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Monday 15 August 2011

BBC Man Says The T-Word & Meanwhile The Fight To See Al Beeb's Hidden Balen Report Renews

Hamas are "militants" in BBC-speak.  But a fortnight ago a BBC presenter used the T-word regarding the Middle East.

Yes, in an interview with James Barr, author of A Line in the Sand, Nick Higham said "terrorists" loud and clear.  And what's more he used the T-word twice.   If you don't believe me you can see the interview here.

Alas, Nick wasn't talking about Hamas.  He didn't break ranks with the Corporation.  He was referring to "Jewish terrorists" in Mandate Palestine.

Okay. So, what else is new on the BBC front?

Well, there's one encouraging development...

The six-year attempt by lawyer Steven Sugar to force the determinedly resistant BBC to release the findings of editorial adviser Malcolm Balen's 20,000-word 2004 report concerning Al Beeb's coverage of the Middle East into the public domain was the lengthiest legal dispute of its kind so far in the time that  Britain's Freedom of Information Act has been operative.

Mr Sugar passed away last January, the month before an appeal hearing was due to be heard in the Supreme Court against a subsequently upheld High Court decision that "the BBC has no obligation to disclose information which they hold to any significant extent for the purposes of journalism, art or literature, whether or not the information is also held for other purposes".

Not for Al Beeb any notion that it has a  moral obligation to allow licence-payers concerned at its palpable anti-Israel bias (as reflected in the egregrious reportage by Orla Guerin, Jeremy Bowen [pictured] and others) to examine Mr Balen's findings.  Instead, a ruthless recourse to the letter of the law on the part of that odious hypocritical anachronistically-funded insitution, a fight throught the courts involving very heavy expenditure of tax-payers' money (something Al Beeb does so expertly all of the time - the junkets, the inflated salaries, the wasteful flying of newsreaders to foreign climes to read the autocue from some newsworthy location in which they already have a correspondent or two ...)

Now it's reported that Steven Sugar's mantle has fallen upon his widow, Fiona Paveley, who will be taking up the cudgels in the same worthy cause.  Splendid!  May her efforts succeed.

Better still, may Al Beeb do the decent thing and conceal the report no longer.

See for the report and for the background see (hat tip: Biased BBC)


  1. Just like our arrogant M.P's the BBC doesn't think the Freedom Of Information act should apply to them.

    I wish Fiona Paveley every success.

    The one household bill I loath paying every year is that damn BBC TAX.

  2. Hear, hear, Steve!
    The BBC Tax, as you so aptly describe it, is anomalous these days.
    As I always say, let Al Beeb pay for its own propganda!

  3. Let's support Mrs Sugar in continuing the quest for transparency at the Israel bashing BBC. This is a publicly funded body which uses public money in the courts to hide information from...the public!

    They really are lowlifes.

  4. Absolutely, Adam!
    Thanks for your comment.

  5. Do you mean to say that there are people out there who spend engergy, time and money to prove that the BBC has an anti Israel agenda? How about just watching its coverage of Israel? It is free.

  6. The idea is to embarrass and shame them, Jacob, and shake them into a shake up. The very fact that they appointed Bowen Middle East editor is scandalous in itself. Of course, Trevor Asserson's reports testify to the BBC's outragous bia, but if Balen backed that up, Al Beeb would have a very red face. If new chairman Chris (Lord) Patten had any goodwell at all towards Israel (and of course he is pro-Palestinian from way back) he'd order the report released!


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