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Monday 29 August 2011

How Sweet It Was: Brisbane "Anti-Semitic Socialists" Routed By Counter-Protesters Outside Max Brenner

The antisemites of the BDS movement and their running dogs (described by an eyewitness as "enraged with hate and envy") were out in Brisbane on 27 August, to scream the usual lies and insults associated with Israel-demonisers everywhere and the BDS movement in particular.

This lot, targeting the city's Max Brenner franchise, were a mainly 20- and 30-something mix of students, the inevitable Greens (aka the Watermelons, "green on the outside and red within"), GetUp, and Justice for Palestine, plus some Muslim women in hijabs.  A few Palestinian flags were carried.

What the so-called Justice for Palestine group demands is, in their own words (, "an end to the occupation of all Arab lands and the dismantling of the Apartheid Wall" plus " the right of return for all Palestinian refugees" [emphasis theirs].  The willful ignorance of the history of the conflict, any semblance of empathy for an Israeli population under constant attack from ruthless terrorists, any concession to the notion that the Israeli government has the right and obligation to defend its citizens, is of course entirely missing. The clear aim of "Justice for Palestine" - as of the entire BDS movement - is the eradication of the world's only Jewish State.

There's a video (I'll tell you where to see it, presently) of the squalid near-hysterical speech in that vein to the rag, tag and bobtail assemblage by one of those strident carbon copy far-left feminists (funny peculiar, that, isn't it?) who seem to be so much in evidence in Israel-bashing circles:

To quote Ari Heber, reporting for J-Wire, the protesters
'bleated their inane anti-Israel slogans as if in a street theater production of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.
A crowd of about 130 multicultural multifaith supporters rallied against the demonstrators drowning them out with jeers and generally positive messages.
Hot Chocolate, dancing and a sense of camaraderie made it an enjoyable afternoon.
In an email to the community this week Q[eensland] J[ewish] B[oard of] D [erputies ]President Jason Steinberg had asked supporters not to engage with the protesters and not to provoke them.
Many supporters at the protest felt that there was a need for the community to do something to challenge these protesters and not ignore them.
In the time it took to order a hot chocolate the protesters gave up and moved on down the street claiming a “moral victory” over democracy and free thought.'
And who were those counter-protesters that had the BDSers on the run?  They were an assortment of well-intentioned individuals ranging in age from teens to senior citizens, with input from members of the Australian Tea Party.

One of the architects of the counter-protest was a University of Queensland student, Danielle Keys, who is National Plan Campus Director for the Conservative Leadership Foundation, although the counter-protest was not linked to that organisation.

She has said:
"It is offensive and reminiscent of the 1930’s that a private business should come under attack because of either the origin of the business itself or the origin of the business’ owners.
In a liberal democracy like Australia where freedom of religion, freedom of association and free enterprise is embraced, it is very disturbing to me to consistently see the prejudiced and violent behaviour of groups like the Socialist Alliance.
To aggressively protest and blockade entrance to a private business because of its Israeli origin and association is intolerant and unacceptable."
And of the good work on 27 August she comments:
'When the Socialist Alliance marched down to Southbank they were not counting on being outnumbered by ordinary Australians telling them to go home and that their intolerance was not welcome. They quite seriously didn’t bank on it and were very upset about it (ha-ha!). I recognised quite a few faces from university so I look forward to whatever retaliatory aggression they will have for me in the coming weeks at the University of Queensland....
It was amazing to see the Socialist Alliance and Justice for Palestine outnumbered and placed into a nice little contained area. There were stacks of people and in particular many young people out to stand up against the Socialist Alliance. Unlike in other cities, the Socialist Alliance were kept away from the Max Brenner store (as they would have had to get through 10 police officers and 70 regular Australians who were fed up). Max Brenner Southbank was really busy and business was booming for them. We had random people off the street so disgusted by the Socialist Alliance that they went and bought some chocolate then stood with us.
This rabble of socialist sycophants were chanting about Max Brenner’s support for genocide and how it has blood on it’s hands. I found this particularly disturbing as Jewish people have been systematically persecuted and subjected to genocidal attacks for thousands of years. The conduct of the Socialist Alliance yesterday made it clear their attachment to violent, aggressive and fundamentally anti-Semitic behaviour.
We responded with many different chants and songs, but I think one of the most amazing ones was when a Max Brenner staff member came up to join us before his shift started and chanted about how he loves the company he works for. I was happy to give that guy the megaphone for a welcome break… everyone’s vocal chords have taken a beating!
Anyone who was there would have seen how much fun it was. Everyone there was laughing, chanting, getting stuck into the SA, drinking hot chocolates and dancing around. The Socialist Alliance eventually walked away. Shamed into oblivion. They went and stood in a park somewhere continuing their little rant, where no one could hear them and no one could call them to account. This is unsurprising and indicative of their cowardice.
All fun and exciting times aside, there was a really powerful and beautiful element to this counter-protest movement. I was really humbled and overwhelmed by people from the Jewish community voicing their thanks for the support. It sounds insane but I never really thought of the Brisbane Jewish community when it came to organising this. I was so busy thinking of the political and ideological principles that I didn’t properly see how personally vilified and offended the Jewish community felt over this. They came out in force to stand up for Max Brenner and say no to Socialist Alliance abuses. I met so many wonderful Jewish people and I felt so touched when they said how surprised and happy they were to see non-Jewish people standing by them in an event like this....
As a young idealist and libertarian I got lost in the principled machinations of what is happening surrounding the BDS. What is really important for all people to remember is that there is a huge personal element to these things. Because ordinary Australians stood up and said no to the Socialist Alliance’s intolerance and hatred, the Jewish community has felt a level of support that I am not sure they felt was there before....
If there is an anti-Max Brenner protest in your own towns, I encourage you to gather your friends together and stage a counter-protest!'
 Says David Goodridge, of the Australian Tea Party:
'The Australian TEA party and many other less vocal groups were happy to support Max Brenner’s  We understand not wanting to get closely involved with these anti semitic socialists but they have to be defeated and their actions and message must be defeated.Ordinary Australians are righteously indignant to this outrageous BDS campaign. The TEA Party believes that evil must be confronted and opposed.. and if that means staring them down , shouting back at their bully boy attempts and responding to their chants with "We love chocolate"..and "Go home Nazis!" SO BE IT!…the result??? they gave up , slinking off with their tale between their legs… defeated.... [W]e were all there and ready for them they were unable to get anywhere near Max Brenner’s. The chocolate shop was able to operate normally … victory.!!
 The sight of fear and confusion in these extreme leftists eyes when they realised not only that they were outmatched in numbers but in passion….was priceless.
 If our Jewish friends feel uncomfortable in standing up we will ! This is Australia ..protesting Jewish shops under false pretences about things they have obviously no influence over is 1930′s Germany ..NOT Australia.'
And another comments:
"Yesterday was a real low point for Queensland as the Anti-Semitic socialist BDS campaigners turned their attention to the Brisbane Max Brenner outlet.
As a member of The Australian TEA Party, which as an organisation was influential in organising yesterdays counter protest, and as someone who has zero connections with Judaism or Israel, I must say it was was an absolute pleasure defending free enterprise and the rights of Israelis and Jews alike to go about their peaceful business without fear of persecution or hatred.
Yesterday's counter protest was the first time the socialist BDS campaigners had actually come up against any real opposition on street level, and we did most certainly take them by surprise. After a 30-40 minute loud hailer exchange, the Green/Socialist Alternative BDS protesters retreated to lick their figurative wounds and possibly reexamine there vile campaign which up until now has met little street level opposition.
What yesterday really demonstrated was the support for Israel and Jews from outside of the Jewish/Israeli community and it was a real privilege as an Australian TEA Party member to take part.
Despite yesterdays success, we must always remain mindful that the BDS has defacto support from the Jullia Gillard government as she voluntarily formed a coalition with the Australian Greens who at a NSW level openly support the BDS campaign and at a federal level refuse to support Sen. Ron Boswell’s motion condemning the BDS campaign.
Clearly this situation needs to change, and of course it will when this government either collapses or is voted out next election."
Read (and see) more:

