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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Tuesday 16 August 2011

David Cameron's Man Slams Israel's "Land Grab" Wall (video)

Here's Call Me Dave's Minister for International Development Alan Duncan echoing his master's own demonstrated iignorance of the conflict.  Evincing not an iota of sympathy for Israel, Duncan in self-righteous tones calls the security fence a "land grab" wall, and demonises Israel in other ways, just like the most egregious NGOs: assuming the 1949 ceasefire lines are definitive borders, falsely accusing Israel of "deliberately" stealing water in the Jordan Valley, and saying not one word about the terror threat that Israel constantly faces.

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  1. Maybe he should ask the Palestinians their policy on gay right's. He may skidaddle very quickly out of there when he finds out.

  2. I thought of that same point, Steve - but was afraid to say it!

  3. Thanks Daphne.
    You know, I just can't bring myself to click the button, I know it's going to annoy/upset me so much. I'm so sick of these self-important, know-nothing, trumped up nobodies.

  4. Maybe this maven should concentrate on the problems in the UK before he goes out and tells others what to do, especially when he is ignorant and uneducated of the situation. I understand that the Brits had some "problems recently" and their police had absolutely no idea what to do. Talk about a once important nation becoming superfluous.

  5. I know the feeling all too well, Davieboy!
    IP, Cameron was at his Tuscany villa during the first few days of the riots and like Home Secretary Theresa May was in no hurry to return - but when he did he wasted no time in criticising the police, as did she ...

  6. This man is a buffoon. Pontificating about this and that and the dreadful plight of the poor souls who go to work in Israel via checkpoints. They are lucky Israelis let them into the country to work.

    Melanie Phillips is correct when she talks about the world turned upside down! Not only is it upside down it is f****** insane. AAAGH

  7. Alan Duncan is a moron. On Have I got news for you ,he said he would kill Miss California because he didn't like her comments about homosexuality (what a liberal - tolerant of all views as long as they are the same as his!) and I remember seeing a programme where he came into contact with disadvantaged youths, calling one young girl (perhaps about 12) a "sexpot" - much to the horror of a youth worker.

    His latest mouthing off about something he knows nothing about is just the latest of his moronic comments.

  8. Melanie's right about so much!

    Alan Duncan was named during the MPs' expenses scandal, btw:

  9. One could be excused for mistaking Alan Duncan as a loony Anti-Semite lefty except that that the “loony” part is definitely not a mistake.

    As I do not believe for one moment that a minister in her majesty’s government does not know the real facts the rest of my description may also be not that far from the truth.

    Much was said about the Israeli fence and the check-points, but little is said about why they are there in the first place and that is to protect Israeli civilians against Palestinian terrorists in general and suicide bombers in particular.

    It is the highest of hypocrisy to talk about “Palestinian Land” as if the West Bank is a sovereign country and at the same time criticise Israel, a real sovereign country, for vetting who comes through its gates; it is called “border control”.

    What particularly incensed me was Mr. Duncan’s seem to think that the Palestinians have the right to work in Israel – they do not!!! They have as much right to work in Israel as the right I have to work in the UK.

    As a matter or interest, this video depicts only PART of the Gilo Checkpoint (Between Bethlehem and Jerusalem), the part that is dedicated to Palestinian workers working inside Israel; it is very busy in the morning and (somewhat less) in the evening and it is largely deserted during the rest of the day.

    Please also note that the video shows women and children going around the men’s queue (to another gate) – they are obviously not going to work in Israel; Most of these women are heading for a FREE MEDICAL CARE inside Israel which is provided on humanitarian grounds curtsey of the Israeli tax payer but we shall not mention that, Mr. Duncan, will we? We cannot show Israel as a humane country.

  10. Alan Duncan also supported Obama - he is not a conservative in any meaningful sense - he is a liberal, and as such, spouts his ignorant prejudices about the Jews of Israel.

  11. Thanks for your informative comment, Jacob.
    I agree, Adam.

  12. Hmmm ... Thanks for stopping by, Hassaan!

  13. Alan Duncan is absolutely right. Anyone visiing the westbank can clearly see what Israel is up to.
    This racist apartheid state needs to be stopped.
    It is therefore vital that as many people visit the area and observe with their own eyes what is happening instead of relying on Israel's propaganda lies which they have spouted since 1948


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