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Friday 1 September 2017

Three Faces of Eid (videos)

Arrogant British prime minister Theresa May lavishly praises the "compassion" evinced  by Muslims at Eid al-Adha ("Feast of the Sacrifice"), and shows that she could do with a lesson or three from Anglican theologian and scholar of Islam Dr Mark Durie regarding what he has described as "The Abrahamic Fallacy ... the belief that Abraham is a figure of unity for Islam, Christianity and Judaism".

Durie has warned, inter alia:
'The phrase “Abrahamic Religions” has become very popular as a cover-term for these three faiths. It is particularly popular among Jewish and Christian progressives on the one hand, and Muslim apologists on the other. The term implies a kind of unity or brotherhood across the three faiths.
More broadly, the term “Abrahamic religions” has become the standard term, both in comparative religions and popular parlance, to refer to the three monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, in contrast, for example, to Indian religions and East Asian religions. 
In essence the claim embodied by the expression is that Abraham is “shared” as a point of common origin by all three monotheistic religions, and naming him as their shared identity is meant to signal that these three faiths are linked together in some kind of theological continuity.... To be sure, Christianity and Judaism do have the Abraham of Genesis in common. This is the Abraham of covenant and promise, the “father of many,” and specifically “father” or “patriarch” of Israel. The Abraham of the Bible is a symbol of God’s benevolence to the nations....
 From the Quran’s perspective, Abraham was the prototypical Muslim. He is used by Muhammad in the Quran as a stick to beat over the heads of Christians and Jews. This arises for example in the context of Muhammad’s disputes with the Jews of Medina (specifically in this Sura: 4:44-57, 156-162). Muhammad is in effect saying, “You quote the name Abraham to me, but Abraham was a Muslim, one of a long line of prophets. If you accept Abraham, you must accept me.”....
Not only Abraham, but Moses and Jesus were Muslim prophets according to the Quran. So Islam is the true heritage of Jews and Christians. Jews and Christians who convert to Islam are actually reverting to the faith of the patriarchs, returning to the one true religion.
 Now the Muslims want to remind their Jews and Christian brothers and sisters of their original sin....
Today the phrase “Abrahamic religion” has become a touchstone of interfaith dialogue and unity between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. But ironically this phrase is another rendering of the “religion of Abraham” of the Quran: the phrase refers to Abraham as a Muslim. In reality Abraham is an intensely divisive figure between Jews, Christians and Muslims. For many Christians he is the apostle of salvation by faith alone, in opposition to Torah-observance. For Jews he is the Torah-observant father of the Jewish nation, and a reminder of God’s irrevocable covenant with the Jews. For Muslims he is the prototypical Muslim prophet, a prominent forerunner and validator of Muhammad’s claim and the ground of Muslim claims that Islam both predates and supersedes the Biblical faiths....'
In another nauseating example of "brown-nosing" for the sake of votes, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable also delivers an Eid al-Adha message, in which he asserts (pass the sick bucket, please!) that the values of Islam have much in common with Liberal Democrat values and denounces "Islamophobia".

Meanwhile, this Eid al-Adha, the openly gay British Muslim "drag queen" Asifa Lahore, appalled at the wholesale slaughter of animals that marks the festival, makes the case for a vegan Eid:

All Theresa May's dhimmi-like gushes cannot obscure the fact that for animals Eid is anything but compassionate.

If anyone wishes to have proof of this, and their stomachs are strong enough, they have only to look at the several videos of "qurbani"( including in Canada) on Vlad Tepes's blog on this thread to see sadism and barbarity in action.

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