As for the routed anti-Israel mob, they are furious, and even calling foul the slogan "Never Again!" raised by the protesters.  Personally, I think it's entirely appropriate to use that slogan against those who would facililitate the destruction of the State of Israel.  This is an extract (notice the disingenuous reference to "semites" in an attempt to wriggle out of the charge of being antisemitic, when as every honest person knows the term antisemitic was coined by Wilhelm Marr to refer not to Arab "semites" but specifically to antipathy towards Jews):
'As we assembled in the park with our 'Tear down the Apartheid Wall' banner intact we were confronted by a mix of Zionists, people mobilised by Max Brenner and University of Qld Liberal club. They were heavily supported by the Australian Patriotic Defence Movement (APDM), a fascist organistion here in Australia. With no irony they shouted slurs like 'racists' 'anti-semites'(curious because some of us are semites) and 'traitors'(to what, the Israeli flag they carried?). Some held up placards of the Australian Flag.'
Read the angry-as-a disturbed-nest-of-hornets piece here (and see that video I refer to above): hat tip Shirlee 

Update: See earlier footage of counter-protesters below, and for glimpses of them at the 27 August rally see


  1. thank you Daphne for your neverending support... a voice of reason in a sea of hate!

    sending you love and blessings (as my devout Muslim friends would say).

  2. I was there. I went expressly to take a hot chocolate in defiance of the BDS mob. I am a non-Jewish Aussie, a church-going Anglican, and a friend of Israel but belong to no particular organisation; I did what I did as a fair-minded and decent Australian citizen. A friend of mine from church also attended, having been alerted by me. We got our tables and were drinking our excellent hot chocolate at about 1.45 pm, around the same time as the demo, so were not able to see what happened uphill from us - so thanks for a very full and detailed account of the composition of the BDS mob and the nature - and failure - of their 'protest'. If I'd thought ahead I'd have waited outside and stood with the counter-demo first and then rewarded myself with a hot chocolate afterward, but the main thing is, I was there, and instead of Boycotting, I Bought. Afterward I went and spoke to some of the counter-protesters; two members of Brisbane's Jewish community. I also went back the next day (Sunday 28th) with my husband to stand with Michael Danby and commend him for his public defiance of the boycott call.

  3. Many thanks to both of you!
    Great to have positive feedback, and am grateful for your account of things, aussiereader.

  4. From Andrew Bolt's column:

    'Bigots in Brisbane met some unexpected resistance on the weekend outside a chocolate shop they’ve singled out as a threat to world peace ....
    The counter-protesters, made up of students, Israeli community members and politicians, screamed at their opponents: “Go home, Nazis!”
    Logan City councillor Hajnal Black was repeatedly restrained by police as she pushed through the barricade line yelling: ”We don’t want Nazis in this country!”..

    The Queensland Liberal National Party senator, Ron Boswell, said Max Brenner was a popular and “legitimate business” that should not be targeted in this way. “I think it’s absolutely outrageous,” he said. “I don’t mind if people don’t want to buy Max Brenner chocolates, but there shouldn’t be pickets and intimidation and rallies to stop people.

    “I think people that are trying to hit it with a boycott and picketing it, particularly a Jewish business, reminds me of some of the things that happened in the early 1930s.”

    I’ve had two threats of legal action for saying exactly that. Say it yourself while we still can.'


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