numbers will be tiny. Germany had less than 50 and Canada had about 15.

    In the link
    Activists take part in Global march to al-Quds in Australia
    the picture was from 2009!
    2009:01:04 19:36:56 according to the Exif data from this file.

    The link is broken

    Also endorsed by John Pilger: Obama worked for CIA

  3. Another fail for the terrorist catch and release program

    Militant who targeted Australian nuclear plant held in France
    In 2007, a French court convicted him of plotting an attack against the Lucas Heights nuclear research facility in Sydney's south-west and sentenced him to nine years in jail, with six years non-parole.
    It's not yet clear why he was free when arrested on Friday.

    Terror plotter Willie Brigitte held after raids in France

  4. Thanks as always, Shirlee and Ian!

  5. I sent this to EOZ, I doubt this will get reported in the Aust press.

    Official Malaysian sermon: Jews are a "brutal race" and Muslims' main enemy

    Did my comment about the PressTV picture being from 2009 go missing?

    1. Sorry, Ian, just spotted it in the spam folder on here.

  6. " New South Wales Labor opposition leader John Robertson was among those present."

    Was he inside at the briefing or among the disgusting rabble outside?

    Serious question.

    1. Good question. The wording of the Greens/Left implies the latter, hard as that is to imagine:

      "On the street outside, activists from the Sydney Peace Foundation, the Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine (CJPP), Stop the War Coalition Sydney and Resistance spoke to passersby about why Israel’s war plans should be opposed.

      Greens Marrickville Councillor and CJPP activist Cathy Peters said event organisers had sent invitations to councillors across Sydney, yet few had turned up. However, one notable attendee was NSW Labor opposition leader John Robertson."

  7. I can find out the answer to that question. I know people who were there.

    I was told that the Press TV reporter lied through her teeth on the report she gave and I was told "She copped a serve!"

    Off topic I know, but.............

    Geoff did the DVD I send you arrive ?

  8. Ian, the ECAJ sent me a copy of that sermon. it may well be sent to the press, but it won't see the light of day I'm afraid

    1. Thx for that, hopefully it will filter down, there is nothing on AJN or Jwire atm. The ECAJ doesn’t even have it on their press releases page yet!

  9. It did Shirl and I watched it with my old dad the day it arrived. Very much appreciated. I was waiting until you got back from Israel to thank you for sending it.

    I commented about it on my blog.


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