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Saturday 27 August 2011

Lush Cosmetics Company's Lush Hypocrisy (video)

Lush, the soap and cosmetics company that prides itself on its ethical campaigns, and which in the UK at least has been busily helping to demonise Israel, has no problems when it comes to doing business with Saudi Arabia, one of the world's worst offenders against human rights, not least of the female of the species:


  1. Greenpeace, as the rest of the so-called “environmental movement” has nothing to do with the environment as such and all to do with propagating left wing agenda – they are all part of the Watermelon Movement (green on the outside and red on the inside).

    We don’t have to go far to see that the with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, all (Lenin’s) useful idiots of the west found their new homes in the various green movement, e.g. “our” Lee Rhiannon.

    The answer to the question in the clip as to why Lush criticise Canada but remains silence when it comes to Saudi-Arabia is simple: Because they can! Much the same as “Human Rights advocates” criticise Israel and totally ignore the real oppressor of the Palestinians – their own leadership.

  2. Watermelon Movement - excellent name!

  3. Those guys are brilliant. "Greenwashing". This clip deserves wider circulation. and there's a Lush presence in Australia isn't there? and that picketing tactic with the burkhas is sheer genius. Not be it for me to suggest anything ...

  4. I know two ladies who might oblige, although the Oz arm of Lush distanced itself from the UK office's pushing of that anti-Israel song, I understand.

  5. So I understand, but it's a private company so when they boast back home about funding antisemitic propaganda with a 1% levy, consumers everywhere should know this. This is one of those smug supercilious Brit companies that love to bathe in a self righteous glow about "Green" issues but they crossed the line with that nasty song. They have lead with their chins.

    These businesses operate through networks of private franchises, licensees and suppliers and the Name is everything. I've got a feeling they might be vulnerable to a pitch to their market. These are products directed at young women. Guy would buy these products for their girlfriends I guess, especially if specifically directed, but it would require a direct order usually so women are the buyers. But do feminists and "human rights" activists care about rights for women outside their own environments let alone outside the West?

    Maybe the smug preachy people behind this company need a lesson in modern business. Same with BDS. BDS is a global campaign of course but it is just as easy to respond globally.

    The next time the BDS thugs are trying to bully people in the streets around Max Brenner maybe someone quietly asking an obvious question outside Lush might hit home with some. Why aren't they demanding a boycott of Lush?


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