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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Friday 24 February 2017

Bibi Down Under: These don't like it up 'em

Unhappiness is being an Israel-hater and viewing something like this:

And being an Australian Israel-hater and seeing the warm, wonderful welcome that the Turnbull government has given to Bibi and Sara Netanyahu.

This unhappiness means that if you're the ABC (Australia's equivalent to the BBC, and just as left-oriented) you do all you can to undermine Israel on your news website by giving inordinate space to Israel- and Netanyahu-bashers, and you spruik for outraged Guardianistas for your flagship current affairs discussion program Q&A (the ABC's equivalent to "Question Time") by linking to an article by Bishop Browning, the chap from APAN who got 60-odd like-minded "prominent" Aussies to demand, to no avail, that the government in effect show Bibi a red card, not a red carpet:

As a fair and honest bloke (hounded by an anti-Israel mob) has commented below this pimping propaganda on Facebook:
"More ABC bias..Its appalling and they no longer seem to care.[ the wider public notices though] ..Notice the ABC never seems to report on the vile anti-Semitism of the Palestinian side [ or Muslim Jew hatred generally ]and its supporters among the far Left including the Greens..And yet the ABC has no qualms in employing a Sharia Law supporter..Well there you go..Citing The Guardian on this issue is a joke"
More unhappy Israel-haters, snapped by a representative of Green Left Weekly at an anti-Bibi demo  on Thursday evening in Sydney Town Hall Square:

Photo credit: Peter Boyle
Photo credit: Peter Boyle
Photo credit: Peter Boyle

Why, it looks as if what I believe was originally the ScottishPSC's slogan has traversed the world:

Photo credit: Peter Boyle

Click here for PressTV footage of the Sydney demo.

Together with antisemitic comments such as these:
Aussie Observer
Netanyahu represents the fake Semites that down through the ages have been kicked out of every country on our planet... And those of us a brain know exactly why!
Rahul Sharma
Australia has a Jew PM and a puppet of Zionism. Nutter Yahoo is a terrorist war criminal and so scared that he flew around Malaysia and Indonesia so that his plane is not brought down and arrested. Australia should be ashamed for letting this evil sick criminal spout Islamophobia and Iranophobia on national TV.
justice and independence
NAZI = Nationalist Zionist.
 Meanwhile, in Western Australia, a chum of Jenny Tonge:


  1. The ABC is possibly worse than the BBC in that it's more upfront with its bias - it even has a section called Trump's America, how biased is that? Sophie McNeill's at it again also, her latest report calling Human Rights Watch 'a respected NGO' -- -- when NGO Monitor -- shows how biased against Israel HRW is!

    1. Sophie McNeill is an activist. She sgould never have been appointed to her job by the ABC. I hope Honest Reporting takes it up. I notice, btw, that the BBC's snide anti-Israel Sydney-based correspondent seems to have been shtum regarding Bibi's visit, at least on Twitter. No doubt the red carpet rolled out to Bibi is something that little rat of a reporter prefers not to dwell upon. The only nod to the visit by the BBC seems to have been this, highlighting criticism of Bibi:


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