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Sunday 28 August 2011

Silencing Israel's Voice In South Africa (videos)

Repugnant scenes from Israel-hating (some would not hesitate to add "judeophobic") Bishop Desmond Tutu's country, where the vicious, mendacious propaganda swirling around the world has infected youth black and white into swallowing the heinous "Apartheid" slur.  A delegation of Israelis attempting to educate people regarding their country are not allowed a hearing through the antics of BDS mobsters. The first two videos (which are not the earliest chronologically) show a flashmob at Witwatersrand University disrupting events. You can hear the despicable inaccurate song promoted by Lush in the background:


  1. Those South Africans fools were not yet born or were too young to remember what real apartheid looks like thus although the fact that those demonstrations take place in South Africa has propaganda value, it has as much invalidity as those that take place in Norway.

    I once posted series of South African (real) Apartheid signs and asked a person who had accused Israel of being “apartheid state” to show me evidence of similar signs in Israel which of course he could not because there are no such signs in Israel; as I often say, but hey, why let the pesky facts stand in a way of a good sob story

    The accusations of “apartheid” in Israel came about and still are with the construction of the wall along the border as if the Palestinians have some inherent right to enter Israel – They most certainly do not!!!

    Whilst the purpose of the wall is to stop suicide bombers entering Israel which the wall has achieved with 98% success rate, it also produced a “side-effect” that may explain the ferocity of the Palestinian objection to the wall, that is, the wall also destroyed one of the most lucrative “industry” in the Palestinian Authority areas – the car re-berthing industry.

    Until the construction of the wall car stealing in Israel was endemic, particularly luxury models. In a spirit “economic cooperation” between criminal elements inside Israel and across the border, stolen cars were taken across the border and sold-on to Palestinian officials, further “exported” to Arab counties or stripped for parts for the Israeli market. These days it was no secret that one could get parts in Tul-Karem, Nablus, Jenin or Ramallah for a fraction (about 20%) of their cost in Israel when it was still safe for Israelis to go there.

    The wall stopped all that (with a dramatic reduction in car insurance premiums in Israel, I must add).

    You must admit that if only Jews and Israeli Arabs are “allowed” to steal cars it is indeed a form of apartheid albeit there are still no signs that say so :-)

  2. Great comment - much appreciated, Jacob.

  3. It's so typical of Israel-haters to try to silence debate. In the second video, they could have stayed until the end of the Israelis' presentation and engaged them in debate during the Q and A, but instead they decided to just stop the meeting from going ahead at all. Could it be because they don't really support freedom of speech? Or because they have no arguments?

    I can understand why a lot of average people have a negative opinion of Israel: they haven't taken the time to study the situation and they trust media sources like Al-Beeb to give them accurate and unbiased news coverage. But it's scary that people like these activists have presumably sat down and studied the situation, and arrived at the conclusion that the freest, most humanitarian country in the Middle East is the source of all its woes.

  4. An interesting comment, Bunty - thanks.
    So much of the mischief has been pumped tnto people's minds by the reports and commentaries of Al Beeb, and its horribly slanted online outlet.

  5. I know it's impolitic to say, but the lives of most black South Africans today are actually worse now than they were before 1994. If nothing else, and perhaps you could make a case for 'if nothing else.' SA ran. Things worked. It wasn't the murder capital of Planet Earth. Economically black South Africans have not been able to reap the hoped for bounties of their new freedom. One could say that they were ill prepared. And that's certainly partially the case. But in the wake of the ending of apartheid, such firm and inflexible racial quotas in every scope and sphere of life, both public and private have forced millions into jobs they are spectacularly unprepared for. SA has become a haven for crony capitalism and corruption as a result.

    Moreover since the state is in effect a one party state where the ANC IS the government there's little room or opportunity to change anything. And the ANC has its roots in the KGB which helped it, funded it, trained it's military wing for years. Ronnie Kasrils, formerly in the government is proud of this. So in short the economics of SA are the economics of the already failed Soviet system.

    Combine economic idiocy with corruption, incredibly violent crime waves, massive levels of HIV infection rate in the working adult population and you see a country living on borrowed time. The city of J'Burg alone once accounted for 9% of the total GDP of the entire African continent.

    Well those days are over. And with SA's new best friends, Iran, you can count on South Afica becoming a weapons supplier to Iran out of sheer necessity for the money and oil. It would not amaze me if Iran created large military bases in South Africa from which to control Southern Africa and to invade Botswana as well and threaten shipping traffic around the Horn of Africa.


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