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Monday, 25 September 2017

How Brits View Arabs

In its own words, CAABU (the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding),
 "was founded on the terrace of the House of Commons back in 1967 after the Six-Day War. Since then it has grown to become one of the most active NGOs working on the Middle East in British Parliament and working to build an understanding of the Arab World in Britain."
Needless to say, this organisation, which from the beginning was "in bed", as it were, with the BBC, promotes the undermining even in schools of British support for Israel.

CAABU has just released a press statement, as follows:
'The majority of Britons agree with racial profiling of Arabs and Muslims, and 69 percent think the UK should take in fewer refugees from Syria and Iraq, an Arab News / YouGov poll has found.
The wide-ranging poll of 2,142 adults found that UK residents have strong feelings about key Middle East issues — including the fight against Daesh (the so-called Islamic State) and war in Iraq — but 81 percent admitted to knowing little or nothing about the Arab world.
One of the main findings of the poll, which was conducted in conjunction with the Council for Arab-British Understanding (CAABU), was that 55 percent of Brits agree with racial profiling against Arabs and Muslims for security reasons.
The “UK attitudes toward the Arab world” poll, which was conducted in mid-August, illustrates a disparity in UK public opinion on the Arab world.
Seven in 10 believe the UK should take in fewer refugees from Syria and Iraq, rising to 91 percent among those who voted for the UK to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum. More than six in 10 of the respondents feel that Arabs who migrated to the UK and Europe have failed to integrate in Western societies.
But 72 percent also point to the problem of rising Islamophobia in the UK, with 70 percent saying anti-refugee statements from politicians and others risk sparking more hate crimes.
The poll found that 53 percent of respondents believe the UK should recognize Palestine as a state. Most Brits are dissatisfied with UK foreign policy on the Arab world, with 57 percent saying it has been largely ineffective in upholding human rights and promoting global security. More than half of those polled support Britain’s current military intervention against Daesh, while eight in 10 Brits believe going to war in Iraq in 2003 was wrong.
Despite holding strong views on these key topics, most Brits admit to knowing little or nothing about the Arab world, and 41 percent say they would never travel to the region.
“The poll results strongly suggest that the UK public is dissatisfied with British diplomatic intervention in the Arab world, but that Brits also lack knowledge about some of the complexities of the region,” said Faisal J. Abbas, the Editor-in-Chief of Arab News.
“The Arab world is home to some of the poorest countries in the world, yet nearly a third of Brits associate it with being wealthy. One may ask what impact such perceptions might have on aid decisions made by Western governments.”
Chris Doyle, Director of CAABU, said the apparent lack of a broader awareness in the UK about the Arab world was cause for concern.
“Considering the enormous importance of the Arab world to Britain, it is alarming that 81 percent of the British population say they know little or nothing about this vital region. Whilst a third want to learn more, a massive 41 percent would not visit the region,” he said.
“At a time when mutual understanding is more needed than ever, this chasm must be addressed — something we at CAABU intend to do.” ...'
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  1. This isn't a topic that anyone can have a sane discussion about. Any criticism of Arabs or Arab attitudes is immediately branded as racist bigotry and shouted down. There's no point to doing anything more than watching it all unravel.

  2. Jews are evil. Jews are behind everything evil in this world. Jews created communism, Jews created feminism, Jews brought the slaves from Africa, Jews created the biggest lie in history claiming that 6 million of them died, Jews and Mossad did 9-11, Jews created porn, Jews are the ones pushing for mass immigration from the 3rd world to the West, Jews control Hollywood, Jews own the media, Jews control the banking system, Jews start all the wars, in short, everything evil in this world is created or caused by Jews. And the younger generation are waking up to this and that is why Jews are going into over-drive to try to censor the internet and free speech. Because Jews WILL be removed once enough of the public realizes the truth about the Jews. The future is very dark for Jews and they have no one to blame but themselves.

    1. Oh yeah? Don't forget to mention - and boycott - the beneficial medical and technological breakthroughs for which Jews have been responsible. You wouldn't want to be thought a hypocrite.
      If it were notfor your remark about Communism, I might have taken you for a Corbynista. See MP John Cryer's remarks on antisemitism in the British Labour Party here:


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