Eretz Israel is our unforgettable historic homeland...The Jews who will it shall achieve their State...And whatever we attempt there for our own benefit will redound mightily and beneficially to the good of all mankind. (Theodor Herzl, DerJudenstaat, 1896)

We offer peace and amity to all the neighbouring states and their peoples, and invite them to cooperate with the independent Jewish nation for the common good of all. The State of Israel is ready to contribute its full share to the peaceful progress and development of the Middle East.
(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

With a liberal democratic political system operating under the rule of law, a flourishing market economy producing technological innovation to the benefit of the wider world, and a population as educated and cultured as anywhere in Europe or North America, Israel is a normal Western country with a right to be treated as such in the community of nations.... For the global jihad, Israel may be the first objective. But it will not be the last. (Friends of Israel Initiative)

Friday 19 August 2011

More Anti-Israel Propaganda From Down Under (videos)

First, here's more footage of moronic chanting demonstrators at that recent Max Brenner protest in Melbourne that was dealt with firmly by Victoria's police.

Secondly, here's a video full of distortions that those involved have made in reprisal.

On Max Brenner see also:


  1. Shalom Daphne - thank you for all the good work you do in protecting Jews.

    you may want to visit this oldie from "West Side Story" Gee officer Krupke lyrics and riots in London: apropos to this day.

  2. These idiotic Jew haters exist everywhere - but I get the impression that Australia is more level headed in its approach to Israel than the UK - its political class certainly doesn't demonstrate the same venom towards Israel and the Jews.

  3. Daphne..

    Can I please pass on a message to all your readers and your 'dear' self

    When abominable videos. such as the one above are posted on YouTube, please FLAG them. This is the only way to get them taken down.

  4. Adam, that's a fair and interesting point about the political class, at least so far. Gough Whitlam was no great friend to Israel, but some PMs have been outstandingly so - Bob Hake (Labor) and John Howard (Liberal) being outstanding examples.
    Shirlee, the antisemitic comments - really vile stuff - that youtube tolerates is astonishing.

  5. Hake? Bob is no fish - I meant Hawke!!!

  6. As the editors of the video of the shocking truth of BDS We would rather tell you it was aimed more at victoria police's manhandling and terror tactics as well as relfecting how oppression exists everywhere that was the main approach of this video.

    We as a social activism group,love Judaism and what is stands for but true Judaism does not stand for Zionism and nor should any humanitarian.

    This is not about hating a religious group, this is about raising awareness of a government that directs apartheid quite verbally (as announced each time by its own politicians even!) as a policy.

    Israel has a right to exist. so does palestine.

    You have misused our video to further your agenda.


  7. And you have misused the meaning of apartheid to further yours.


  9. Apartheid state is quite actively what the Israeli government have stated they're striving for time and again. We are using a term your own politicians throw around. How is that misuse?

    If it was any society, not just Israeli, we would still have the same stance. :)

    Also, have you watched the video we made? do you know something we don't about a blind folded man getting shot at point blank range? If the IDF behaved itself there'd be no issue.

    Thank you for your response.

    So being a humanist makes us an anti-semetic group? that is rather self indulgent.

    However, we respect your right to that belief, however misusing our videos to further your agenda, is quite inappropriate.

    Daphne, I would hope you realise the BDS movement is not one of hate. everything about it is to promote peaceful protest. If any of your group or society have been treated badly by any of us (in Melbourne at least) time and footage would be great so we could reprimand those involved.

    This is not meant to be anti Jewish, it is anti war crime and horror.

  10. You propose a boycott against the world's only Jewish State, just as the Naziz boycotted Jewish shops.
    You are obsessed with delegitimising Israel in order that the Jewish State shall no longer exist.
    You urge BDS against no other regime.
    Now, isn't that strange?

  11. Anonymous..Israel is anything but an apartheid state

    I charge you to contact Khaled Abu Toameh, an Arab/Israeli journalist. You could reach him through Hudson New York or the Jerusalem Post, he writes for both. He was in Australia last week and I went to two if his lectures/seminars

    The very point you raise was posed to him. He said to the person, "You are making me support Israel, which I don't normally do, but there is no apartheid in Israel.

    As an Arab and a journalist, there is no place I would rather live. I am in a country which has freedom of the press and freedom of religion and am envied by my Arab friends in Arab countries, including the West Bank and Gaza, who cannot write what they want to for fear of persecution or indeed death.

    I bought a house and live in a Jewish neighbourhood, my children go to school with Jewish children.

    If you want apartheid go to Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon or any other Arab/ME country"

  12. Interesting, Shirlee - thanks for that!

  13. Daphne, we will answer you one point by one point so you may further understand our stance:

    1. Israel is the world's only jewish state? why should the two mix? Statehood and Religion are two very seperate ideals. we are not boycotting Judaism, we are boycotting Israel. And seeing as people of all faiths live in the country, it is open to criticism as any other.

    As far as delegitimising, we did state in our first official comment that this is not about Israel's right to exist, or getting the "Israelis out" this is about stopping crimes of humanity.

    As far as the Nazi German boycott goes, that was against Jewish store owners for being Jewish, the similarity is a straw man argument as it does not exist. It is a very false and ignorant comment to make and we have Holocaust survivors who would take issue with that.

