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Monday 20 February 2017

Ahead of His Visit Down Under, Prominent Australians Sign Anti-Netanyahu Petition

On a current "as-a-Jew" petition
I recently blogged about APAN (the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network) and its president Bishop Browning.

Aussie Israel hater friend rants
APAN works assiduously to undermine Israel's cause in the public arena, and the bishop has succeeded in getting three score prominent and so-called prominent Australians to sign a statement opposing Bibi Netanyahu's imminent visit to Australia.

This motley assemblage includes campaigning (New Matilda, ABC) Israel-basher Michael Brull, lefty feminist Sara Dowse, actress Miriam Margolyes (who has dual British/Australian citizenship), academics Peter Slezak and Marcelo Svirsky, and Marrickville Council BDSer Cathy Peters  (all of Jewish background and all with form regarding Israel), and  personages from various fields including mega-wealthy businesswoman Janet Holmes à Court, former Labor politician Laurie Ferguson and academics Stuart Rees and Jake Lynch, both of whom need no introduction to this blog's readers. An assemblage of persons "prominent" for anti-Israel activity and sentiment for the most part, though to me Janet comes as a surprise.

Aussie Bibi/Israel-hater friends rant
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"Apartheid ... BDS ... Colonisation".   Those well-worn words waft into the eardrums from this speaker at today's "Melbourne Says No to Netanyahu Rally" outside the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne.

Endorsed by a network of usual suspects including leftist as-a-Jews (Palestinian Community Association (PCA); Australians for Palestine;Women for Palestine; Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA); Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS); Casey for Palestine) the demo's more than a tad redundant, since, to the disappointment of his many fans in "The Shtetl by the Yarra," Bibi will not be visiting Melbourne during his imminent visit to Australia.

The odious AJDS has started an "as a jew petition" protesting Bibi's visit Down Under which as well as those of Miriam Margolyes and the usual crowd contains the signatures of a curious number of ostensible Anglo-Celts and persons living in tiny outback towns that it takes an atlas to locate.  It seems that even the AJDS smells a rat or two, since it stresses that the petition is for Australian Jews only and that persons who are not Australian Jews should remove their names.

Great speech (as usual) from Bibi:



  1. Is it only me or does it strike everybody else too as very hypocritical for AUSTRALIAN white Anglo-Saxons and Celts to complain about Israeli (alleged) colonialism?!...

    1. The same mindset that rants, raves and demonstrates against Australia Day (26 January) calling it Invasion Day yet will not do the logical thing and give over their homes and gardens to the displaced aboriginals and clear off out of here.

  2. Australiastan is a great big county with very few people. I would support annexing a big chunk of it to form the nation state for the 'palestinians'. All 7 or 8 or 9 million of them they claim to be. Moreover, I'm sure there's some place or another we can nominate for the 4th, 5th and 6th most holy sites in all of Islam. And don't be skin-flinty. The peaceful peace loving palestinians of peace aren't going to be happy with the Nullarbor or Alice. They're going to expect, as well they should, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. You can keep Sydney, provisionally.

  3. Honest Reporting on Mark Kenny's article in the Fairfax press:


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