    The attempt of Nazi Germany to boycott stores owned by JEWISH people was an attempt at destroying that people financially, i.e ethnic cleansing, the BDS movement today is aimed at all businesses (therefore not nitpicking ONLY those of jewish heritage, but rather all of those corporately who invest in Israel) doing any business with the state of Israel that is directly linked with settlements or the oppressive military totalitarian regime in the area.

    To compare the two is an insult to Holocaust survivors who see the current boycott as a voice of dissent, not a voice of oppression.

    The Palestinian people in 2005 asked for the BDS as a show of solidarity. As for it to be odd that we don't urge BDS against any other regime, show me another apartheid state by definition which Israel is, that exists and we will boycott them too.

    This is a humanitarian effort that has nothing to do with religion Daphne.

    Most of us respect Judaism and Israel in tandem, but dissenting to a government's actions do not make it anti semetic or anti patriotic, it is quite the opposite.

    Men like "uncle bibi" need to be kept in check and that has failed as a self policing status and has now turned global.

    Israel ignoring requests from all over the world to stop slaughtering christians and muslims alike is what got it to where it is today. And so be it. Theyre not better than the rest of the world to go uncriticised.

    OR do you only believe its ok to criticise a country and dissent to its actions when its NOT Israel?

    I am not on here to goad you, so this will be my last message. Salam, Shalom, and we hope you have a good evening and can realise not everyone is out to "get the jewish".

  14. Shirl, this is the definition of an apartheid state:

    It is not the Palestinians who have build a wall.

    However, We are not here to debate, our point was to clarify Daphne's misuse of our video as anti-semtic vitriol when in fact it was comparing the war atrocities and the BDS movement's participant's treatment in Australia by those charged to serve and protect.

    So all in all, we respect your right to your views and wish you all a good evening. :)
    Our point has been made so there is no longer a

  15. The reason the Israelis built a wall is to keep suicide bombers and other terrorists out - it has worked rather well.
    "Palestime will be free/From the river to the sea" is a Hamas-type warcry that looks forward to the eradication of Israel and its replacement with an Arab-majority state.
    Read the Hamas Charter to see what the endgame of Hamas is.
    How about boycotting China, for its oppression of Tibet, its brutality against dissidents, and its nasty habit of boiling cats alive for their fur and beating dogd to death to tenderise their meat while the poor animals hang slowly in agony?
    Or Egypt, where Coptic girls are wrested from their families and forcibly converted to Islam ...
    Look at the Barnabus Fund website for the many Islamic countreis which the persecution of Christians occurs - Pakistan is an example, on a grand scale, and females, regarded as the inferior sex, are often killed or maimed as payback for the "crimes" of their male relatives ...
    Is not the purdah system a form of apartheid?
    Israel was the first country in the ME to give Muslim women the vote, and all its citizens are equal before the law, but you insist on boycotting it and turn a blind eye to such outrages.
    How about howling about Syria, which has killed 2000 dissidents this year?
    Or Iran, which persecutes the Bahai, hangs gays from lampposts, and stones women for adultery?
    Or any of the Arab states, for their crimes against women and girls - "honour" killins...
    Or those states that mutilate the genitals of female human beings?
    Oh, and if you must boycott the Jewish State, then be sure to boycott all those items which you'd find it hard to do without, including some of the latest medical breakthroughs.

  16. What does the mantra screeched by this born-again Hitler Youth: "FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA" mean if not, "LETS DRIVE THE JEWS INTO THE SEA"?

    These indoctrinated hordes of moronic youths and attention-seeking old crones, descending on little Jewish shops here in Australia, threatening and with increasing potential violence, would make Goebbels et al proud.

    The Australian Greens Senator, Lee Rhiannon, a strident supporter of that so-called "BDS" recently shared the platform in the name of this shameful capacity with the Sheik Hilali of Lakemba. That same Sheik Hilali who publicly stated that these poor Australian girls deserved to be tortured and pack-raped by Moslem Thugs, because "dressing like they do, they are like meat to a cat". Consequently it is safe to assume that not only Lee Rhiannon, but also the "BDS" mob agree with Sheik Hilali, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and who recently was the personal guest of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian Hitler-look-and-act-alike.

    In view of this alone the agenda of this BDS mob imbibed with Judenhass could not be clearer and more menacing, whether they roll out their so-called "Holocaust survivors" and other false support symbols or not.

    As a German born Australian (and no I am not Jewish), I am nauseated at the blatant replay of the exact same game that the Nazis played. "KAUFT NICHT BEI JUDEN".

    Islamists who want to eradicate the Jewish people from the face of the earth have the "Alibi" of their Koran who asks them to do this, what is YOUR "Alibi", BDS???

    Hitler would be so proud of this BDS gang!

    To the other, decent humans, who read this blog, I once again recommend sooooo strongly to read Barry Shaw's book: "ISRAEL RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE". No one has ever explained more clearly the reality of Israel and that "wall" they had to build.

  17. If I live to be 100, I shall never understand why these radical feminists make common cause with misogynistic Islamists.

  18. "If I live to be 100, I shall never understand why these radical feminists make common cause with misogynistic Islamists"

    For some it might be masochistic sex-fantasies...dancing the dance of a thousand veils in a Harem etc., while for some of the uglier crones the motivation might well be misogyny, because even though "the ladies do protest too much", anyone who propagandizes for Islamist regimes must be a woman hater, self-proclaimed "feminist" or not!

  19. They rant and rave against much milder "sexism" from western men, of course, Rita. Weird.


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